I should Coco

Folks I present to you my version of Tilly’s dreamchild, Coco.  I did not want to hold back from making it, & downloaded my very own version as soon as it was released, but sewing priorities meant I had to wait ….until…..last week.

coco top

The funnel neck lured me and is suitably alluring.  I had some incredible sky blue Merino jersey that the wonderful Mrs C had sent across to me all the way from New Zealand that had been waiting to be made into a cardigan.  It had waited a while though, partly because I wanted to get it right & honour the gorgeous fabric with a worthy make (my last green cardigan was a bit of a disappointment).


So inspiration kicked in & Coco became Merino, or Merino became Coco.  I just knew that it would be a match made in heaven.    I knew that I would get a lot of use from it & that it’s turning out well was more of a safe bet than a cardigan.

coco top(Oh yes, another classy photo composition.  Just me & the composter)

Once that decision was made I have to say it was a very quick & delightful sewing experience.  I used my lunch hour to sew most of it whilst working at home.  The hems were finished off later that same day.  Bam.  Coco forever.

coco top

I am so not sorry that I used my Merino.  It is a perfect match & ideal spring wear.  I have many more Cocos in my imagination too.

coco top

You see I have always had a Breton shirt in my cupboard ever since I ordered one mailorder from a Sunday supplement when I was 17.  It is one of the few non-me made tops I still wear & I am so looking forward to rectifying that!  And I seem to have timed this just right for the Coco party.  Now how did I manage that?

My Coco party jukebox track is going to be “Too Many Fish in the Sea” by the Marvelletes.

Looking forward to seeing plenty of other inspiration as this Coco will run & run I think 🙂

25 thoughts on “I should Coco

  1. Emma Jayne

    Yes, I was hoping someone would use that as a title for a post about a TatB Coco! I’m liking the colour for spring and it’s a earthier smart compost bin so why not feature it?!

  2. Amanda

    Ok first of all, why haven’t I thought about lunchtime sewing??? I work from home at least one day every couple weeks… that’s an hour more sewing time I wouldn’t otherwise have – DOH!! LOL You’re so clever!! ^__^

    And what a pretty, versatile top – you really did the merino justice! It looks fab on you!! Love the composter shot – I wouldn’t have thought twice about it but the caption made me giggle ^__^

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hahaha! I didn’t really think about what was in the background- & then I saw the black dalek….
      And lunchtime sewing is wonderful – but I don’t do it that often – yet!

  3. Tamsinwp

    Great top Winnie! I seem to say that a lot! I love the colour and am v jealous of you merino. I bought a couple of merino sweaters when we were in NZ and they are soooo warm. Merino jersey must be lovely and snuggly

  4. barbara

    I laughed whenI saw your headline, its an expression my english husband uses, cracks me up whenever I hear it. Your Coco is lovely too, great colour.

  5. lamouetteausec

    Hello Winnie!
    This colour is simply perfect for this funnel collar- they are just made for each other! Oh well, I will have to sew a few others Coco- I still could not fullfill my dream of the mariniere dress nor to do this collar which made me buy the pattern right away!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      It’s a delight isn’t it?! I can see so many Coco in my future!!! It’ll be lovely being part of a coco community 🙂 and can’t wait to have a me made Breton shirt at last – fabulous !

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