Lady skater bandwagon

I fell for it. I caved. It was too much for me seeing the many delightful versions of the lady skater dress by Kitschy Koo. Flirty skirt? Check. Figure flattering bodice? Check. Long sleeves and winter ready? Check. Specially designed for knits? I’m there!

lady skater (3)

I’d bought it before Christmas thinking that it was about time I made a casual comfy cosy winter dress. During January I’d found the perfect fabric- some sweater knit ( same collection as my avocado sweater knit hoodie). It’s another John Louden design from my local fabric shop. But this is the most wonderful vivid jewel coloured gorgeousness. Loud?  To some (eg My Mum who likes muted colours & would blanche at the thought of all of these primaries 😉 ) Sky blue turquoise background with paintbox flowers. Sweater knit. 20% off. Understandable purchase ?  I think so!  I bought 1.5m and had enough to make the long sleeved version in a size 3 (I think…)

lady skater dress

I made it up over a weekend with lots of other things going on.  Not concerted sewing.  I reckon it’s the kind of dress you could make up in a couple of hours.  Everyone has said it’s a well designed pattern and has wonderful instructions with neat tips for sewing knits if you are less familiar. But I wasn’t aware that the pattern when downloaded used rainbow colours to differentiate the different sizes. Wheee!! Rainbows to make it easier and more joyous to the eye when doing the bit that has to be the most boring. I’m not the only one that wants to whizz through the taping and cutting am I?  And I’ve just downloaded a Maria Denmark pattern (the Oversized Olivia Tee) & see that she has introduced rainbows too!! Yippee.  Like.  A lot.

lady skater (2)

So I loved making this dress and the bodice and skirt fit perfectly. (The wrinkles above are just twisty-body wrinkles).  No issues.  It’s got different sleeve lengths which are finished with cuffs.  Having made the long sleeved version I think the sleeves are just the right length & snugness for winter & to also wear under a cardigan.  It can be irritating when sleeves are not long enough or there is too much bulk to slip under a cardigan effortlessly, but the Skater dress passes this practicality test in my view.

lady skater

The use of elastic at the waist is brilliant and something I’ve never had to do before, having only ever made knit dresses that have one piece fronts and backs, (OK, this is a bit of a generalisation based on my Audrey dress which is always close to mind when I think gorgeous knit dresses, I might have made a few others eg cowl neck dress which has a waist – no elastic as does my depressed 70s vintage dress .)

lady skater (4)

OK where was I?  the elastic provides some support and shape maintenance for this dress which has a separate bodice from skirt & a defined waist.  Now it would be awful if over the course of wearing this dress the waist got saggy, wouldn’t it?  It’s certainly a technique I’d use again.

lady skater dress (2)

I don’t know what else I can say about it except that I’m totally enjoying wearing it too. With woolly tights and a cardi. With my polar fleece leggings for après ski on holiday. I’ve worn it to work too and got so many compliments for wearing something so colourful !!

skater dress

This dress, folks, is the stylish way to chill out.  It’s the casual way to be stylish.  It could take you from the sofa to the cinema….a perfect travel dress too.

So all in all I reckon I’ll be making more of these:-)

And a bit of backstory about these photos.  Two things have changed since taking them.  My hair, of course.  The bouffant that needs restraint (which by the way I am suppressing with ease ) plus the fence & clematis.  It has been blown out by the strong winds we’ve suffered recently.  If I manage a photo session before the panel gets replaced I’ll give you a sneaky peek in the neighbours’ garden, would that be fun?!?

27 thoughts on “Lady skater bandwagon

  1. The hemmed-in Kittiwake

    I love this dress, no wonder you are wearing it all the time!
    I have several potential fabrics in the stash bought specially for it already but can’t make up my mind if it will be grey or black- I know miles and miles away from being that colourful…
    Looking that the inside of yours make me think it s time I get the Serger out of the lovely box it came in two weeks ago!
    I am also in favor of rainbows marking on patterns that needs cutting…

  2. Andrea

    I love this! I have made it twice for my daughter but haven’t made it for myself yet. I will need to put it on my winter sewing list. I love the bright colours by the way!

  3. Pat

    Perfect colors for the grey days of winter. The dress looks great on you. I’m sold on it and I’m going to give it a go. And please, a sneak peak of the garden would be welcome 🙂

  4. Sam

    This is fab Winnie. I love a good jersey dress, and this one looks both comfy and stylish – a perfect combination! I’ve got some dark purple jersey in my stash that I think would be great for this.

  5. Alessa

    Ooh yay, floaty knit dress! And it has flowers!
    I’ve never tried to put elastic into the waist seam but it sounds like a great idea. Have to remember it for next time!

  6. missjoiedevivre

    This is simply perfect! It was all I could do to stop myself rushing out and buying the pattern there and then. I love the bright colours and the silhouette is fantastic. And a snuggly dress? I can see that being important to me very soon!

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