Avocado Hoodie : watch out!

I have resolved to clear my 2013 makes and blog about them before I launch into my 2014 makes (what?  you mean I’ve got something to show for 2014 already?  Why yes & it’s mega exciting, but that’s all I will say for now.  Oh and to tease you, I’m even wearing them 😉 )

avocado hoodie So as I made this such a long time ago I have not remembered every fine detail about it.  The Avocado Hoodie by Disparate Disciplines.  I made this with running in mind (since when else would you see me in red/black colour blocking – it’s not my usual style, be honest!)  But before I start I have to say that the Avocado Hoodie is much much more than potential active wear –  in a fleece backed jersey it would be such gorgeous inactive wear.  Could even be one “for the kids” – I have been tempted to get the Avocado hoodie man version for my grown up “kids”.

avocado hoodie Right onto this version.  My first make.  I used organic bamboo jersey for its natural “antibacterial” properties as it seemed a good thing to test for running garb.  I had red & black & enough of each to show off the clever piecing of the Avocado hoodie.  It shows the different shapes, doesn’t it?   Clever kangaroo pouch pockets, longer generous cuffs (with thumb-holes) & the shaping at the sides, both at the front & the back.  It’s got options for the hood & I loved this detail – it overlaps…

avocado hood

And did you spot the special reflective piping?  Last time I used it on leggings & discovered the limitations of un-stretch piping in an area of high stretch (ie the legs/ knees!).  This I thought would be a safe use of piping in places where stretch was not such a requirement.  It’s good to see that the camera flash zips up that piping, therefore when I’m out & about I’ll fluoresce like St Elmo’s fire (sing along if you know it!).

avocado hoodie actionI’m afraid I cannot remember any sewing details about this fab-ness, so therefore that means as always that Mari’s instructions were clear, clever & easy to follow.  I have never sewn anything like this before, & the pockets were a revelation.  I remember that.  So canny.

avocado hoodie The sewing details I do remember, helped along by the photos I took at the time, relate to the use of my overlocker’s piping foot.  Oh I thought I was being sooo clever.   But not only was it tricky to negotiate the curves with the overlocker, but I was also experimenting at the time with three thread stitch – meaning only one needle (the right needle).  The impact of this is that the stitching was not close enough to the piping – be warned.  Can you see the difference in the pics below?

avocado hoodie pipingWhat else do I have to say about this sweatshirt?  It’s definitely an “over garment” & if you wanted to make it as a specific runner’s top in wicking fabric you’d probably want to go down a bit in size.  I have got my next cut out in blue supplex but am aiming to make it a zip fronted jacket.  Need to get started on it.  There’s a cute design twist if all goes to plan.  But I would like to make a snuggly fleecy version for cuddling up in….

Avocado hoodieI’d also say that if you like colour blocking it’s a successful pattern for using up larger leftovers!  You have only your imagination to limit you with potential colour combos!

Another great pattern Disparate Disciplines!  Happy!

26 thoughts on “Avocado Hoodie : watch out!

  1. Rachel

    That pattern was been on my “to-sew” list for months! Your’s looks fab! Great idea whit he reflective piping. As always, I’m inspired by your makes!

  2. Amy

    I made up an Avocado hoodie for running as well – also out of bamboo jersey! Isn’t it great?! Mine had actually fit all of my pregnancy since the bamboo is so supple and stretchy. I love the thumbholes and the pocket, but I think next time I’ll leave out the back pockets since I think they just add to the fussiness of the construction. It looks like you might be wearing yours with a Jalie skirt. And, funny thing – I also made up a Jalie skirt to match my Avocado. It’s fun to have some go-to running patterns, right?!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I remember seeing yours, wasn’t it a gorgeous colour – I remember coveting it at the time!! And it is the Jalie running skirt, I love wearing it. But a bit too chill at the mo here!

  3. Thea

    Love it, and your great use of piping! I hope it’ll keep you snug and safe in this awful weather. You’ve definitely moved the hoodie up a few places on my ‘want’ list of 2014!

  4. Shar

    I love the colorblocking on this! The flash does make it seem as if you’re electric – perfect for those early or late runs. This whole outfit looks so great on you – you’re a real advertisement to take up running. Now if I could only get up off this couch…

  5. Alice

    This is the first time I have actually thought to myself I would like a hoodie! It’s brilliant!

    And gosh you have fabulous legs if I may say! This is just the inspiration I need to stop my buttered crumpet addiction and get moving…

    Happy new year!

  6. Geo P

    Didn’t know about Disparate Disciplines until now. Overlapping hood, long cuffs with thumb openings, so many pockets – perfect! Thank you for introducing me to the Avocado 🙂

  7. Liz

    This is so funky, I didn’t realise this pattern came with that piecing detail. Now I am much more drawn to it!
    BTW – did you know that your site never comes up in Bloglovin if using the next button? Everytime, no matter which device or computer I am using, it just won’t display. It comes up on my feed list, but there is a function that lets you go into one post and then hit “next” to just from blog to blog and it doesn’t work for yours. Just thought you should know 🙂

  8. Joy

    I hadn’t imagined this pattern as “running gear” but it seems to have worked out perfectly – especially with your added reflection. Very nice!

  9. Alessa

    That’s such a cool running hoodie! I love the colourblock details and yay reflective piping! That pattern has such nice details with the long sleeves and pockets and hood…

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