New Year’s Eve challenge

Ask most sewsters what they are rushing to complete before the end of final day of the year, and I would feel confident that a high proportion would be putting the finishing touches to their New Year’s Eve outfit. Maybe it’s a mad last minute dash to hem that killer dress, maybe it’s sewing sequins on the Aladdin’s outfit, maybe it’s repurposing or refashioning an amazing vintage find to complete the retro chic chick.

Me? Think again.

Ok, so it’s not my New Year’s Eve outfit ( unless of course the science of teleportation is endowed upon me- all will become clearer – location would be somewhere hot & strewn with golden sand ).
That’s a clue.

It’s winter, dark and windy, what could I possibly be hastening to make before we turn to 2014?

Why my Sewlution of course. Far be it for me to disappoint the mistress of the jar. I resolved to sew a vintage style swimsuit last January, and sew a vintage style swimsuit I will. But, as of 08:00 GMT my bikini is still awaiting more than just finishing touches. No sewing has been undertaken since 21 August when tragedy struck (read more about it here).

Gathering dustSince then it has been gathering dust, waiting for supplies.  But hurrah! I have just returned from a few days away and been handed extra Lycra in order to get this job done. My Mum picked me up some when she last went to Truro fabrics.  They no longer stocked the same blue so a complimentary colour was needed- but it is exactly the same weight & type of fabric so worth the wait.  The colours are not represented brilliantly here, but we went for a sea green to boost but not compete with the turquoise.Green and blue

Yet another case of a “design decision” that will make the finished article look unique & personalised…I seem to have a knack of that!

Here goes! Mission is *ON*

I will keep you posted!!

What are you sewing in a mad rush today?  Frock, fancy dress or are you determined to keep your sewlution?

20 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve challenge

  1. Rosesred

    The green looks fantastic with the blue in the pictures. Might turn out to be a very fortunate ‘design decision’ . Love that you are sewing a bathingsuit in december

  2. Sam

    Those colours look great together. A wise choice.

    I’ve just finished hemming my dress for this evening, having only decided on Sunday evening that I “needed” a new dress!

  3. aem2

    I love the idea of your making a bathing suit in December.

    It turns out I won’t need my fancy dress until Thursday night, so I’m going to try to finish up some Green December makes. Pants! I’m making pants!

  4. Andrea

    Oh, this is going to be super cute. No mad rushes here, just a bit of organizing of the old sewing room so that I can start 2014 on the right sewign foot 😉 Looking forward to seeing your sewlution completed.

  5. LinB

    Mwa ha ha ha ha, I finished my sewlution last January! Have since had to mend it twice and remake part of it once, but, you know. Happy new year on the balmy golden sands of wherever it is you are going.

  6. Ginger

    Good luck!!! You can do it!!!!! Sadly, I left my sewing machine behind when I went to visit family for the holidays, but I’m definitely not going to sew a pair of trousers before midnight! Sewlution failed!

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