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Well, you’ll be glad to know that I’m back on planet earth now after the emotions that sent me sky high after the last post.  Thank you to each & everyone of you who wrote such kind, wise and supportive words.  If I could hug each & everyone of you, your shoulders would get soggy !!

But sewing it is now.  [Sound klaxon: warning!!!  Maria Denmark superfan alert!!]

audrey dress-001

A dress I made in the summer, just as summer arrived.  I got the timing all wrong and have only started wearing it in September, but folks, it’s a winner.  (Of course it is as you know I l.o.v.e every Maria Denmark pattern I’ve made)

This is the Audrey dress by Maria Denmark.  (available through Craftsy)   It’s a basic knit dress, with some back darts for a bit of shaping, the side seams also shaped.  But this dress skims styishly: it’s not a figure hugger.  Maria has made patterns for a B cup pattern & a C cup – I went B. I used some polka dot jersey I had in my stash (which had been earmarked for a Day to Night Drape Top originally).  Let me tell you this is so easy to wear as well – I’ve worn it with leggings & boots (see pics) for a weekend dress, & last night wore it with red tights, ballet flats, cute cardi & a warm red scarf for a meal out.  It is also the perfect travel dress – it packs into a small roll in your bag, & is so comfy for travelling around in.  And I wouldn’t advise you something I had not tried for myself – it was in my bag for my trip to Newcastle & was worn on the journey home.

audrey dress-002

Making it up is a cinch- being a knit & using my overlocker on nearly all of it (not neckline).  In fact it classes as one of my “quick satisfying makes” done in a few hours and eeekd out of not much fabric as well (this one could possibly have been made up from a metre of 150 cm wide jersey)- score!  It has cuffs & neck in contrast – you could really get creative with colour matching, but I went for plain navy on top of my mass polka dots.

audrey dress-003

Let’s talk about the neck though.  This is not a t-shirt bound neck.  This has another treatment.  It’s not an exposed facing, but a shaped neck piece that is interfaced.  Maria calls them neckline edges.  It was easy enough to sew & I must say I like the shape of the neckline too.  Next time I might make it a bit shorter, but it feels absolutely fine like it is for this one.

audrey dress

Oh my word.  I just want more!  You know this is so easy to wash & wear.  Yesterday I was that desperate to wear it, I took it straight off the dryer & hoped my body heat would get rid of the slight dampness remaining from its latest wash!!

34 thoughts on “Maria Denmark Audrey dress

  1. Sigrid

    This dress is super. I have never seen anyone who can pull off the polka dot look better! By the way, what would you do with a package of red and white polka dot swimsuit fabric should a fan decide to send you some? Also, I’m just amazed that you even consider running a marathon, it’s all training for next time !

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Sigrid!! Well, a package of red & white polka dot swimsuit fabric kind of shouts “swimsuit with frills” surely! It just has to be.
      My blue frilly bikini is awaiting extra supplies of fabric…there’s a danger it will get finished by Christmas & I will have to model it somehow with rain, gales etc howling outside…

  2. Amanda

    OMG. This is seriously rad. In the sense that if I were close enough to pinch it from your washing line I would 😉 This is comfy and cute and rocking it with the tights and boots, lady! So glad to hear you’re back in fierce form- you go!

  3. silvia

    Love the dress! I adore the dots and will have to troll the net to find some like it for mine own self. I’ve made the dress in a solid and that is fine, but dots! Amazing.

    As to the marathon, I think it’s a freaking accomplishment to put in the hours training and adjusting your life and diet to compete. You did as well as you could do on the day and you learned a great deal. What more can you want from an experience? I know you’ll progress from that point to another place, but it may be a place you’ve never thought of before. That in itself is a great thing. Take time to heal and reflect and see what you feel. Be in the moment and stop what if-ing. Of course this is free advice from a strange woman from a distant land, but take the love and good wishes you’ve engendered from all your blog friends. You’ve earned them.

  4. Rachel

    Great dress! Got to love it when something so easy to launder makes you feel (and look) $1,000,000. It’s like a little gift from the Gods. Hooray! 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    Wow! A fab dress . How thick is this fabric? And where you do get decent knits from?

    Glad you’re back sewing – we all need your inspiration!

    PS have you booked your next marathon yet?

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Elizabeth! How kind of you 🙂

      Good question on the fabric! It’s actually not overly thick – it’s suitable for tees, undies, that kind of weight.
      And no!! I have not booked my next marathon 😉 !!

  6. Alessa

    Polka dots! Jersey! Navy, white & red! This ticks all the boxes of a super awesome make for me. 😀 It looks great on you, too! The neckline treatment sounds intriguing…

  7. Sue

    Lovely lovely dress. I love the neckline. The spots are a great choice. Stripes are awkward and plain too drab. Maybe a winter floral print too?
    If you fancy experimenting I’d be a willing customer!

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