Our fourteenth castaway: Marie of a Stitching Odyssey

Hey it’s Friday & you know it’s when I like to scour the horizon for any fellow girl Fridays to launch my canoe for a visit to another desert island in this particular archipelago.   Always such a joy, but who have I spied today through my monocular & cocktail umbrella?  Why it’s none other than Marie from a Stitching Odyssey!  I’ve loved following (& meeting !) Marie too as she has this natural modesty, and big style where vintage meets modern & I do believe she is getting ever braver in the projects and designs she is tackling!  I can’t wait to find out what her desert island sewing patterns & essentials are!!

Away you go Marie …

Having had a decent summer in England this year (over 4 continuous weeks of sunshine is a BIG deal for us), I can definitely see myself adapting well to such glorious weather all the time. So, yes please Winnie, sign me up and ship me off to this wondrous desert island of yours! Conveniently, the island I’ll be inhabiting is warm-to-hot in the daytime with a cool (not cold) breeze in the evening and maybe the occasional (warm) tropical rainstorm thrown in for good measure.

I found it surprisingly easy choosing my 8 patterns, possibly because you have to go right back to basics with this exercise.

Pattern #1 – Ohhh Lulu’s  Ginger Body Suit & Separates

 Ohh Lulu Ginger Bodysuit


Let’s be honest, when I’m not sewing, I’m mostly going to be sunning myself on this desert island. At least until the novelty wears off, which could take a while! This is the perfect pattern for adapting into a bikini like Kristin’s awesome version below.

Ginger SeparatesSource

but I can also use it to make all my undies…which a girl still needs on a desert island!

Pattern #2 – By Hand London’s Anna Dress

By Hand Anna Dress

For a relatively new pattern there’s already a myriad gorgeous versions of it out there! I’ve got plans for an animal print maxi version like Lizzy’s – which I imagine wearing for a stroll down the island’s beach at sunset – and a 40s-style floral version in the shorter length. I’m also smitten with these two versions by Heather and Kathryn, so I’m glad I’ll have all the time in the world to sew once Winnie ships me off!

Image 4
Pattern #3 – Colette Patterns’ Hawthorn

Colette Patterns Hawthorn

I adore this pattern for its simple lines, flattering shape and versatility. I’ve made two seersucker versions so far,  (hawthorn dress and hawthorn blouse )with plans for many more!










Pattern #4 – Sewaholic’s Renfrew

Renfrew pattern
This is a great basic pattern! The longer sleeves and cowl neck would keep you warm at night (I would totally make Renfrew PJ tops) and the short sleeved versions are perfect for an active day of pruning coconut trees and fishing. I’ve already made many versions, but can’t seem to get enough.

Marie's Renfrews

Pattern #5 – 1940s Butterick 3756


I’ve had this lovely 1940s pattern in my stash for a little while now and I can’t think of a better opportunity to use it than some desert island sewing. It’s super cute and provides separate options that are a total winner for me!
Pattern #6 – Pattern Runway’s Scalloped Hem Shorts

Scalloped hem shorts

Ever since I saw Sophie’s mint polka dot shorts , I can’t get this pattern out of my mind. They’re so cute, but look really comfortable…spot on for desert island adventures! I’m not the biggest fan of my legs, but I’ll gladly get them out when no one’s looking – plus if I know a handsome merman is likely to stop by, I can always change into one of my pretty dresses instead!

Sophies shorts(Source)

Pattern #7 – Grainline Studio’s Maritime Shorts

Maritime shorts

 Is it wrong to choose 2 shorts patterns when I’m only allowed to take a total of 8 patterns with me? Thing is, I don’t really do skirts and I have dresses, tops, swimwear and undies covered…so more shorts it is then! I like how practical and fun this pattern is – see how cool Lauren’s version is below. It will work well with my Hawthorn blouses and Renfrew tops, and I bet if you omit the zip and swap the waistband for elastic they would make great PJ bottoms.

Laurens shorts(Source Lladybird)

 Pattern #8 – Dixie DIY’s Hot Cocoa Sweater

Hot cocoa sweater

 Finally, to keep me snugly at night, I’ve chosen this lovely freebie pattern. It’s not too bulky for a moderate climate and can easily be modified and experimented with. If you extended the hem to thigh length and made it out of a voile fabric, I reckon it could easily become a beach cover-up.

 Marie Hot cocoa sweater


You are also allowed to take two books, firstly which sewing related book would you take & why?

Due to my luxury item being what it is (I’m such a cheat), I would definitely take Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing with me. It’s so enjoyable to read, full of useful sewing techniques and includes some gorgeous patterns that will help quench my thirst for vintage glamour!


Secondly, which non-sewing related book would you take & why?

I enjoy a good read, but I’m not a book snob at all. I’ll read anything from horror to the classics and whatever titles have been recommended to me. So I wouldn’t say I have a book that I simply can’t live without, but one that really moved me and that I could happily re-read is The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.


Next your one luxury.  What would you choose (doesn’t have to be sewing related this time!)

I desperately want to be really vain and say my makeup, or at the very least my liquid eyeliner! But, I absolutely couldn’t live without internet connection…not only do I look up sewing tutorials all the time, I would hate to be disconnected from my blogging pals and I’d love to update you on my tan!

And finally if you could only take one disc of music what album would you choose & why?

This for me was the toughest question of them all. Could I make myself a compilation album please Winnie? Music is so important and I’d need to have a good selection with me to cater for all my desert island moods and occasions!

 I think you’ll all agree there are some fabulous desert island choices here!  A very pretty and practical capsule wardrobe….Some surprises?  And a few sneaky items too!  Thank you Marie for taking the time to share your desert island sewing must-have patterns.

5 thoughts on “Our fourteenth castaway: Marie of a Stitching Odyssey

  1. Marie

    Oooh, thank you so much for inviting me to take part in this Winnie! I’ve been a fan of this series from the very beginning and I’ve had a blast being a part of it!xxx

  2. Kim

    Great packing list! I’m loving this series, and thanks for pointing out the Ohh Lulu bikini, hadn’t seen it yet, but I’ve got some lycra in my stash which is begging to become a bikini!


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