Bet Lynch and Donald Trump would come to blows for this

Question: What do you get if you cross Miss Demeanour and Handmade Jane?

Well, read on & you can find out, knowing that it was these two lovelies that were particularly inspirational in my latest make.  And whilst it’s autumn, a new season to sew for & my head’s been swimming with ideas about what to make, I haven’t got a plan & until write it down I am afraid I am going to get pulled in different directions.  I sense a blog post containing a plan coming…when I force myself to engage the rational organised side of my brain that is & put fingers to keyboard.

Remember this?

Until I make a plan though, spontaneity reigns.  When I have energy that is, I seem to react after seeing something truly gorgeous someone  is sharing in their blog & my imagination & sense of possibility is lured down a new pathway.  At the moment I am weak, oh so weak! (I have so many things to blame marathon training for!!) This make therefore is a quick & dirty one.  Above is the tease I left you with.

Victoria Blazer (2)

And what has it become?  Not sportswear hahaha, even though it was shown during a Great North Run post!  Why, it’s become my own Victoria Blazer from ByHand London.  There have been too many sensational examples splashed across the blogosphere & whilst I kept reading what a simple jacket it is to make, I was not convinced about the particular shape for me.  And talk about being late for the Victoria Blazer party?  I arrived just in time to do the clearing up collecting cans, bottles & paper plates in bin bags, that’s how late I am….

Victoria Blazer 5I don’t suit boxy.  Thanks to Jane though who made a version in a knit I could hold out no more.  Jane had made a few mods including shaping the side seams.  Jane says she doesn’t do boxy either, yet Jane’s version looked so spivvy that I was sold.  I ordered the pattern that day.

Victoria Blazer 3I had no plan for fabric until I remembered some purple Morgan Crepe Jersey that I had spontaneously ordered from Minerva as part of a larger order I’d made a couple of months ago.  I ordered it not knowing really what I was ordering, or what I was going to make but the description & price looked too good to ignore.  This is a mid weight knit in a beautiful plum colour (I’m into plum & purple at the moment).  This fabric could be a lovely autumn dress or skirt or maybe even some lounge pants…..  or a jacket!!

Victoria Blazer 4The Victoria blazer is lined and it was only through reviewing the sewalong and examples of wow jackets being showcased that I remembered Miss Demeanour’s fetching meow jacket with faux animal lining.  Why I had some fluffy animal print stashed away as a result of some gifted by Suzy at a blogger meet up.  It looks wild with the plum!  The plan was hatched.

Victoria Blazer

And it is true what everyone has said – this is a simple jacket to make.  I prepared by some reading through of the pattern instructions & sewalong posts, but really could have followed the instructions there & then.  So construction then was straight forward.  I used my overlocker for most of the seams – except those mainly relating to the collar/ lapels/ centre front.  I really liked the front over-the-shoulder dart & the way that the collar & lapels are attached.  I did not line the sleeves by the way, & whilst I entertained the idea of adding patch pockets, I didn’t follow that one through either.  My revisions  were just side seam shaping & shortening at the hem.

Victoria Blazer 7 (2)

What has worked less well, & I blame myself, (who else ?!) is the whole collar sitting nice & flat job.  I should have added some interfacing to the collar & lapels with hindsight – they are a bit floppy.  The softness of the plum knit combined with the more bulky fluffy lining means that the centre front edges are not as crisp as I’d like – added with the floppy lapels make me compulsively straighten them & pull them down as I am wearing it.

Victoria Blazer 7Left to its ultra floppiness.

I have top stitched this edge, through the collar & lapels to help set them in place, as well as strategically catch-stitching the underneath of the lapels & collar to the jacket front.

The hem is also a little disappointing in that the lining peeps out- this I blame on multiple factors – the way the two fabrics work together & the sloppiness of the seamstress! And let’s throw in marathon training too – told you it can be blamed for almost anything 😉

But all in all, considering I have not had the time & energy to sew much recently I have been enjoying wearing it.   It’s a good extra layer for this time of year.

Victoria Blazer 6

Maybe not for work ..

I feel I need to get my leopard skin brothel creepers out & sugar water my quiff….or let’s channel some Trump/ Lynch…they both have *amazing* hair …

Victoria Blazer 9Being modelled with my ByHand Charlotte skirt would you know!

Victoria Blazer 8Neat look!!

40 thoughts on “Bet Lynch and Donald Trump would come to blows for this

  1. Debbie

    Ah, Bet Lynch…what a style icon 🙂 The jacket looks fab, great fabric combo. I am sooooooo far off the Victoria Blazer party, I must be the old lady who lives down the road blithely oblivious to the party due to lack of hearing….xx

  2. Rachel

    That is WICKED! (Which in Maine is a very good thing…) I really dig the purple and leopard, which not everyone can pull off! You totally can! … just maybe not with the leopard skirt and shoes to match 🙂

  3. Katy

    You crack me up! Great blazer, great pics, and great poses. My favorite is the one with what we refer to as the “Mrs. Holcomb wig” in our house. A similarly hairy ‘do’ that we had growing up that reminded us of a babysitter we had.

  4. Amanda

    Bwah ha ha! You crack me up as always! 😀
    The animal print lining is seriously mind blowing- I think my face may be melting from so dang much awesomeness!

  5. Jane

    You rock Winnie! What a fab jacket and how lovely to be mentioned in the same blog post as Bet Lynch. My lapels are troublesome too, pesky little things. I solved the lining hanging below the hem problem by overlocking the armhole seams of the jacket and lining together (as recommended by another blogger). Worked a treat. I hope you’ll be wearing the full leopardskin ensemble and wig when I see you next?! xx

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Me, going full leopard in public?! Maybe ….not!
      I’m glad you felt sharing with Bet was a compliment – however you’re very silent on Donald Trump!
      I have sewn the armhole lining etc together- I blame my cack handed hemming, but thank you for the tip !

  6. SewSleepy

    it’s beautiful – my Victoria has only got as far as the buying fabric stage as i’ve been busy on other stuff – mainly kids birthdays. hope to sneak in some sewing soon before the Christmas rush

  7. missjoiedevivre

    I never would have thought of plum with leopard, which is crazy as everyone knows leopard is a neutral and goes with EVERYTHING, but I’m glad you thought of it as this looks absolutely amazing, I love it! I need more leopard in my life (despite managing to wear it in different incarnations four days in a row last week).


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