The Miette skirt- how cute meets utility- really!

I’d resisted Tilly’s Miette skirt for months it seems, since I have projects & inspiration coming out of my ears.  But kept clocking all these fantabulous versions appearing left right & centre.  I held fast & tried to maintain a degree of control over spontaneous pattern purchasing & sewing.  But it all became too much for me.  I needed a fix, a sweet skirt that came with so many endorsements, and just kept looking so darn cute everywhere.  So who’s skirt was the straw that broke my resolve?  Well it was Taracat’s denim / ricrac Miette.  You know I have a thing for ric rac & I have almost a whole drawer filled with the stuff (one of those mini organiser drawers it has to be said).  How could I resist an everyday skirt with one of the best pockets in the whole world to surround with ric rac?

Miette 8

So I had this piece of royal blue quite coarse linen that I had bought off Ebay a while ago.  It’s bright people.  It’s got an element of stiffness to it that I felt would complement the A line shape of the Miette skirt.  Did I have enough fabric though or was it only suitable for a Colette Ginger?  Well, I scraped a Miette – just.  But at what cost?

Miette 9

I have to line the exceedingly luxuriously long ties with my lining fabric.  In fact the whole waistband was lined in contrast – the same as I lined the pockets too.  It’s the fabric I made my summer sundress out of last year, some pretty ditsy red cotton floral.

Miette 11

The pockets were edged in ric rac – like piping, sandwiched in between the lining fabric and the blue linen.  I chose red as it seemed more adaptable, although the idea of royal blue & bright sunshiny yellow is always a temptation in Badgerland.  But the red & the lining seemed to be the thing.

Miette 10

Here it is playing around with the ties show the lining – not sure that it’s how I will wear it…but….

Miette 5

What is there to say that’s not already been said about the pattern & the instructions?  You already know by now that there are two levels of instructions (detailed on-line supplements to the downloaded instructions), & everyone, just everyone, loves the fact that you have a checklist to tick off when you use the downloaded instructions – I am no exception!

Miette 3

Construction for me, as with everyone else (are you yawning yet – hoping for something you haven’t heard before?) was exceedingly straight forward – this really is a brilliant beginner’s make – no zips, buttonholes, just some nice straight machine stitching.And for a nice fit, a wrap skirt is a joy- just tweak it the way you want to by how you arrange your wrap & tie.

Miette 6“Seems like a fun guy!”

So no surprise this Miette skirt is a cute success and I was all for thinking it could be one of those garments that bridged the work & play wardrobe.  I could imagine wearing it to work.  But here’s the thing.  Since wearing it for play it’s gone all combat for me.  And what do I mean by that?  Well, I wore it for a heavenly dog walk with my dog nieces, with walking boots (sensibly leaving my wedges in the car  – we were going multi terrain after all).  I have become increasingly reluctant to carry handbags around with me & try to get away with squeezing the bare essentials (phone, keys, purse) into jacket pockets.  But in the summer, especially this summer, even the bare essentials can weigh even the roomiest of skirt pockets down.  Not the Miette!

Miette 4

So it survived the commando experience in the woods and on the hills with two dogs (plus paws from doggie greetings).  Was I afraid to bend down in case the wrap caught a gust of wind & away she blew?

Miette 2

No way!  That dog gets all my lovin without any compromising wardrobe experiences!

Miette 7

Check out my pockets here.  Not only does it carry purse, two sets of keys – car & house, & phone, but there is also an ipod in there & some tissues AND still room for poo bags.

Miette 1

From the side too – Awesome!  I shall now repeat the phrase that we write so many times when after our first take of a new pattern, “There will be more”.  But whilst the intention & the love of this pattern is there, it is another pattern in my near consciousness to join my “spontaneous project” category for when the mood takes me & when the perfect fabric waves its hand at me. However, saying that,  I also think this skirt would be a great gift to make for a friend – less fitting required than normal skirts.  In fact I might already have someone in mind who would fit the bill perfectly ….now that’s a lovely idea.  Making such a sweet skirt to give as a gift would make me very happy.  (Right, that’s another conscious note made for the Miette!)  Now if I asked how many of you had made it already I’m sure you’d all shout.  But what about as a gift for someone else?  Who’s done that?  As a surprise?  Is it a good option?  Is it time to start a campaign, “Miettes as Gifts?!”

24 thoughts on “The Miette skirt- how cute meets utility- really!

  1. Liz

    Ok, my resistance is slowly breaking down, I know it is only a matter of time before I break and buy this too! Aargh I don’t need more patterns but the more I see of these, the more I want it. It is too cute with the ric rac, great version!

  2. Bec

    haha, love this post! “Fun guy” cracked me up! Plus the skirt, of course, gorgeous, and lining the ties looks great, ‘pings’ with the ric rac. Sweet!

  3. Philippa

    I loved reading about your Miette and your photos really made me smile. I am the same with pockets due to two dogs to walk, handbags and dog walking is just a pain!

  4. SewSleepy

    I really need to complete mathilde before I start this but am loving the idea of making one for a friend. Also considering one in grey for work but grey with navy blue ricrac could give it some edge – well as much edge as you can in workwear

  5. Su

    I’m sewing the Miette for the first time at the moment so I was glad to see your post. I love the ric rac! I’m a beginner but this pattern seems very straight forward and is coming together easily (so far!). I think the idea of making Miettes for friends is a great one! I immediately have a friend in mind, and I’m making a mental note right now to keep my eyes open for the right fabric!

  6. MrsC (Maryanne)

    It is so cute and very useful. I relate to the desire to go commando too, but usually to the pub or a show when it is just cards and phone. Bras are good for storing some of these things too hehehe.
    I REALLY like the contrast lining to the ties!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I read this and chuckled so much I nearly spit out my tea! As Ginger says later “Going commando” has other connotations, which in our house got lost in translation and became “Going Gorilla” – as a take on guerilla I guess….
      Great use of bras though – must remember that!

  7. Taracat

    Awesome! I love the idea of a utility skirt, and I really love the contrast ties, I may try that with my next one. And I hold you totally responsible for my ric rac habit.

  8. Ginger

    Hahahaha, I had to reread your post after I read that the skirt survived the “commando experience” as “going commando” has a completely different slang meaning over here! Teeheehee! But, ahm, yes, the skirt! It’s very cute and very you! I love that you’ve got the contrast fabric peeping out in the ties– it looks adorable!

  9. Zoe

    Wowzers, what a fab version! I LOVE the sneaks of floral from the reverse of the ties. A really special touch, even if it wasn’t your first intention. I love that those pockets are so damn roomy. The idea of ‘Miettes as gifts’ is such a sweet one! Can’t wait to see that version if you do go ahead with it. Zoe xxx

  10. Nicki

    Oh now I am kicking myself for not thinking of ric rac before, and red too, my fave colour. Agreed, the Miette is the perfect dog walking companion. Love the peeks of floral.

  11. Kelly

    I love this skirt on you! It’s such a great kick-around sort of skirt. I really want to make one for my mom – she has this obsession with wrap skirts and big pockets!

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