It’s *Just* a Tank Top by Maria Denmark

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the latest pattern from Inde designer, Maria Denmark. I mean it’s the basics that are the indispensables, right? Add Maria Denmark’s drafting & fit that suits me perfectly into the mix & it’s bound to be a scruffy badger winner.

I make no excuses for being a true Maria Denmark super fan, I’ve made her Day to Night Drape Top a few times, her Birgitte basic tee a few times and of course the Kirsten Kimono sleeve t-shirt. I’ve also made the Audrey dress, but it’s waiting to be worn & blogged about in cooler times, but is truly simply gorgeous too – another indispensable.


So when Maria named her basic vest/ tank top “Just a Tank top” I can understand that she’s not claiming any complex design. This is a simple classic well fitting knit top afterall. It is what it says it is. But still, I love Maria’s fit of all of the knit patterns she’s created & this is no exception.

Maria Denmark Tank

She also tends to use neat methods for neck & arm binding – in the case of this tank it’s the nice & tidy fabric binding. You can see it more clearly on the orange top below. You can have some fun with contrast or ribbing – or keep it the same as your main fabric. Simple. right?

Maria Denmark Tank

So I made both of these at the same time on my overlocker. They are a breeze to make, honest. Maria’s instructions are also very clear, using photographs to illustrate the steps. I used my regular machine to secure the neck/arm binding seam allowances in place with twin needle top stitching once attached.

And in case you were wondering, both of these tops were left unhemmed until I took possession of my coverstitch machine & were the guinea pigs to see what it’s like to hem with such a fabbie machine. I have only had the chance to play with it for 1.5 hours so far, and can’t wait to get a bit more confident. (The pics of the orange one are BC – before coverstitch, but has since been finished with a nice three needle coverstitch.)

Maria Denmark tank

The orange top is made using sports fabric from UK Fabrics Online as a running top. You can see my red cheeks? That’s a good 40 minutes after a 12 mile run the other weekend – before our heatwave. As a personal preference this would be a shorter distance running top though, as I need more air circulating around my bod when I go longer distances. I prefer a less fitted running top, not to say that this won’t get worn – on the contrary – it gets worn on the shorter evening runs & is a huge hit.

Maria Denmark tank

The white is made using some cotton/ synthetic blend eyelet jersey I bought exceedingly cheaply at the Rag Market last year (not so clear in this light – apols). It’s a perfect little summer vest. Looks great with my Tania culottes, & of course looks like a match made in heaven with my lace embellished shorts!

maria denmark tank

I shall be returning to this pattern Maria – it’s a clear winner, a wonderful fit, as always. Hurrah!


24 thoughts on “It’s *Just* a Tank Top by Maria Denmark

  1. JacqC

    You are just the most stylish runner ever ๐Ÿ™‚
    What a fab pattern, I can see it would get made over and over again. I need to conquer my fear of knits with something straightforward, would you recommend this for a novice? I’m on a self imposed pattern buying ban – it would be worth breaking if the instructions are as clear as you suggest ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I emailed you separately , but try starting with the kimono sleev tshirt as its free and you can rest easy that you haven’t bought it. And then you can find out for yourself whether the patterns suit you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Roobeedoo

    Every time I decide to sew, I start out thinking “I ought to just make some basics… like a cami top or a plain tee” … and 8 hours later I am still piddling about with something complicated and dart-infested, having ignored myself again. The irony being that I have things I can’t wear for lack of a cami… Sigh.

  3. Lizzy

    *sigh* you are making me fell so slack – churning out all these wonderful projects!
    I totally agree, everything Maria drafts is a great fit – the tops, pants, skirt etc. It’s all fab. I especially adore my day-to-night top and the day-to-night dress in blue/yellow – most worn me-made things I own!
    You inspired me to pull out the patterns again – I need to downsize one of my husband’s t-shirts and I think it’s going to be a Birgette!

  4. Shelly

    What a wonderful looking tank top. A great basic that I’m sure will be made many more times. I haven’t tried any of Maria’s patterns but I’m thinking I really should give them a go.

  5. Karen

    How does she do it?! I am starting to think you have a twin who sews while you have a life, Winnie. Those tops are great; really useful & so cute on you.

  6. melissa

    ooh, running top, you say?? (you can see my ears visibly perking up right now, right) I also chuckled as I saw you have the opposite preferences to me – I hate loose running tops, and I like mine right at hip length. ๐Ÿ™‚ This looks like a great tank pattern that you could really change up a bunch of different ways with a racer back, or panelling, or piping or use to refashion old race shirts, too. Big thanks for the UK Fabrics Online link, too – I wasn’t familiar with the shop or this type of exercise fabric, though I think I can picture what it is!

  7. Barb

    Wow, you must be the most stylish runner out there. Were you actually running in a flowery skirt??? You would definitely make the front cover of “Vogue Runners Weekly” or “Glamour Marathon Monthly”.

  8. SewSleepy

    Excellent another Independent to source fab patterns from – this looks brilliant and so lucky to find a pattern house that requires few alterations

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