Tara the yogi ninja: Drape Drape 3 shorts

Hey everyone!  I’ve felt like some fun*, which is good for the blog as it means Tara Buster has graced us with an appearance.  [Who is Tara Buster you might ask?  Well, thank dear Roobeedoo for that – she found out that the French for “To badger” is tarabuster – or something so similar that I felt it described an alter ego so well & could not be ignored.  Don’t be shy – You have already met her by the way, she just hadn’t been introduced ;-)]

So remember back in May when I showcased some of the patterns from Drape Drape 3 that drew me in (big thank you again to Tilly)?

 Never having sewn anything like this in my life, I must admit to being super intrigued.  Tilly and the girls will attest to the fact that it was these weirdos that caught my returning eye…

 No.8 3 piece tuck drape shorts.  Mature nappy?  Mini hammer pants?  They were just crying out to be made peeps!  I just knew that they would become my summer lounge around the house wear.  Just had to get my rear in gear.

drape shorts1

The book was planted by my laptop, eyeballing me everytime I sat at my screen.  I’d take it out, thumb through until I saw “the shorts” & then feel the wodge of pattern sheets in the back & put it back.  Eventually though, the correct conjunction of the planets occurred & I entertained the prospect of making them up in an afternoon.  Traced pattern, found some fabric (stripes for the first pair so that it would show what happens to the interestingly drafted pattern pieces & how that draping works).  The fabric by the way is beautifully soft & light, bought from Jill at Itterations Workwear (of the Drafting Top).

front drape shorts

The front – see the horizontal stripes (why thank you, yes, I have matched them pretty well, haven’t I?)

I have to admit that even though there are good instructions in English, with diagrams, it was nearly too much for my pea brain to process.

Back drape shortsSee- the stripes are vertical at the back!

And this happened early on, before the shorts took their shape shifting shape.  Eventually I worked it out & sewed the correct side seam (phew).  It was the key seam – once this was under my belt, everything else followed like a good one.

drape shorts 2

OK, so I made a few tiddly errors, like attaching the waistband a bit messily & back to front so that the join is in the centre front instead of the centre back.  And I advise basting that waistband before sewing due to the number of critical design-feature pleats.  My overlocker did not make a good job of it in some places, & I will learn the next time.  I also didn’t want to hide the elasticated leg cuffs inside these baggy bloomers.  I think I could have made the leg cuffs a bit tighter too, by shortening my elastic, but I am just a comfy casual gal at heart & yearn for easy wearing clothes around the house that don’t announce themselves to me that they are being worn.  ie keep elastic loose.

drape shorts4

So these shorts eh?  What do you think?  I feel they are “very interesting”.  And what I mean is that they feel wonderful to wear, they truly are my summer loungewear.  I love the draping.  I feel girly, which is a good thing in my book.  Nothing wrong with girly.  The grocery delivery man thought they were odd though, & I can’t see myself wearing them out of the house, although I may test them on my parents the next time I stay, as I can almost predict my Dad’s comments & raised eyebrows!

drape shorts 5

I could see them being brilliant for yoga,

drape shorts 8

Or some Ninja fun?

drape shorts 7

If I’d made the elastic a bit shorter in the leg cuffs they could be worn higher like a puffball pair of shorts (see the book image above).

drape shorts 6

Seriously, in a different colour, maybe in a deeper solid colour, I think they could be worn out in public, in autumn with tights.

Drape shorts

But this is how I wear them ….I have become terribly scruffy I admit once I get home …but comfy as a snug one.
Now, do you think you’ll give these a go now?  I commend them if you want to feel draped, girly & super comfy.  And surely everyone feels like that at some point in the week?

*Why so happy?  I have an overload of endorphins following a long run this morning.  I tell you, it’s what makes me happiest at the moment.  Or is is it really the virtue that is created by getting up early, running for two hours in gorgeous countryside then being able to feast on all sorts of yum knowing that I’ve earned it?  You tell me!

42 thoughts on “Tara the yogi ninja: Drape Drape 3 shorts

  1. Roobeedoo

    Oh shazzam! Tara, you blow me away! I totally get the purpose of your breezy bloomers. They would be perfect for cross-legged knitting, interspersed with bouts of Glasto-inspired bouncing! I have been making “home clothes” recently to perk up my evenings and weekends: scruffy old jeans do nothing for my inspiration levels, and positively hinder any sudden desire to exercise – these are perfect 😀
    P.S. Is it wrong that I was eyeing up the pale pink hairdye in Poundland today?

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      You are my kindred spirit. Which I already knew!
      Yes, they would hold it all in & keep it safe for Glasto bouncing too 🙂
      and PS yes – everytime Tara comes out in pink I want her to stay! I *almost* look forward to my grey becoming white just so that I can become pink ….hahaha!

  2. Nicoline

    They are indeed ‘very interesting’!!! Great post and pictures, I’m smiling away at the computer screen!!! I like them a lot actually, and who can argue with feeling draped, girly and super-comfy?! Can’t beat the running endorphins for sure… 🙂

  3. Gjeometry

    Good for you for finally conquoring your drape drape fears! I think these books are fascinating although have not attempted anything from them. I feel perhaps it is too advanced right now. I think these shorts look terrific. I am a big proponent of drapey flowy garments. Very tailored, looky how well it fits garments have their place, but I actually prefer seeing clothing drape and bend and fall into interesting shapes. I definitely vote for tighter elastic on the next pair so you can puffball them.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I’m interested even more now in the draping…..they’ve piqued my interest! And ok, could easily make the elastic tighter to give options for a pair in a solid colour…

  4. Sigrid

    Personally, I think they are the bomb. If you can get all those looks out of this pair just think what you could do with some lightweight wool!

  5. Jane

    They are wonderful, and agree, would be great for yoga.

    BTW, do you do yoga? I have running friends who find yoga complements their running. I do yoga and have bought some running shoes…

  6. Shar

    I love these!! They look so comfy and I love the drapey, casual look of them. I’m not sure I have the skill level for these yet, but someday…..

  7. Gabrielle

    I wouldn’t have stopped at this particular pattern but they look fabulous on you – really comfortable and quite special with all those pleats/ drapes! I’ll have to mentally bookmark them now. Oh and I definitely prefer them at your length to the book’s puff ball length :).

  8. Zoe

    I love the shorts! They are just so out there. I haven’t had much luck with Japanese sewing pattern books, none of the patterns have really jumped out at me enough to make them.

  9. houseofpinheiro

    If anyone could pull of these funky shorts its you my friend. Its very interesting design wise and its also very fun…

  10. Shelly

    Hahaha! You’re so funny and calling out for me to let my inner ‘Tara’ loose too. Not sure if I could wear anything like these but yours are great; I love them. Very relaxed and comfy looking and yes, loose legs are definitely the way to go IMHO!

    Love the fun pics 🙂

  11. LinB

    I like them. Having the extra fabric on the outside of your legs instead of on the inside of your legs takes them well out of “adult diaper” territory.

  12. zora read

    Original and funky and action packed, you pull the look off so well, but I thought Ninja’s were turtles and you look nothing like a turtle. Brilliant stripe matching.

  13. MrsC (Maryanne)

    I love them – if you described them I would think WTF? But they are really neat. And not that odd really. But then it is Bath – in Camden noone would bat an eyelid! 😉

  14. Debbie

    Tara…what a star-ah. Sorry – couldn’t resist a bad rhyme. 🙂 They look so comfy and ideal for summer lounging. I think a solid dark pair could be worn outside the home.

  15. jenny

    ‘Running’ and ‘two hours’ in the same sentence – no wonder you look so fantastic! They are fabulous bloomers – everyone should have an ‘at home’ ensemble or three. At present, in our chilly winter, mine consists of flannelette pyjamas. The cats don’t mind – their sartorial standards are high for themselves, but otherwise they aren’t picky.

    Rock on, Ms Badger!

  16. Alessa

    In their non-puffball state they almost look like a drapey skirt! I kinda like the look and how interesting the stripe placement is. 🙂 And I’ve seen people wear stranger things in public…

  17. Barb

    These are awesome! Yours are so much better than the ones in the book. Love that fabric and how it drapes is beautiful. Are there pockets hidden in the sides?? They are definitely suitable for wearing out of the house, maybe do a trial run to Sainsbury’s first to see what reaction you get?? I think everyone should have a pink wig, it looks amazing – as do you!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Pockets would be a great idea, looks like there should be, doesn’t it.
      And oh, my hair will one day be white and then maybe time for pink will have arrived !!

  18. Nicki

    They look super comfy, perfect for yoga and yes you did a great job of matching stripes! I think everyone has a secret scruffy-at-home life. 7pm is otherwise known as snuggy trousers o’clock in this house.

  19. nommh

    And there I was thinking I could safely give drapedrape 3 a miss. And there you are showing the thrilling potential of this pattern by opting out of the puffball nonsense. I usually wear skirts, because I think they are much more comfortable, but these would just might keep me borderline decent while cycling.
    What a great inspiration!

  20. Amy

    These are actually really cute! From just reading a description of ‘drape shorts’, I wouldn’t have expected they’d look so cool – must be your awesome ninja modelling.


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