Giving the runaround to my Ooh La La Leggings

I’ve got so much sewing to catch you up with and a bevvy of things to tell you about.  I’ve been a bit out of writing recently, don’t ask me why.  I’ve been in a very active “doing” mode, and once I’d come home from work if I wasn’t running I’d be getting a couple of hours in sewing as a relief from the day’s exertions.  Hence a bit of a sewing-to-show-you backlog, and maybe explains that my default relaxation has been through craft as opposed to writing.  Analyse all you like, that’s just where I’ve been at recently.

ooh la la leggingsSo let’s start by showing you my running Ooh La La Leggings from Papercut patterns.  You remember I’ve made some black jersey leggings already?  Well I translated them into running leggings by using technical supplex fabric from Tissu fabrics.  Now I am not by any means a pioneer in this running gear frontier.  Melissa (Fehr Trade) is the defacto queen of lycra in my view- I am constantly in awe and inspired by her self made running gear, but it was her silver Ooh La La leggings that first grabbed my eye.  Kbenco too made some running tights using the Ooh La La leggings proving that it was possible no matter which hemisphere you live in.  I made two pairs: one very very good, and the other very very bad.  Well, not really that bad, just unwearable.  ha ha ha.  They are being shown with some tops I’ve made with differing success – the white one is too “Kids from Fame” with the neck too wide for even running around the block.  The yellow one gets worn a lot and is nice and cool when it’s hot running and very bright when I want to be seen by oncoming traffic!  Or to be seen by my super supporters through the rivers of runners in the Manchester 10k.    So I shall intersperse some of the photos of my makes through this post as I tell you some news, then wrap up at the end when you may have guessed what the good and the bad is ….

ooh la la leggings

So, let’s take you on a newsflash diversion.  In news related to running leggings, I’ve gone  and entered a marathon.  Yes, you heard right.  A marathon in October (Bournemouth).  You see, how it came about was like this….I was planning my next few months’ goals with my trainer (Simon at Vibe Fitness – hello if you are reading!) & as I may have already mentioned I’ve a place in the Great North Run (a half marathon) in September.  He said “Have you ever thought about doing a marathon?” to which I knew that ask me that question a year or more ago I would have said “No Way!” very strongly (no fruity language though, I would not speak to Simon that way).  But somehow when he asked, I couldn’t automatically dismiss it.  It took me a day before I told people at work “I’m thinking I might enter a marathon”, a few more days and I was saying, “I’m probably going to enter a marathon” and then last Friday I made the commitment and entered – *for real*, then phoned my friend and squealed down the phone at her before hitting the vino!

ooh la la leggingsWhy?  Well, the last year has seen me knock spots off my former casual running form and I feel more serious about running.  I’ve had six months of personal bests at half marathon and 10ks and I enjoy it more now than I don’t enjoy it.  It makes me feel good about myself, not just the exercise and the endorphins, but the sense of achievement.  I do really enjoy reading books by people about running, such as “What I talk about when I talk about running“, by Haruki Murakami, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall (not that they made me want to run marathons I should hasten to add – I think I just felt like I belonged to this “running world” and engaged with what they were writing about.  I was recommended these books by non runners though, don’t think they are the preserve of gel eating lycra clad blister bearing pavement pounding freaks).  But that doesn’t answer the question – why a marathon?

ooh la la leggingsInside them leggings

I know it’s going to be hard, running for at least 4.5 hours and all the training that will involve.  But I have the time, and it’s a new goal to focus on.  The sense of achievement will be immense.  That’s what I need to keep in mind.  I have days of pure fear when I think about it, the reality of it, the thought that I’ve “only ever”! run 13.2 miles.  The thought a friend who’s run marathons before told me, that you can get to something like 16 miles “and still have another 10” to get around.  What kind of silly distances are those?  You’ve run over half way round, but you still have double figure mileage to go!!  However, I believe I can do it.  I believe that it will take up more of my weekend with the long runs, but that I can create a plan with space and time for running and still have a full on sewing and blogging life!  Honest!  Most of all I can visualise myself as a “marathon runner”.  Funnily enough friends & family I tell who do not run are not that surprised.  Maybe there is some kind of inevitability they detected, knowing me & how I am …?

piping ooh la la leggingsSo there.  That’s my crazy legs getting even crazier and what about my me made leggings?  What’s to say?  Did you like the way that the blue pair have two shades of blue: the navy yoke and the royal blue legs? I was curious and now know they look a tad “super man”  Not quite as superman as this, but nevertheless, the yoke is almost like wearing my pants on the outside.  I deliberately made them long enough & a little wider around my ankles to gather around them.  There’s also a quick & dirty inner pocket for safety pinning a key to.

ooh la la leggingsThe red ones? I like the theory of a red pair of capri running leggings.  So I cut them shorter and worked out the target length once I had all but completed them.  Check out the piping though!  This was gifted to me by Karen at Didyoumakethat.  It’s reflective  & sporty and I thought a *really cool* way to showcase the seamlines.  I also used my overlocker’s piping foot which worked like a dream.  Seriously, if you have a piping foot, use it – the stitching gets perfectly close & even to the piping.  I’m not saying my first application by piping foot is consistent however- but it turns out that doesn’t matter because I am not recommending using non stretch piping with leggings that are supposed to stretch.  Did you guess that it was the red leggings that were the fail?  Did you work out that the piping (being non stretch) makes me feel like I am tied up like a parcel every time I bend my legs – those simple movements that propel the body across the ground when one wants to run.

Sadly this means the reds are duff.  But I have worn the blue pair a lot.  I was wearing them at the end of the winter actually – great fabric, fab bright colour.  They fit well, do not fall down in the body and are nice and running-suitable.  If it gives the person behind me a laugh to see my fake pants, then that’s a bonus!

34 thoughts on “Giving the runaround to my Ooh La La Leggings

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Jane, thank you sooo much. It was like a massive rally of motivational support reading first your comment and then others left by such gorgeous people. It helps!!!! Thank you xx

  1. MrsC (Maryanne)

    Ooooh, congratulations, what an amazing woman you are – taking the challenge by the short and curlies!! Yes, noone else is that surprised because it was always going to come to this. But impressed and inspired by you nevertheless!
    Opps re piping. It made me immediately wonder, how to make stretchy piping then? Lycra wrapped over 2mm bungy elastic? Hmmm. xoxo

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Coo, thanks Mrs C!
      Stretchy piping does exist because rtw sportswear uses it……conundrum for the DIY ers amongst us- I too have wondered what the ‘core’ would be….

  2. Marie

    I love both pairs of running pants and I’m so sad the reds are duffs…they look so good on you! I think you’re so awesome in every way and I’m in total admiration of your running progress, so much so that I’m almost inspired to give running a second chance. I know that doesn’t sound like I’m being serious, but ‘almost inspired’ is a pretty big deal for me! On the marathon front – you can totally do it Winnie, no doubt about it!xxx

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      You never know Marie, it might work out for you now, but then running isn’t the right thing for everyone….I’ve a friend who’s tried at many stages in her life and has reconciled to the fact that other forms of exercise work better for her. But I will give you all the support I can to get running—- I see so many people take up running and then go on to do all sorts of great things 🙂

  3. Emma Jayne

    I think you may have invented the next big thing in running since barefoot. “Non-stretch piping resistance training”

    On a more serious note – great blue leggings… I’m piping across to Tissu now to check out this lesser spotted sportswear fabric!

  4. Ginger

    Girl! You can do it! I’m so excited for you! And your new leggings are so cute– I’ve had me eye on this pattern for some time, and you’re seriously tempting me!

  5. Teri

    You go girl! I have completed two halves, but have not, and probably won’t do a marathon…..I did sign up for a triathlon on Aug. 10th. Way excited about it.

  6. Shelly

    I love both red and blue pairs – shame the piping made the red ones uncomfortable to wear tho. But then fake pants definitely makes me smile 🙂 Just imagine what all those people watching your butt must be thinking. Funny!

    A marathon!! Good on you for entering, I’m sure you’ll do really well.

  7. Debbie

    Both pairs look great – what a shame the red didn’t work out. And wow – big congrats on being able to put in for a marathon. Exciting to follow your journey 🙂
    I am adding this pattern to my want to sew list….

  8. Adrienne

    If I can run a marathon, anyone can run a marathon! Most certainly you!! There is not a shaddow of a doubt in my mind that you will successfully complete this marathon. If you apply even half the hard work and dedication we’ve seen from you this fall and winter, this will only be the beginning of a long marathon career!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Well, adrienne, you are actually an inspiration and somewhere in my mind the awesome commitment you’ve made, whilst moving and all has to have started a seed of something in my subconscious. Thank you for your encouragement, I think you know the words that help!!

  9. Lauren

    I’ve had my hot little hands on this pattern for a minute now, and I’m dyyying to sew it up (have the fabric and everything!) and here you are tempting me with not one but TWO pairs of leggins!! Stooooop!!

    Also – yay for your upcoming marathon!! That is SO awesome and you are gonna kick butt and take names, yeah? 😀

  10. Barb

    Way to go Winnie, you can totally destroy that marathon! You have the right mindset of commitment, hard work and determination to run 26 miles (gulp, sounds huge to a non-runner but I could drive it no prob!). Look forward to accompanying you on your journey… from my sofa with a beer in hand obviously!!!

  11. Siobhan

    Good luck! I live with a virgin marathoner (3 weeks to go) and although she won’t let me sew her any training pants, nor shoe bow-ties, I can assure you that she’s (obsessively) loving the build up to it.

  12. Rebecca

    I think the red ones, particularly with the piping, would be cute as running boy-shorts, in fact. I am very excited about Bournemouth for you, Winnie. That’s so cool. x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Rebecca! You are a genius! How come I didn’t think of that …..I will shorten them today & then give them a trial – thank you!! Sometimes the obvious solution is clouded by being too close to it!

  13. Liz

    Your tights, both pairs look fabulous, pity the red aren’t comfortable though, although from the above it seems you will hack them into shorts, good-o! Well done on the marathon sign up, you can totally do it, you certainly seem to have the right mindset and they reckon that is the biggest hurdle. You are a running inspiration, now to get my arse to the gym!

  14. Juli

    Oh my gosh! These look fantastic – those blue ones are especially amazing! I’ve had this pattern on my “patterns to buy” list for soooooooooo long, and I do need some new workout pants, so I might finally have to purchase it, haha! Good luck on your upcoming marathon and training – that’s so exciting! 🙂

  15. Alessa

    Yay for fun leggings! I really like the look of the red with the piping. Bummer that they don’t feel good. I’m wondering if you can buy stretch piping? If not, I guess you could make some with lycra and elastic cord…

    Also, kudos for entering a marathon. With all the running you do, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish, and it’s such a great accomplishment! Good luck with it!

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