Me Made May, update #3

So this batch of outfits ALL fall into the leisure category as I was on a week off 🙂

You will see though that the weather was not warm enough for summer dresses, regrettably, except the one….

May 12th

May 12 13

Packed & ready to go.  I’m wearing:

May 13th

I had the most awesome coastal path run in the morning – sadly no pics of me wearing anything me made, but I was wearing a me made running top.  It has now become my favorite ever run, every kink & cove made me want to run just a little bit further to see what was round the next corner.  Breathtaking & to be repeated as often as I can get there!

However, moving on, you’re getting two pics today to show you that my Sewaholic Robson Trench was packed (when usually I would have opted for a more scruffy coat option) & my silk scarf has also been well used, all this month it has to be said.  I was grateful for my coat (again its windproof fabric) as this was the fairest day & it went downhill from here ( And on this day it was very windy – the salty windy air has started to style my hair akin to epic David Lynch proportions)

May 13 13

And underneath all that:

May 13 13

I have made a heartwarming discovery: my Dad is a scruffy badger convert.  He loves taking photos, particularly of people.  However, he never has willing subjects….until now.  Throughout my stay he became my “David Bailey”, directing shots & chortling as he encouraged my foolishness.  The 15th May was all his idea ….& I love it 🙂

May 14th

The epic trip to Truro.  A bus journey there in the rain (& back!).  My Robson Trench firmly belted up & umbrella suitably borrowed & opened, we had a fab shopping spree  to conclude with Truro fabrics (results of which you have seen here).

May 14 13

I’m wearing (in front of my parents’ developing Wisteria & check out the salty quiff – it’s real, no hair products used):

May 15th

Imagine the scene: the AA mechanic is literally on his way to deliver & install a new car battery.  He drives up to his customer’s house to find an insane scene being photographed:

May 15 13

I’m wearing:

May 16th

OK, so the fun was over.  The next two days I had decorating planned.  But starting with the smallest room possible to warm up my painter’s muscles & get acclimatised to the smell of oil based paint & white spirit,  the bathroom was the victim.  O room of mildewed corners.

May 16 13-001

I confess that I did not wear me mades to get paint splattered in.  But, this is what I wore when not in decorating togs & to buy a ladder, among other things.

May 17th

Less of the day was in ill-fitting & not warm enough decorating clothes.  But.  Sadly I was cold (don’t you find that decorating is always cold work – something to do with having all the windows open to keep the air flow to its maximum?).  Anyway, this is a picture I regret.  But in the interest of the daily documentation, there is no way around showing it in all its glory.  I was cold, OK?

May 17 13I’m wearing:

May 18th

So, painting done to plan, the final part of my week off involves a house guest.  Oh my, does this house guest have an infinite capacity for play?  I hope I have worn him out …finally….maybe….

may 18 13-001

I’m wearing:

May 19th

A day in the garden, pruning, admiring the bluebells & apple blossom & lots of frisbee throwing for my house guest.  Today’s forecast promised more heat than actually emerged.  I embraced the promise & whipped out a summer dress with desperation to wear it.  As with many of my me made clothes, even those I made last summer, I am disappointed in them as my body shape has changed, slimmed down, reduced its lumps & bumps & nearly everything is too big, this dress included.  In theory I could alter its darts, take in the side seams perhaps….

May 19 13

 I’m wearing:

I have to confess that an intention for Me Made May was to wear make up every day….not that I wear a lot, but it was about making more of an effort.  Yikes.  I haven’t.  Out of these pics here, I wore make up once, to Truro.  You see I don’t wear make up at the weekends, it’s more of a going out/ work thing.  It seems that it’s going to stay that way….but other intentions are on track – this challenge is certainly making me think about what I wear & put together each day.

34 thoughts on “Me Made May, update #3

  1. Rachel

    Love, love, love! These photos are great! Your excitement at going on holiday is positively palpable in the first one. I find it so sweet how you write about your parents, you obviously have a very special relationship with them. Shame that your clothes no longer fit as you’d like – a happy side effect is that you look great! Thank you for the pep talk on my blog – I hadn’t thought about resting in other non-running spheres as well. I will definitely take that advice on board. Half is on Sunday…. 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I think the Ellie dress has to stay too…
      I think they coordinate as I’m better at sticking to certain colours when I buy fabric. I’m now reaping the rewards …

  2. Roisin

    Your happiness is contagious, I’m sitting here at my desk smiling like a loon at these photos! I especially love the salty quiff. You’re too cute for words, Scruffy one. Anyway on the subject of make-up – I don’t think it counts if you’re on holiday and in relaxation mode, and you’re looking so vibrant and full of life in these photos that make-up isn’t a consideration at all.

  3. Alessa

    Lovely outfits and fun photos! And I’m a big fan of knee socks when it’s cold… 🙂
    I love the photo from day 14, it has a bit of a Mary Poppins vibe going and I really like the hair and glasses.

  4. Barb

    Wow, I don’t even know where to start. An amazing week’s worth of outfits and your dad’s photos are fab, great fun! Love the over-the-knee socks, this is an underrated look that you could single handedly bring back into fashion. The culottes are so original and a good choice for undertaking car repairs; maybe the AA could look into providing these for their mechanics?? The elephant dress is gorgeous, definitely worth taking in. And you certainly don’t need make-up – you look radiant. Nothing like a trip to the seaside to lift the spirits!

    ps the trashy slip looks suspiciously like something we had to make in needlework…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh yes, the needlework 3rd year sewing project ….this doesn’t have French seams though Barb! (I’m sure you remember having to do those!)
      I wonder if the AA will adopt culottes as summer uniform? Interesting thought!

  5. Roobeedoo

    Your grin is contagious! And the concept of a “salty quiff” cracks me up! 😀
    Red and grey. That’s a combination I haven’t got my teeth into but it really works. Culottes! Have you seen Top Notch’s cord culottes using the latest Megan Nielsen pattern? Very you!
    Thanks for your energy and inspiration!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      You have made me grin too with your comment, Roo!
      So, cord Tania culottes hey? I’m making some drapey Tanias….shhhhh! Not finished yet. I hadn’t thought about non drape fabric as they seem to be a flirty whirly type of shape. Interesting. Will have to check them out.

  6. Sølvi

    Looks like you´re having a wonderful time! And all your wonderful creations are really inspiring! I adore the petticoat peeking out from under the Traveller dress. We miss you in the Flickr group – but seeing your photos all at once like this, I am sure not to have missed some of your wonderful creations! 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      It was a lovely week off & the outfits to match reflected leisure & that’s nice to look back on. More leisure to take pics too ….even if not to take part in Flickr.

  7. Sarah

    Winnie, did you know you can get a water based equivalent of gloss paint? Looks the same (ok, very marginally less glossy), has the same purpose BUT doesn’t stink and give you a headache, and you can clean the brushes after the same as emulsion (I.e. water and soap).

    You are the right person to answer my sewing question! Where do I source good quality material to make non-see through leggings? I don’t run like you, but I do Zumba and really really need some new leggings – can’t find the right fabric locally.


    Sarah of Sew Drastic!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks for the paint tip – I think I did end up getting some of the less solvent based paint. What a relief!

      In terms of non see through leggings I’m trying to think about where I’ve bought jersey – mainly at Birmingham Rag Market for cotton based/ viscose jersey. For running leggings I use Tissu fabrics – they stock a huge amount of jersey, & the running leggings is medium weight, man made & sweat-wicking. I’m not sure if that’s what you are looking for?

      1. Sarah

        Thanks Winnie, I’ve just gone and found Tissu Fabrics online. I will work my way through their catalogue. Wish I could get to Birmingham Rag Market – I get there every now and again with work, but never have time to do any shopping 🙁

        Sarah @ Sew Drastic!

  8. Philippa

    I always love your holiday wardrobe posts and this one was a cracker! You were so well colour co-ordinated all the way through and perfectly dressed for the weather. Looks as though you had a great time!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Aww, thanks Philippa, it was a fun holiday. I think I pack carefully as I’d hate to be accused of taking too much with me, but, fearful for unknown weather conditions I try to pack with options …which means sticking to a colour scheme really.

  9. Christine

    What a fantastic week of snaps and outfits! You and your Dad should definitely collaborate as often as possible. I can see where you get your silly streak from. Does he model clothes too?

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