Simplicity 2154: a spring outfit

Do you think that Spring is in the air yet?  In anticipation I decided to gently coax it in by taking some pretty floral (furnishing) fabric & making it into a pencil skirt.  I was sorely tempted to use the By Hand Charlotte skirt pattern as it has to be my fave skirt pattern, but resisted as I felt that Simplicity 2154, being on my desert island list of patterns needed a trial (especially as I noted it too had double darts which I like).

Before I go into the skirt in anymore detail, you might notice from the pics that I also made the cardigan from the same pattern out of some knitted fabric.  More on that below.

Simplicity 2154Thought you’d enjoy seeing my first badly framed shot – but it’s the only one of my new shoes!!

So I whipped it up pretty quickly, didn’t read the instructions & inserted a back zip before realising that is was a side zip pattern (I prefer back zips anyway).  And just before attaching the waistband I remembered how much a lining adds to the feel of a skirt, exuding that secret bit of quality.

Sadly I haven’t taken pics of the lining, it’s emerald green, satin, & yes it feels l-o-v-e-r-l-y when wearing it!  I made it quite a lot shorter than the pattern suggests, & it resulted in no vent being required at the back – well that was a relief as it meant I didn’t have to fiddle with the lining & skirt at the vent 😉

Wearing this skirt makes me hark back to my sixth form/ uni days, as this was the kind of thing I used to love wearing – big chintzy florals, appropriated into clothing (I even made myself some baggy short dungarees in chintz, envy away!)   So, this look is casual, hence wearing it & not even tucking my t-shirt in (shock!)  (By the way the t-shirt is my Nora tee).

Onto the cardigan now.  I made this a while ago & can report that it’s a useful item & so much quicker than knitting a cardigan I can tell you!!!  Absolutely no ripping out hahahaha!  It was a quick make too (mostly overlocked), & I liked its construction (although I did insert the sleeve flat, contrary to the instructions).

It has a neck band but its hem is just a turned hem.  The button band (both sides) is grosgrain ribbon & really neat.  This means that even sewing buttonholes is achievable & not too challenging.

Simplicity 2154Before adjustments

I took quite a bit of length off the cardigan  & also nipped it in slightly at the waist, as this is a very boxy style.  I used buttons in three colours that are the same flower shape (aaah!)

How does this compare to a real knitted cardigan then?  Well, the sleeves are wider, I’d possibly narrow them next time.  But tell you what, get the shape right & this is a useful wardrobe addition for the gal who doesn’t want to buy rtw.

I am now trialling another cardigan pattern, more on that when I’m done.  🙂

So, I think I’m loving Simplicity 2154 even more now I’ve now made three of the four garments.  Just the jacket left ….

Happy Easter everyone, hope you enjoy the lovely long weekend ….

46 thoughts on “Simplicity 2154: a spring outfit

  1. Vicki Kate

    Love the outfit (& your shoes!). Knit cardigans sound like my cup of tea as I am so slow at actual proper sticks and wool knitting!

  2. Katy

    Your skirt and cardigan look great – I love the floral fabric. The adjustments to your cardigan make it much better – the sort of adjustment I would make!

  3. Sam

    Lovely skirt Winnie (and cardi and shoes!). I think we’re the same age, and I can definitely relate to wearing prints similar to that in my 6th form days! I didn’t have chintzy shorts dungarees, but I had trousers. I wouldn’t go down the chintzy trouser route again, but I’d definitely be up for a lovely bold floral skirt.

        1. LinB

          Hey! I’ve got two pairs of chintzy trews on the cutting board right now, for summer Happy Pants! Don’t be judging the Happy Pants, y’all.

  4. Stevie

    Lovely outfit! I was never enamoured when that pattern came out but your is a much nicer modern take out it. Plus I could do with a better cardigan pattern. By the way I love the fabric you used for your skirt! x

  5. Roobeedoo

    Cardigan! CARDIGAN! This is exactly what I need to make / wear. Simple, stylish, detailed, adaptable… But I will control myself until I see your NEXT one, in case it is even better… though how could it be?
    And the skirt – such a “staple” with a quirky edge. Emerald lining you say…? 😀

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you, Roo, and yes, wait for the next cardigan, it’s working out well too. Hurrah, maybe knitting for me is destined to be smaller pieces now I have no need to knit cardigans!!! 🙂
      Sooo much quicker 🙂

  6. ClaireE

    I love the cardigan and the buttons! When I get an overlocker, I will definitely try this. Perfect timing for the outfit as the sun seems to be making an appearance today – hopefully a sign of things to come.

  7. Clippedcurves

    I’m usually running in the opposite direction from anything pink and floral but the grey tones it down to very wearable levels. About two darts – would you say they make for a better fitting skirt? Also is that why you prefer a back zip to a side one? (Can you tell I’m trying to pick a good skirt pattern and avoid the trial and error?!)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I think that two darts fit me better, and I don’t know why, but I do prefer a back zip. Maybe the silhouette is more predictable, i think side zips sometimes look a bit stiffer on the zip side compared to the other, but invisible zips might reduce that. It’s all personal preference I think, but this is a useful little pattern with lots of coordinates including the top and the jacket as well as this skirt and cardigan, baragainalicious!!

  8. Tamsin W-P

    Hi Winnie, great outfit – I love the material for the skirt. The cardi seems to go with a lot of items in your wardrobe – a winner! where, out of interest, did you get the material for it – I keep looking for sweater type knits in order to copy a cardi of mine that Husband says I shouldn’t wear anymore! (worn through elbows and buttons falling off…)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Tamsin
      I got the cardigan fabric in Abakhan, in the Manchester shop. I have recently purchased some more expensive ‘knitted’ fabric from Ditto though, in a lovely green…….

  9. Philippa

    What a lovely spring outfit! I have often thought about sewing knitwear. I think this cardigan gives a very good result. I will look forward to seeing how you do with your next one, too.

  10. sallie

    Pretty! I love the whole outfit! Looks really versatile. And I’m always curious about sewing cardigans since I don’t knit! This one looks like it could be a good place to start.

  11. Kacie

    Great outfit! The print and fit of your skirt is beautiful. I have two pencil skirts in my UFO stack and have no idea why I haven’t finished them yet. Hopefully they’ll turn out as lovely as yours when I finally get around to them!

  12. LinB

    Happy Easter! What is more versatile than a gray cardigan, in a plain-ish knit? Love your version. Love the “mismatched” buttons — well, love any button that isn’t round, even if they’d been color matched. Am currently wrestling a blazer made of upholstery brocade through my machine, for Sunday best — mint green with ivory boxes, each box containing a tea-rose pink flower. Not my usual style, either blazer or dainty brocade … but if we don’t branch out a bit, we’ll never bloom.

    1. LinB

      Wonderful holiday. Hideous, hideous wadders, both blazer and skirt. Which DH kept dragging out of the garbage and putting back on hangers for me. “They look so good on the hanger. Are you sure you can’t fix whatever is wrong?” No. No, I could not. At 2 a.m. on the Saturday before Easter, I decided that I could live quite happily without a mint-green ensemble. As it was, half the church chose to wear coral, and the other half was in turquoise — very pretty as seen from my perch in the choir loft

  13. Kelly

    Fantastic outfit, especially that skirt! It is so flattering. That pattern is on my to-sew list too, and may have moved up a few places after seeing your version!

  14. LLBB

    Beautiful new skirt! Looks like great transitional colors. The whole outfit looks easy & simple but still fun! (Love those bright blue buttons on your navy beignet too!)

  15. Steph A

    I love the shape of the skirt, and the fabric is soooo lovely! Pale grey is one of my favourites. Your cardi is really neat, it’s exactly the kind of piece I need for a basic wardrobe. Beautiful!!

  16. debbie

    Lovely outfit, glad to see the old Nora tee still being worn 🙂
    I am eagerly waiting for the next cardigan, thus one looks good to me! I have a couple of Ottobre patterns for sewing cardigans but have never found fabric. I like the skirt – a little bit of floral chintz is a fab look, I used to sport a pair of hiome made chintz trousers back in my youth! xx

  17. Shelley

    Sweet outfit, Winnie!! This cardi is already my go-to, but you’re reminding me that I need to make more, AND to explore the other pieces in this pattern further. Looking forward to seeing the other cardigan pattern you’re working on. Details, details!!

  18. Aleksandra

    I am IN LOVE with your cardigan! Shelley (comment above) pointed me here after I showed interest in her version. I can’t wait to run out and get this pattern. The three-color button detail is so sweet, too. I might steal that idea along with some of your alteration suggestions. 😀 Perfect!

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  22. PsychicKathleen

    Love your cardigan! I had cotton knit one that I literally wore out and had to stop wearing and I’ve been searching ever since for another to replace it and haven’t been able to find one just as nice so I’m thinking I’ll just have to make one! Seeing yours here has given me hope that I can actually do that. Gorgeous. You’ll get tons of wear out of it I’m sure.


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