Polka Dot Frock Fest: New Look 6000

I have spied some wondrous New Look 6000 Polka Dot Frocks coming out of the woodwork.  Take this one here by  Sue at Sewin’ Steady & this one also by Pixie Sam at a Little of What you Fancy ….I suspect there might be a last minute flurry of February activity.

I am keeping my eyes peeled on the Polka Dot Frock Fest Flickr Group ready & waiting …I am looking forward to doing a round up post before I update the gallery, but first, I have finally finished my very own New Look 6000 to show you.

polka dot NL6000

I thought I would show you the finished pics today, & then present another post explaining how I got myself out of rushing headlong into lining without thinking through the order, or looking up any advice (typical me!)  later this week, in case it can help anyone else.

Now remember I’ve made this for an April wedding (untypically this February challenge meant that I didn’t leave the making until the last minute!  Nice feeling !)

polkadotfrock new look 6000

It’s made out of a sort of crepe de chine (polyester) that I bought at the Birmingham Rag Market & is the same used for my Eliza M Pussy Galore blouse.  I sewed them in parallel which was handy, same thread on the machine, two garments on the go at the same time.  When I had to pause sewing this dress due to zip inadequacies, it meant I could go ahead & sew the blouse with minimum fuss!

So I chose to make View A with the side gathers & cap sleeves.  I may make the fabric rose to attach for the wedding itself, but for now here it is.  You’ll notice that my gathers are on the right, not left side, this is because the front piece is cut as a whole (not on the fold) & I got my right/wrong side of fabric in reverse to what I should have!

polkadotnl6000 1

I’ve lined it with mustard polycotton to hopefully give it more structure & make it comfy to wear.  It also dispenses with the need for facings (hurrah!)  (I used the plain darted front to make the lining with the same back piece).


I even found some red spotty ribbon to make bra-strap holders 🙂

So I fitted this dress as I went along, not really sure how this gathered waist would work.  How can it produce the right shape for girly lumps & bumps when it sits on one side only at the waist?  I clearly need to go on a dart manipulation crusade & I might have a chance of understanding.  For now though, I trusted & tried.  I was keen for it not to have too much ease though as the gathers over the stomach might have appeared balloony?  I therefore made it a bit smaller in the bust & hips than my last New Look 6000, which is pretty roomy.

Therefore when I could at last wear it, I felt it needed to be put through its paces, albeit gently, no hoovering to be done in this frock!

polkadot new look 6000

It’s a very close fit at the back, I’ve just about nailed the right size for my back.  It’s a shame that the sleeve lining is poking out though.  The zip?  Now a 22″ & that’s not too long I tell you.  I used a lapped zipper (like I describe here) but you can bet the first time the 14″ zip went in SO perfectly.  The 22″ zip, of course, did not behave, resulting in a couple of unpickings.

polka dot new look 6000

Oh look!  We’ve a visitor!  She’s returned to rekindle the original Frock Fest.  And she’s still got a thing for botany ….

Look I’m using some more of Marie‘s vintage lace from her Watch This Lace project to finish off the lining with style.

polka dot new look 6000 -001

Now the thing is, I’ve got these white shoes (vintage Bally T-bars) but absolutely nothing else to wear with it: no handbag, & no jacket.  I am currently trawling Pinterest for inspiration for what needs to be the right kind of 60s style jacket.

polka dot new look 6000 6I’m hoping to make it out of something I’ve already got in my stash, so look forward to canvassing your views to help me shortlist my options.

polka dot new look 6000

Phew, I can bend forward & water “that” plant with out any over exertion on the seams!!  “Love Train” here I come!!!

So that’s me & my Polka Dot Frock!  Let me know when you’re there & ready to show off yours.  My blog hosting doesn’t always pick up incoming links, so I I can’t rely on that guiding me to your makes – just let me know in a comment & I’ll come visiting 🙂

58 thoughts on “Polka Dot Frock Fest: New Look 6000

  1. Jo

    Ah love it! I’ve left it too late to go with the gathers – what with short waist adjustments, I’m not going to fiddle around this week, and am doing the darted version instead – but yours works SO WELL with the polkadots, there may have to be a round two once Feb’s finished! Brilliant outfit all round, and I’m still in awe of the advance planning too!

  2. Suzie

    Beautiful! And I would say you have the fit spot on (whoops, unintentional pun there!). And I love your photos, they always give me a good giggle!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Lynne! The sleeves are so much nicer than I even considered – if it hadn’t been for this challenge I might never have given them a second thought – but I love them!

  3. Marie

    Oh Winnie, what a lovely little dress! It fits you perfectly and it will look just right for a wedding outing…love the lace hem too of course ;o) I’m so sorry I couldn’t join in with this challenge…darned lack of time!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Marie, it was good to have an occasion to make it up for & now thinking about the whole outfit I somehow can’t get the wig out of of my mind (with some kind of white feathered fascinator & a white lace veil thingy!) Promise that’s not going to happen though!

  4. Sam

    I LOVE your version! The waist gathers and cap sleeves are super flattering and I adore the red and white polka dots. Gorgeous!

    I can see a cap sleeved version in my future for the summer.

  5. IngeMaakt

    I love it! It’s very prety, and the combination with that shoes is just perfect. The fit looks great too, no poofing belly. I hope I can finish mine in the next weekend. That’s not february anymore, but I started it in february and that will just have to do 🙂

  6. Roobeedoo

    Perfect! Especially with that hair! 😉
    You look utterly French! What is French for badger?
    “Blaireau” apparently… but ooh ooh ooh did you know the French verb “to badger” is “Tarabuster”? Love it! I am going to call you Tara Buster from now on!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      When I saw your comment Roo I couldn’t stop smiling!! Yet another alias (as if I don’t have enough!) I love it!! Tara Buster is so smile worthy & knowing Badger in French? Not something I ever covered in French Vocab at school – why ever not?!?!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Debbie, she couldn’t resist or disappoint…..all that dust the wig had been gathering needed a big shake out & a spot of fun – not that watering plants is particularly worthy of a party mind you ……

  7. sylkotwist

    This is gorgeous, very ‘Spring’ a dress of hope and warm weather to come! You look brilliant. I wish I’d thought about the seasons before starting my ‘wintery’ version, doh. Nearly there, by the skin of my teeth I think I’ll do it!

  8. sylkotwist

    Wow, Lovely! Utterly perfect for a Spring wedding. I’m cracking on, though there is vast amount of unpicking going on right now, you have spurred me on!

      1. scruffybadgertime Post author

        Ooh, so sorry – it’s my over active spam filter – it takes “educating” before it knows to recognise proper comments. So thank you for taking the time to write twice!! And lovely comments too. Good luck with yours …

  9. Manju

    Winnie you look fab! The dress colour is gorgeous and so are the shoes. I have been lazy and not put any pics on your Flickr group….I will! I think your version with those sleeves is a great option to wear with a cardi too! X

  10. Kbenco

    Your dress is so fresh and beautifully fitted. It looks very smart, but also festive for a wedding, the polka dots are just fun. I love the secret pretty details of the spotty strap keepers and lace hem .

  11. MichelleL

    I love your red polka dots! Thanks for the inspiration, I have posted my photos on Flickr, while not technically polka dots if you squint hard enough it might pass, I made the look with all the bells and whistles for my first NL 6000. Next time I’ll take some time to fit shoulders and back a little closer. The fabric is a brushed back satin which drapes very nicely and is a nice weight for our fast approaching autumn.(.total cost $20au)

  12. Beklet

    Awesome! I have managed a double fail on this…first of all, I thought I wouldn’t be partaking…then my Mr commented that he thought I’d look nice in a fitted polka dot dress (he was somehow inspired by that advert with the split screen chef in one side, woman in kitchen in the other….), and the Fabric Man was in town, so I bought some lovely stretch cotton polka dot fabric (sadly in black, I wanted GREEN), and I was all excited, only to find my local shop had no New Look 6000s as they were in the process of being restocked after a takeover. Argh.

  13. Tania

    Lovely red polka dots!
    I’ve nearly finished my version; if I get off t’interwebs now it might even be officially finished in February! Won’t be posted for another few days… but it’s on its way 🙂

  14. MariaDenmark

    Oooh, it’s fabulous! I just got some poplin just like that to make a blouse with this week-end (Unfortunately I got ill, again, and had to leave the fitting seminar and place myself on the couch. So it will have to wait). Love your poses as always:-)

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