Polka Dot Frock Fest Flickr Group

Hey all, Fancy checking out an early Polka Dot Frock?

Manju at SewManju has created this darling version here

She has chosen to make the pleated-waist version (like I am going to make) but with 3/4 length sleeves.  Go & visit to see how she’s given it a bit of edge with yellow details & her method for grading up.  It’s so well explained. Thanks Manju for such a great example of why I love this dress….inspiring!!

I know that I’m a bit slow in coming to the conclusion that we need somewhere to gratify our instant craving to check out dots, dresses & good ol’ New Look 6000!  No need to wait for me to get “the next update post” up, why not head over to Flickr & upload & enjoy.  If you have a blog post relating to it, you can also make the link in Flickr & we can all come & check it out.

Polka Dot Frock Fest Flickr Group

I’ve set it up so that you need to ask to become a member (wasn’t sure if this was wise, but this is how Zoe manages Me Made months & it seems to work!  So, even if you are not ready to upload anything yet, just find the link to request membership & you’ll all be ready in Flickr).  I still plan to make periodic update posts, so don’t worry if you don’t use Flickr, just leave me a link in comments & I will scoop in updates as well as adding every now & then to the NL6000 gallery.

On other FrockFest news, it seems that Jaycotts are out of stock of New Look 6000 for now.  But you could try over at Habithat, New Look patterns are half price.

And finally thanks again to Adrienne at All Style & Substance who helped me by providing a useable code for the blog badge if you wish to use it & were having problems.

Here are two versions this is Adrienne’s

<a href=”http://scruffybadgertime.co.uk/search/label/nl6000″><img src=”http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i374/Scruffybadgerti/Polkadotfrockfest_zpsaebfe6ba.jpeg” width=”190″ /></a>

Or My version – it seemed to work for me for WordPress, but who knows!!  I clearly need to start reading my Css/Html book!

<a href=”http://scruffybadgertime.co.uk/search/label/nl6000″><img src=” http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i374/Scruffybadgerti/Polkadotfrockfest_zpsaebfe6ba.jpeg “></a>


And you might be wondering what is Scruffy Badger up to?  Well, I’ve sewn the lining & cut out the dress, added tailor tacks.  Discovered that my gathered waist will fall on the opposite side due to cutting the pattern on the incorrect side of the fabric but I am not worried about that (unless I should be?!?!).  This weekend’s sewing productivity has been mainly in my head though.  With my long runs increasing (& a 10 mile race yesterday) I’ve just been plain cream crackered & have been reading by the fire rather more than usual.  (I even got the knitting out!!) Good news on the running front though, I’ve won a place in the ballot for the Great North Run in September so am mega excited about that – have heard so many wonderful things about the atmosphere & the race.

Tonight though I shall sew.  How are you all getting on?

8 thoughts on “Polka Dot Frock Fest Flickr Group

  1. Ginger

    What a cute dress! Don’t feel bad about not sewing much– get all the rest that you need! You’re so inspiring! I’m always impressed that you’re so healthy and active!

  2. Tempest

    Hi, I’m making version D. Keeping it simple because I’m having to grade up the pattern to a 20-24 and I’ve never graded up from a 16 before, usually 18 is the smallest I buy patterns….but this will teach me skills again….I’ve never been able to find vintage patterns in my size so any practice grading up is good for me. My fabric isn’t quite polka dot either (will I be thrown out of the gang?) as I’ve already made a red and white polka dot dress last autumn and fancied a sort of concentric circle/dotty fabric in a baby cord, so I’ve gone with that. Hope that’s ok. But it’s all fun 🙂

  3. Adrienne

    Oh congrats on winning a spot for that race, Winnie!

    I can sympathize with you, definitely. My distances are also increasing at the moment, as Stockholm Marathon approaches, and I’m finding that it’s simply impossible to get anything done after my Sunday long run. Just. Too. Tired.

    I hope the code is going to work for people. If not, I would advise to play with the quotation marks, as this seemed to have been the source for Blogger.


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