It’s February: start of Polka Dot Frock Fest

Wowzer people! Happy February & let’s fire the starting gun for Polka Dot Frock Fest ! I am flabbergasted by the number of you who are persuaded to join in with us making a version ( or similar ) of New Look 6000 in polka dots ( or with an element of polka dottage) somewhere!! There could be more than 20 of us if my comments are any indication, plus the Twitter gang who started it off!! You’re going to have to help me keep up to date if you are part of this & want to share – leaving me a comment/ links to posts is all good!

Just wanted to show the fabric I’m going to be using. A red and white polka dot ? Crepe de chine type ( cheap from Birmingham rag market) with a mustard lining in poly cotton.


I shall be making view A with cap sleeves and * the waist gathers*.

I have not cut it out yet, and am not sure at what point in February I shall make it. But I feel it’ll be a great wedding dress for April. [Note:In my last make I used bias facing for the neck – I won’t be in this one as the fabric is not robust enough, but then as I’m lining it, facing’s are history!! Score. ] But what about a jacket? Hmmmm. That might be something else that needs thinking up in March.

How are you getting on? Chosen fabric yet?

Here is the code for the badge if you want to use it.

<a href=”″><img src=” “></a>

[UPDATED ] OR if you have problems with it Adrienne of All Style and Substance has shared her adaptations to make it work on Blogger (if not other blog types)

<a href=”″><img src=”” width=”190″ /></a>


Happy FrockFesting !!


25 thoughts on “It’s February: start of Polka Dot Frock Fest

  1. Sam

    Love your fabric! I’ve got mine, its been in my stash since last summer. It’s a tan/brown background with purple dots, you can see a photo of it on my blog post today.

  2. Adrienne

    I’m off to fabric shopping for that right now! Will post the badge too. I look forward to seeing your dress.. and most of all what crazy picture concept you’ll come up with this time.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks adrienne, it might be ok for WordPress, but needs something for others. I’ll add your code to my page and hopefully others can find the right one to work!
      ( I’m such a HTML dinosaur )

  3. IngeMaakt

    You chose a pretty fabric, also love the combination with the mustard lining! My fabric is being prewashed right now, I chose a very soft, lightweight cotton in grey.

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  5. Shelley

    I actually gasped when I saw the pattern you chose, so I have to be in on this. Don’t have the pattern or fabric yet, but I would love to participate. Looking forward to seeing the beauty unfold.

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