Leopard Mini skirt: Vogue 1247

Here it is, my Vogue 1247 leopard print mini skirt made just before Christmas & worn on Christmas Day (evening – not on the slopes ha ha ha!).

I bought the fabric in Birmingham at the Fancy Silk Store blatantly copying Karen’s purchase of it.  Despite being weighed down by my earlier purchases, I could not resist, because believe it or not, I had a very similar skirt when I was 30 – except it was velvet & animal print & short & I had longer wavy hair.  I have searched for a photo to scan in, but alas, could not find any in the large boxes of “to be sorted” photos of my life before the arrival of digital cameras.   Anyway, straight off I knew that this was a Vogue 1247  – I bought the pattern for tunics for my friends, but the mini skirt was most definitely for me.  I hadn’t realised just how short it was though …

So I have seen a few fab versions already on the interweb.  And the pockets.  Oh the pockets are a legend & are what defines this skirt.  They are horizontal almost invisible hand pouches.  They are also finished in bias binding, which I was reassured to read in others’ reviews was not that big a deal to undertake.  I just couldn’t wait to get started & decreed that this was essential winter wear to go with my drafting top & would totally fit in with a capsule chalet winter wardrobe!

As I said the fabric is needlecord, but it’s not that thick considering it’s a winter skirt.  OK, so how warm is a mini skirt ever going to be?  But I felt a lining was needed to give it a bit more ooomph & because I just knew that it would make it more special.

Besides, this skirt will always be worn with tights or leggings & I could see the inside of the needlecord sticking to them & I didn’t have a slip this short!  To make the lining I had to engineer the pattern pieces to determine the final front & back shape & size & then add a bit of ease onto them.  I added pink rick rack to the lining’s hem.  Just because.

So, that’s the telling. Not really intending to bang on about it, but this really was short & I used bias to make the smallest hem I could.  And it is still short.  I would probably make it a bit longer in future.  But I LOVE it.  I was very wary of it being such a mini, but had no choice once I’d cut the pattern pieces out.  I had to bite the bullet & wear it.  I have not worn a mini since – err, my early 30s perhaps?

Women my age wear shorts & tights afterall, what’s the difference?  And with my OOh La La Leggings it just felt more like a “bum cover/ warmer” in the snowy Alps.  I am so pleased I made this skirt.

The Drafting Top is its perfect companion at the moment

The pockets really are special, I also like the cheeky pink lining & as a complete make it really is a favorite.  Now I made this in December so it doesn’t qualify for Pretty Grievances’ Jungle January….

so how much more animal print can a girl sew?  Watch this space!!!

35 thoughts on “Leopard Mini skirt: Vogue 1247

  1. Sam

    Love it! It looks great on you.

    I made that skirt pre-blog and luckily lengthened it quite a bit. Unfortunately I made the wrong fabric choice and used some quite thick suiting fabric – totally didn’t work with the pockets. I must make another one.

  2. Debbie

    I love the pink lining! I have ordered that pattern after seeing some of the tunics made up and the skirt made by Solvi and by you…I am looking forward to it arriving. The leopard print looks fab. xx

  3. Marie

    Animal print is the way forward Winnie ;o) I adore this skirt and the shorter length shows off your perfect pins in my opinion! I’m just gutted I didn’t see this fabric myself ;o)

  4. Roobeedoo

    It is fab! And it is not indecently short by a long way.
    I have been leopard-stalking recently. It was actually your belt that set me off, but I missed getting the same one in the sale due to prevarication! Maybe just a touch of leopard bias binding will satisfy the craving…!

  5. Lauren

    MEEE-OW! This is so great – the subtle leopard print, the itty-bitty length, and the hot freaking pink lining! Yes! The lining is like a party all on it’s own.

  6. Andrea

    This skirt is just great and that pink lining is the icing on the cake. Don’t worry about it being too short because, quite frankly, you are rocking that look. And is that a threat about more animal prints making an appearance in your wardrobe? Awesome!

  7. BeaJay

    Ooh I LOVE that fabric and what you have done with it. You know – you may have made it in December but surely if you are wearing it in January it can be part of the parade – it is a lovely example of animal print.

  8. Steph A.

    I LOVE it!! You look totally fabulous in the skirt, and it’s not too short at all. Lovely pink lining too!!
    Now I really want to make up one of these skirts, everyone I’ve seen looks sooo cute!

  9. Lizzie

    Your skirt looks fabulous! Somehow even though it is short and animal print you have completely avoided looking tarty – impressive in itself!!
    This pattern keeps cropping up everywhere I look and I love it. It must be a sign that I am meant to have it. But I am on a pattern embargo right now…what’s a girl to do?

  10. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Aww, you guys I’m doing a group reply because I’m stunned how many of you left a comment in the 24 hours or so after I’d posted (& then found myself too far away from my blog admin to reply individually)
    THANK YOU! I now don’t feel a tart with a leopard mini, I know that the pink lining was worth the effort making it & that animal prints are truly a secret ingredient to inner happiness.
    So lovely hearing from you all & for your reassurances….Maybe iI’ll go out in public with it on now 😉 (wearing my thigh high patent black stilleto boots & plenty of gold chains of course)

  11. Katy (Ioftheneedle)

    Love it! Love the fabric, funnily enough I did think it was maybe velvet when I first saw it (if you do ever find that print in velvet I’d love to know where you get it from!) And the lining is very snazzy. I wish I’d lined my own version of this skirt but its my first make so I’ll not be too hard on myself. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with for Jungle January! x

  12. kristindownie (aka quietandsmall)

    perfect!! it’s absolutely smashing!! i don’t think it’s too short at all, you have the legs and should rock them. also i’ve definitely seen a pushing 70 year old lady wear hot pants. to a hospital. my take, if you have the legs then do it!!

    also, isn’t it funny how a hot pink lining makes things so much more fun?

  13. M

    Hardly a mini! take that up a couple inches and we’re in business! In all seriousness, though, that is an excellent skirt. I love the choice of lining, and those pockets look SO well executed!

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