Jungle January Charlotte Skirt

At last, I am able to reveal my new fave skirt.  This is my second iteration of the adorable Charlotte Skirt, By Hand London.  Here is my first (very wearable & multi-occasional ).  This latest version was conceived way back in October when the Charlotte pattern was first released & Suzy & I met at the Birmingham Rag Market meet up.  Suzy was kind enough to give me this fabric which was left over after her awesome “Rock Chick Clovers” & the seed was sown….It is a velvet-like needle cord & has a stretchy element to it.  Lovely!  Nice & warm for the winter & should see me into Spring too.

It was “Jungle January”, the  challenge instigated by Annie at Pretty Grievances that willingly pushed this make higher up my list.  The aim, to cloak the interweb in animal print me-mades during January.  Here is mine….

jungle jan

See it?  No?  OK, I’ll come out a bit more…

jungle jan

Are you sure it’s safe to come out?  Ok, I’ll lose the disguise as well & show you a few looks for this skirt.  First of all, earlier this week, it frolicked with the other snow leopards & my fleece Renfrew  & Ooh La La Leggings

Charlotte snow-005

But then it melted & it was time to party- the downhill ice rink has retreated!!

I’m flinging pics at you because I haven’t much to add about the making.  It is a great pattern, I’ve told you before.  i love it.  I used the dental floss gathering method again, summarised in this lil collage below

2013_01_27 Jungle January Charlotte SkirtThat floss is as tough as you need it to be to get all that length of gathering done, & with fabric as thick as velvet-cord it needs to be heavy duty.  It’s really easy – just use a slightly wider zig zag than normal.


Here we are from behind- I didn’t use a concealed zipper again, purely because I didn’t have one …

JJ Charlotte 1

So I’m pleased with it – & it’s comfy as well as smart.  I still couldn’t bring myself to break the formula that I love & chose the hem not the peplum.  I’m sorry, just couldn’t do it!!

46 thoughts on “Jungle January Charlotte Skirt

  1. Andrea

    This sure looks like a very versatile skirt, and so cute, cute, cute! I especially like it with the lace tee and little heels, although the picture of you coming out from behind the plants is priceless!

  2. Helen

    This looks great! I’m in the middle of making a Charlotte myself! I was slightly scared if the ruffle but yours looks so nice, I might try it next time!

  3. Roobeedoo

    Hope you washed your face before you went out in that!
    So it’s fab – this is clear!
    And who knew that dental floss trick? Not me!
    But you do know you’re nuts don’t you? Yes? That’s OK then 😀

  4. LLBB

    Oh my gosh I love that silhouette on you!! I want to copy it — skirt sitting at natural waist, slim fitting, with ruffle (almost) to the knee. Fab! This looks so great on you and I really enjoyed your photos — especially the opening ones 🙂

  5. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Wow, peeps, thank you for your lovely comments -I won’t reply individually as this is loads of hearts for all of you!
    it really is a gorg skirt pattern! For something that looks like it should be only dressy I have to say that I wear it a lot at home too.
    And as for the fun shots – if I can’t use something called “Jungle January” to mess around with, then clearly I have failed. Glad to have brought the odd chuckle 🙂

  6. Amanda

    I’ve been reading you daily (or near so) for several months. And you never cease to put a smile on my face! Just thought I should finally comment and say so. Thanks for that. Love the skirt and your photography is so fun(ny).

  7. Lauren

    This is my favorite shoot (and skiiiirt!!) yet! You look like you’re totally channeling your inner Simon Le Bon with the jungley hat and face paint :DD Ahaha this just made my morning like a million times better.

  8. Shari

    Leopard and Lace, who knew what a great combo that would be until you created it! You bring joy to the sewing blog world with the most creative and fun photo shoots! 🙂

  9. Donna

    This is absolutely beautiful! I love it! And you Scruffy Badger crck me up 🙂
    Thankyou for always having such funny, lovely posts. xx

  10. missjoiedevivre

    As always, I don’t know what I love more – your garments or your photos! I love this, it looks so amazing on you. I have a feeling I’m going to end up with a lot of leopard garments soon, as I really want a pink leopard dress by the end of the year – but am accumulating multiple options of fabric!

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