Awesome tops!

This post is going to show off two new tops – one made by me, & one a wonderful gift that took me completely by surprise.

I shall showcase them in the context of the fun weekend we’ve just had in London going to the BoatShow.  Oh how I was tempted to don full nautical style, (you know, wide leg trousers, stripes, sailor’s cap & all) but I’m afraid the main reason that I didn’t was that it was too cold & I was trying to travel light.  (Stop booing from the wings you lot!) Oh how tempted was I also to make Gary a matching Breton style top so that he could also look the part.  Well, I tried, but that is another story and he was saved from having to turn me down by it not fitting & looking not right.  (But as an aside I had used Cal Patch’s instructions using two of his t-shirts to self draft a pattern as a surprise.  More work required, will show & tell when complete!  Rather a learning curve, in a good way)

So, the Boatshow was held in Docklands area, & involved some venturing near some iconic landmarks, (not visited by us before so that was exciting).

The O2 from above

The O2 from above

Very exciting indeed was taking the cable car across from the south to the north bank of the Thames, dropping us minutes away from the Boatshow itself.


So, using the backdrop of London here are some new tops that are getting plenty of wear.  First up my cosiest Renfrew to date.  It’s only made out of polar fleece!  Yes you heard me, a fleece Renfrew.


That’s the Millenium Bridge with a smidgeon of St Paul’s in the background

It supplements my Merino Renfrew which by comparison is the smarter older sister & can be worn to work as well as for play.  This fleece version was conceived to satisfy fleece-sewing curiosity and also because I wanted to make something for my ski holiday that was cuter than the predominant half-front shapeless zip fleece.

st paulsAnd I think it is.  It looks super cute with my leopard mini.  In these shots I was trying the ninja/ James Bond look by being dressed only in black.  I’ll have to leave the next scene to your imagination as I abseiled out over the balcony of Tate Modern, reaching the ground with a parachute roll then maintaining a guarded position as I looked all around for potential foes.

Fleece Renfrew

SO it was snowing in London ( that is not massive flakes of dandruff I’m carrying).  I can tell you that this cowl necked Renfrew allows wrapping the cowl closer around your neck to become more snuggly which I had to do on the train home….Nothing much more to say, except it works!  Try it!

Next up is a top I didn’t make but was sent by Zoe (sozowhatdoyouknow).  She had seen my nautical holidays board on Pinterest & thought I’d like this top.  Did I?  Absoutely!!


Check out the gorgeous batwing sleeves, a bit like this one she made.  It is such a sweet yet jaunty top.  It was photographed here as I reclined in the back of the top deck of the luxury yacht we did not put a deposit on.  I was dreaming of sun, turquoise seas & cocktails (quite a lot of that going on at the moment with desert island sewing thoughts!).  Thank you Zoe, I am so chuffed, & will make plenty of neat looks with it, definitely a cheeky playtime top.

Now I’m hoping to finish my Jungle January make this weekend – not much to do- it’s almost there, but it deserves a special photo shoot.  Thing is, there’s lots of white stuff outside, hardly jungle scenery, & very cold!!

21 thoughts on “Awesome tops!

  1. Jo

    Excellent! I’ve just got Megan Nielsen’s latest, the Briar top, and have been contemplating abusing its stylishness with some fleece. Your Renfrew does not dissuade me, quite the opposite! And not putting deposits on luxury yachts is such fun, isn’t it? We used to do it regularly pre-kids (now even not putting a deposit on them seems a bit much – hoping we’ll grow out of the ‘break everything we can see’ phase quite soon…)

    1. Scruffy badger

      Hehe, lots of deposits not put!! But sailing dreams took us there, and were catered for too. Good fun, boat shows. I predict you’ll soon be taking your little ones and it would be v exiting for them

  2. Merche

    That´s a great idea. Actually I´m thinking ways in which to use some polar fleece I bought for my girl that are not the usual thing.
    And, oh, Zoe´s top is so pretty, you are a very lucky girl!
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Hanny Bobbins

    Oh my goodness another post which is screaming I NEED to buy the Renfrew pattern! Is it the most versatile pattern ever!? Goodness, i think I am going to relent even though it’s January…

    1. Scruffy badger

      I think it is now my official most used pattern, and when I only use the majority if my patterns once or twice it shows how brilliant it is to have a basic tee shirt ( but it’s the cowl I love 😉

  4. Debbie

    The fleece renfrew seems like a genius idea especially as I am looking at snow as as I type. A top from Zoe??I am jealous – it looks lovely, I like the nautical meets batwing sleeve idea. How was the Boat Show? You bought back memories of my dad going every January when it was In Earl’s Court – I even went once with Mr M before kids, so I have to ask are you and Gary buying a luxury motor cruiser or a 30ft yacht???xx

  5. zozo

    I love both tops. The renfrew looks totally appropriate for the current weather conditions. You look just like you are going to have a james bond moment. My mum and dad went on that cable car last week. Not sure i fancy it, hanging out of the sky on a couple of ropes seems a bit scary. I would make a lousy action girl. I think you are very brave.

    1. Scruffy badger

      We did think of jaws ( not the shark) on top of the cable car trying to get to us from the outside. It just reminded us of skiing though, but without the hassle of carrying skis, goggles, gloves and clunking around in ski boots! Perfectly fun and not at all wobbly

  6. Jenni

    lovely tops :o) really must get on with my 1st renfrew! had the pattern unused for too long!! the fleece is very inspring :o)

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