Gathering with floss and warming up to Christmas

It seems as if I've got a temporary problem with comments 🙁

If you left comments in my last post, i'm sorry, but they are somewhere in the ether, hopefully to come running in when whatever technical plug gets unblocked. It feels odd though, I feel a bit discombobulated by it! Anyway, this is a bit of a random mixed up post, starting with some hallelujahs! I've put into practice a technique for gathering that I've seen but never tried: using a zig zag stitch over dental floss.

I set my zig zag width slightly wider than normal and just sewed over the tape. I'm sewing a ruffle out of a thicker wool mix and was aware that the usual two thread gathering method could be a bit fragile….the distance that the threads would be pulled up around, plus the weight of the double layer of fabric seemed likely to end in snapped threads ( and if this has ever happened to you HOW tedious is this?!) The joy in first of all sewing the gathering this way! There was no need to worry about bobbin threads being low and running out, no need to worry about going back and resewing a section that I felt hadn't worked out well. In fact, it was a pleasure, I just needed to keep an eye out to make sure that the needle didn't ever pierce the tape and that the zig zags created a snag free tunnel for the tape to …..

Gather up that double layer of wool with no qualms. It is tough, it is robust, the tape didn't snap, and it smelt ooh, so minty!!! I think I will be able to keep it to reuse another time, if I want to be a miser ( and I will!) So give it a go!!

Onto other sewing news…I am cutting out a few things for myself…..

And I have started my Christmas making…

And to get into the spirit last night we ventured into town for some mulled wine at the Bath Christmas Market ( only just acceptable now it is just December. I had to cast off my November Scrooge mantle yesterday, otherwise I wouldn't have been allowed gluhwein…). Look I work in town, when the Christmas market is in residence we have a Father Christmas standing outside our window ALL day ringing a bell to encourage shoppers over ….I'm allowed to be grumpy at the first sight of sheds being assembled!

But when you visit it free from Scrooge it can be a different experience. You know the thing, lots of wooden sheds, carol singers, crafters and artisans. Quite an atmosphere, there was a bagpiping band playing during our visit! Too many people, except at night ( which is why we went late…Scrooge isn't entirely left behind!)

Mulled wine, mince pies,

…burgers for hungry meat-eaters, roasted chestnuts to peel along the street…. More mulled wine and heavily linked and proportionate to mulled wine consumption, potential over spontaneous purchasing! I kind of escaped, but was caught out in a, offering too many £20 notes to pay for something and b, finding form- filling that related to said purchases more complicated than it should have been. Thankfully this was only witnessed by a singular stall holder…

Oh dear. Save me from getting further into the Christmas spirit!

Happy weekending everyone! Happy pre Christmas making and spirit warming.


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