Charlotte skirt: Part One

Ok, so I am too impatient to wait any more for my comments to be fixed, so am going to give you the first installment of my first Charlotte skirt (by Hand London).  This will be mainly “in progress pics” when I was messing around with hemlines & frills.  I will not do the full finished reveal yet – will save that for *when* the blog is fully functioning.

I will also save gushing about it….for now….but understand there’s plenty to gush about 🙂

Here we go….how long/ high should it, could it go?

And what about the frill? What does it look like at different lengths?

And if it was a peplum, how would that look?

Getting a feel for the gorgeous possibilities of this pattern yet?  I can’t wait to show you how it turned out!!  Sorry again comments are not working.  Miss you guys!  Hope it will get fixed soon……………..BIG hope 🙂

11 thoughts on “Charlotte skirt: Part One

  1. Marie

    Looking good Winnie, I love the colour so much! Personally I like the shorter version with the peplum, but I also think the middle length with the ruffle works too ;o)

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