Work in progress…

As well as making ( finally) some bedroom blinds out of some lush vintage fabric ( promise to bore you when they are operational) I have been fiddling around in my sewing room….as a taster …

More ruby shorts and a sozo vest

Hmm, what can this be. Tell you what….über gathering to the max.

And just about to cut out as a Christmas gift, a cowl neck Renfrew out of the petrol blue bamboo knit….I won't say who for, just in case she's watching ( but doubtful!!)

Happy weekend everyone. I've got my first trail run race tomorrow ( 10k) and if I don't finish with mud all over me and twigs in my badger hair I shall be disappointed. I hope it's worth a picture!!


18 thoughts on “Work in progress…

  1. Sam

    How generous of you to be making a Renfrew as a Christmas gift. I must confess to being a rather selfish stitcher and only making little things as gifts.

    Good luck in your run tomorrow.

  2. ooobop!

    Great minds think alike!! Am fixing the cords on my daughters Roman blind and making a new one for the landing…. from vintage fabric! Those knicks are so pretty, Winnie. Good luck with your race x

  3. missjoiedevivre

    Ooh la la those under things are sooo pretty! I hope they’re for you to enjoy, they’re so luscious. And well done on starting on Christmas presents. My brain is failing to connect the dots between Christmas and the amount of time remaining until then so once again my plans for a handmade Christmas are failing.

  4. LinB

    Am also finishing up miles and miles of straight-seam sewing of window valances, for a friend! “Windows of the World” should be the theme for this response thread. “Knickers Knowledge” does not have the same cachet.

    I don’t sew for all my friends, but Amy lost use of a shoulder when she tripped over her giant dog in the kitchen. (Note to self: Don’t have a giant dog for a pet. Investigate putting a bell on the cat.) Next up is finding some way to wrap all the socks I made for the family as their only Christmas present. My presence at the Christmas meal is my other present to them, lol.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes, Christmas gifts can come in all forms can’t they! My “presence is my other present “…like the play on words!
      And yes, big dogs & bells wouldn’t work, would it? Never had I imagined that kind of hazard in the kitchen!

  5. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Thank you everyone for you well wishes for my race! So kind! I had an absolute ball, it was my perfect run- sun, autumn leaves underfoot, off road across fields & in woods. Perfect except disappointment on the mud side of things – not enough for a crazy photo since it was merely my shoes that were caked, not the rest of me. Oh well, there’s always the next time 🙂


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