Ooh La la, they’re leggings this time

First up, can I shout some more about just how amazingly versatile & warm (yet not too hot & extremely self regulating) my Merino Renfrew is?  I have worn it tons, & here it is, with belt & pin stripes after a winter day at the office:

Yes, I am standing straight otherwise those pots could fall….

It’s also been a true partner to my loveable Thurlows, but no pics to prove it.  Please just believe.  I recommend making the Renfrew in a sweater type knit.  I think it’s a characteristic of the Merino, but I just cut my usual size & it ended up coming up a little larger, which is perfect for a sweater style.

OK so onto the stars of this particular post.  Yep, I have made another variant of leggings.  I have been wowed by Melissa’s (Fehr Trade)  silver pair and purple pair and KBenco’s running tights  made using the Ooh La La leggings 1004 by Papercut patterns.

Image from Papercut Patterns

 I shall state now that I have every intention to perform the utmost act of flattery & imitate to make my own running leggings.  Before I did that however, I needed to make a pilot in bog standard jersey knit.  Black in fact (from the Rag Market of course).  A replacement for my worn out & not quite helpful for cold climes 3/4 length RTW & holey pair (now verging on grey they have been washed so often).

I was intrigued when the beautiful pattern arrived in very special packaging ( a box with its own self-hanger 🙂 ), pattern pieces themselves printed onto brown paper & cute little instruction booklet.  I decided to make these up in black exactly as they came to understand the construction.  This leggings pattern, unlike my previous pair of McCalls 6173, has a few more pieces and many more seams not side seams though): there are three pieces per leg plus a back & front yoke.

As well as piecing these seams together there is also top stitching, which all adds up to much more careful sewing than the McCalls whip-up job (especially if your fabric has edges that intend to curl up at every opportunity).  I used my overlocker throughout except for top stitching (single needle, ballpoint) & the hems (twin needle).  I also used Melissa’s easy elastic waist method.

I do really like the styling & the construction though.  The yoke creates a fit that feels good, snug, not too tight, & not too gathered.  It also adds great styling to what is normally a pretty boring make, instead livening it up with shape & curves & points.  See the diagram here for a better idea.  Of course in black this doesn’t show up as much.   Fit-wise, I probably could go down a size in the yoke next time I make them (eg for running), but for wearing these underneath dresses etc, they are fine this time.  Kbenco’s post contains a detailed review of the pattern, sizing, yardage required as well as lot of information about how she fitted them, & her experience to create a great pair of running tights that I will definitely refer back to.

I was also intrigued by the top stitching – would it work, a straight stitch on a knit?  Well, it seems to, threads haven’t snapped & seams have not seemed under any strain.  The top stitching is also a nice touch & reminds me of some 60s style ski pants I once had….

So what’s the verdict?  I think most definitely a hit & I shall explore making them again.  They are too long for me, but that’s OK – extra can be tucked up, or left to gather around ankles which I like anyway.  They are tight-legged like leggings, unlike my McCalls pair that, remember, have become stretchy trousers!

Now I will be wearing them as warmth with my Patty Young fabric dress, or my Lisette Portfolio tunic, but you wouldn’t get a very good view of them that way, so, out of character, I’ve tried to show their shape.

Made me feel a bit creative…

And rather wobbly. So much easier to do when you are 6 years old!

And instead felt more like the kind of outfit ….

 Worn by a cat burglar! Shhh!

Anyway, whilst on the subject of Papercut paterns, have you seen the new Covent Garden collection?  I am in swoon city.  All images below are from Papercut Patterns’ website.  Most favorite is La Sylphide dress

But I am also coveting the Coppelia top

The shorts (Rite of Spring shorts) are super cute, but I’ll leave them for youngsters to do well I think! I’ll try to maintain some form of decorum….and there’s more – go check out the goodies!

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