I used to get bleach on my best clothes

As the title suggests, in the days before the DidyouMakethat Apronalong I used to spoil my best clothes, well not really my best clothes, I’m not talking about my cocktail dresses (of which I clearly have the need for 20) or my pin-striped skirts, but invariably I would feel the need to clean the loo, wipe the kitchen worktops in my newest clothing (come on, don’t tell me you change clothes to do the cleaning?).  Just like when I garden (I also garden spontaneously in whatever clothing I might be wearing – thankfully I am always clothed you & the neighbours will be pleased to hear- I feel the cold don’t you know).

At best, pre-Apronalong (time P.A.) I could be protected (but very confused) thus:

So Karen’s project seemed a good idea to sort out my hormones & random chaos in the kitchen on a Saturday night (listening to Craig Charles’ Funk & Soul show, so now you get the picture).  You may have already caught a peek of my aprons when I guest posted as part of this Apronalong on Ric Rac love & how I used ric rac on not one, but two aprons.  So you know that I made one using the “Luxury” pattern in the Liberty Book of Home Sewing.

(Thanks Karen for the picture)  Here’s my version.

I used gingham, polka dots for a contrast frill & heart shaped pocket all set off with two sizes of yellow ric rac.  And look what it has enabled:

What a true picture of domestic bliss & culinary promise! (Funk & Soul show still continues in the background …:-) )

For my next apron I used a pattern from my Japanese 1970s pattern drafting book.

And I am so proud of the simplest achievement – yes I drafted this myself from scratch using this diagram!  OK, so it’s not rocket science, but I think it’s the first “from scratch” pattern I’ve ever attempted.  I lined it, made it from jumbo polka dots in contrasting lime & blue.

The fabric is quite stiff, I suppose almost craft weight, not really suitable for clothing, so it didn’t pain me to use it for an apron & in fact I will enjoy it being in use as something so practical.  Yes, that is a ric rac rainbow!  How ultimate in ric rac glory?

It’s got cute little cross over back straps.

Do you like the buttons & jumbo ric rac?

Look what this apron has made possible?  I think the bleach risk has been mitigated …

Now if it wasn’t for Karen I would never have got around to make aprons, but they are fun to make, quick & satisfying & I shall get copious amounts of pleasure wearing them whilst being practical.  OK, so I’m really saying they’ll be hanging up most of the time, as everyone knows I try to minimise dull chores….but hey, at least when I must, I can have more fun & keep the bleach at bay.  Thank you Karen for being such an inspired apron-leader 🙂

56 thoughts on “I used to get bleach on my best clothes

  1. ooobop!

    Owwwwwhhh! now I wish I had made one! I love that eyefull of gingham and share your sentiments … and bleach blobs on my besties. Doh! Well it’s never to late, I guess! x

    1. Angela

      Me too! I was too busy, but now I am pining away for a cute apron. I have a couple of very boring aprons, I want a fun one! LOL!

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  3. Melizza

    Gorgeous gingham apron, Winnie. I love it. But that spotty apron is genius: bright, cheerful and toilet-cleaning friendly! I never thought to use an apron to clean. Why the heck not. Makes perefct sense. I would (sorta) happily clean wearing an apron like that 🙂

      1. LinB

        “Toilet-cleaning friendly” are not words I expected to see put together, ever. Nearly made me do a peppermint tea spit take! I do like the spotted dotted apron, though.

  4. Amy

    You are hilarious. Great to meet you yesterday. Impressed you took your pics as soon as you got home and posted so early this morn! Aprons look great!!

  5. Marie

    Winnie, your gingham pinny is simply fabulous and I seriously love it worn with your gingham dress and white shoes. You look like a Stepford wife, in the sexiest way possible! And your self-drafted one is genius too. Good work! I’m so jealous that I didn’t get to take part in Karen’s sewalong!!!

  6. karine

    Great aprons and great pictures !
    But honestly, how can you cope with the fact you could get bleach on your apron ? Because it is part of the best clothes category too ! Please, make an ugly apron to clean the loo !

  7. Annabel Vita

    I love both of these! The shape of that Japanese one is so lovely (especially from the back). I made an apron for a friend but I think I need to make one for myself now – with lots of rick rack!

  8. merche

    You´ve got me in stitches through the whole post! With your photos and story…Alright, not a fan of aprons either, I confess I ruined my best jacket with bleach, but never got around making them. Maybe I should give them a go.

  9. Andrea

    Awesome aprons and great use of ric-rac (which I must confess I have never used before – gasp!). Also, congrats on your first self-drafted pattern!

  10. Katrina Blanchalle

    I don’t know what sort of sewing madness has hit you! The projects just keep coming!
    I must say that after ruining a few cocktail dresses myself, I gave up scrubbing the toilets altogether. It just wasn’t worth it. I do, however, still forget to change my clothes when I garden. I love these aprons, but I love your era-appropriate poses even more. I think you are a comedic genius.
    All your productivity may have finally pushed me out of my creative doldrums so I can finally sew a few things. I thank you!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      If my madness halls and entertains then I think that’s worthwhile! I’d never have thought an apron would ever be fun to sew, but perhaps a mini apron project is the first step to recovery and will help get your mojo back?! Whatever you do I’m sure you’ll enjoy once you get started on something 🙂

  11. Kathryn

    LOVE the Funk and Soul show! Usually listen to it while making my Saturday tea. I’ve seen Craig Charles DJ a few times, he’s awesome.

    Love the apron too! 🙂 I never wear aprons although I probably should, have experienced the old bleach stain problem a few times, and am usually covered with flour by the time I finish baking.

  12. Lizzy

    Heavens above – I love this post. I might have posed by the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge but you – you cleaned a dunny! That’s unbeatable!

  13. Ginger

    1.) Your old apron is AMAZING.
    2.) Both of your new aprons are SO COOL and SO YOU.
    3.) You have hot legs!! Look at you in your heels and apron– go, girl, go!!

  14. missjoiedevivre

    As always, I’ve had to suppress my snorts of laughter so my colleagues don’t start to wonder about what I’m doing on my phone. I love the new aprons, especially the first one paired with dainty high heels, but I do hope your “before” apron stills gets an occasional outing!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I’m picturing you now….!
      Yes, the activity that the “before ” apron gets worn consistently for is hair cutting (or rather hair + shaver). That too could look quite odd if someone decided to visit!!


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