It seems I’ve had a mammoth sewing spell & have a log jam of projects to photograph would you believe it?!  Actually it doesn’t take much to convince me that I have had “loads of sewing time” just the luxury of a bit of time snatched at the weekend then most of the day on Monday (flexi days are so brill!). Awesome being able to do exactly what I want all day!

So to start the show & the ball rolling I’m going for some sweet underthings using patterns freely downloadable from the internet via some majorly skillful ladies.   Two very unique patterns, let me pair together the Rosy LadyShorts (Pattern here) by Amy at Cloth habit and a So Zo Vest by Zoe at SoZoWhatdoyouknow (pattern here).  Now this was the brainchild of Roobeedoo who had been contemplating possible Christmas pressies, you know matching sets?  Camisole, meet ladyshorts, ladyshorts, meet camisole.  There, introductions over.  What a pair!


Yes, using a modelling idea cunningly showcased by Tanit-Isis recently, I have what appears to be rather an unfeminine torso created out of a pillow, despite the floral cover.  When I saw the whole modelling effect I was impressed with how these underthings might look on a guy….one who tucks his vest into his pants, of course.

Um, yes.  Back to the sewing.  Fabric selection was made easily- some lace effect jersey with wonderful softness & drape (not that it’s important to have drape for these particular items) – it’s the same as that i used for my Kristen Kimono Tee (another free downloadable pattern courtesy of the fabulous Maria Denmark, pattern here) , fabric purchased at the Rag Market in Birmingham.  During the summer I had picked up on a design inspiration when I saw someone wearing what was essentially a vest top but using thicker lace straps, the vest had a different character.  I tucked this little gem of inspiration away for applying to my next SoZo vest, here.  Everyone knows that in underwear land cream looks awesome with black, which made my design choice for both the vest & the Ladyshorts simple, particularly as my elastic lace drawer contained oodles of thickish black stretch lace (yes, I do have a drawer full of all sorts of coloured scalloped, picot edged, frilly but cheap stretch lace) .  As I have already made some SoZo vests I was looking forward to a quick & painless construction, & my expectations were fulfilled.

Nothing much to add from my previous review – Zoe’s instructions take you through step by step, the pattern is super easy, a nice fit, nice & long (long enough to tuck into your pants, don’t forget) & look how well it translates into something a little more slinky.

Onto the Ladyshorts.  Now you may or may not be aware of my trials & tribulations sewing pants.  I gave it a good go, learnt a few wise lessons as the post describes, but took rather a breather from it, not being able to face the trauma of more failure.  It was with fresh vigour & a renewed sense of faith that I approached the new LadyShorts pattern.

I have to say they were in competition with Zoe’s camisole for speed & ease of making up!  And the finished result?  My best pair of pants yet (but that’s having set rather a low benchmark!).

No, I am not going to model these for you.  Make do with the stylish slinky combo of cream black.

I sewed the elastic on both of these items using a zig zag stitch that followed the line of the scallops.  Then, once sewn on I turned to the wrong side & carefully trimmed away the excess cream fabric so that it looks neat (be careful trimming though, it is too easy to slice through lace at the same time …)

Amy’s Rosy LadyShorts are a hit.  I shall definitely be making more.  Amy has posted a tutorial for making them here, so what’s stopping you?  I found her downloadable instructions also easy to follow.

I am aware that I have mentioned three fabulously talented & generous ladies in this post, all of whom I have benefited from with their free downloadable patterns.  Thank you – you make the sewing world go around 🙂

24 thoughts on “Underneathies

  1. kbenco

    Perfect! All of a sudden, I know several teenage girls who will be receiving these from Santa. The lace straps on the cami are brilliant, thanks for the great idea.

  2. Tanit-Isis

    What a great pairing! Your underneathies look far prettier, pillow or no, than mine. 😀 And thanks for the linklette. 🙂 What a great combo of patterns, you’r right. Now I want matching a matching cami and underoos.

  3. didyoumakethat

    As ever, you manage to make me laugh. How alluring your pillow looks in its undies. What a wonderful image you conjur, of a man with his vest tucked into his pants. You should be on the stage! Nice underwear, by the way!!!

  4. Roobeedoo

    Woot! Great set of gozunders you’ve got there missus!
    Needless to say, my own plans have stalled, but I hope to get back to my machine by the weekend 🙂
    I found better quality stretch lace at the English Couture Company but they only had orange when I bought mine. But better orange than saggy knicks 😉

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Investing in quality lace could be a next step (especially if I am giving them as presents….but maybe I won’t be, haven’t decided yet!)
      Good luck getting on with your undie sewing….

  5. LinB

    “I see London, I see France, I see Scruffy’s underpants!” I am surrounded by very young children this morning. All that silliness rubs off on a person.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes, Roobeedoo is a genius & ever an opportunity spotter. I just got there a bit before her as it turns out. I’d recommend them as a set – a nice pairing 🙂
      Enjoy sewing yours too

  6. Pinqueen

    Thanks for sharing the links. I’m a bit boring when it comes to patterns and tend to stick to the big 4, so I am itching to have a go at this little set, it’s perfect! If you have any plans for a Birmingham shopping trip for more supplies I’d love to join you!

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