Some refashions of much loveds

I know it seems as if I haven’t made much recently, but all is now revealed! I was beavering away at some refashioning to share over at Sozo, what do you know whilst she is being slightly distracted by getting married!  Now there’s a wedding dress I can’t wait to get my peeps on!!
For more about the stories behind these new makes, pop on over to read about them
The good news is that I have transformed wardrobe malingerers into some useful and practical things. I know they will now see much more of the real world as opposed to being dragged out only during me made challenges!
Hurrah! Warmth and dubious style all in one shot!
Wonders will never cease, I have even made some non- clothing sewn makes!! The homemaker in me is enjoying a bit of an airing.
Even something practical! But with allow me some lace…..

9 thoughts on “Some refashions of much loveds

  1. Kat

    I’m in awe with the jumper refashion!
    While I’m old enough to remember leg-warmers the first time round (and made myself a couple of pairs), I still love the look. It might be an acquired taste, tho …
    The sheer terror of holding a pair of scissors to a handknit item … nail biting! And the result is so much worth it. Congrats, great ideas!

  2. Lynne

    I saw the re-makes on Zoe’s blog, and they are fantastic! Having attempted an entralac square once, I can fully appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into that jumper, and I am very glad it got re-used. :)

  3. LinB

    Entrelac socks? OMG! Did you do them in the round, or are they sewn up the back? Glad you had a sunny day for your fashion photos.

  4. Amy

    I love refashioning posts, I’ve always got a giant pile of clothes with plans to refashion and never seem to find the motivation or time, this will help give me a kick up the bum!

  5. Karen

    Wow, Winnie, these are all lovely. I too wouldn’t have been able to give up the lovely daisies & b&w fabric, so I’m glad you found a way to keep enjoying them.


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