Sewing plans for winter/ autumn

Now you have probably gathered that I am easily distracted, easily influenced & terribly tempted by what I see popping up on others’ blogs.  Is there any point in me making a list, a potential plan for this season’s sewing?  I think so.  It will provide just a little bit of focus & also anticipation as I pack away my summer wardrobe & bring out my less substantial winter wardrobe.

What worked well in the summer was a coherent colour coordinated wardrobe of mix-&-matchables(err, don’t I mean separates?).

So to recap my themes for after the summer success:

  • Colour – a great mix & match capabilities but with enough verve & energy that they all make me feel good
  • Adorable patterns
  • Some great solid colours in skirts/ trousers also clearly needed to compliment the pretty patterns
  • No ironing is a strong factor
  • And last but not least, comfort …

Apply this then to my sewing plans for the next season.

Ideally I would plan colours from scratch, but I need to use my not unsubstantial stash.  My ideal colour palette this winter would be purple, grey & greenHowever I cannot escape black, much as I have tried to avoid it – there is too much in my fabric pile waiting to be transformed, plus some navy too.  I shall have to avoid making as dull sombre wardrobe as it’s colour that I love.  And as  I’ve got plenty of greys there is a real danger of dreary drabness so this will be a real challenge.  On the positive, I suppose there is not much that doesn’t go with grey…(my hair! ha ha!)

I’ve already made the biggest wish list of things I’d like to make (it contains 24 items on it!)  So I clearly need to prioritise my hugely long list into things I’d wear the most, (that’ll be work clothes then) but ticking away in parallel will have to be coat sewing (a Minoru and my Simplicity 2508.  Hopefully this can be a slower project that gets dipped into when I feel like it.   So non coat sewing could look like this:


In the summer my most successful tops were those that I was comfortable wearing to work or for casual that also gave me added delight.   The delight factor is important I realise, I need to be besotted with my tops, they need to be pretty or characterful in some way (I’m thinking of that polka dot chiffon Simplicity 2154) .  Therefore for my winter sewing I shall be making two types of adorable tops, frilly or preppy blouses and sophisticated cowl necked knit tops.

Frillies: using a vintage pattern as a starting point I shall be channelling Joanne’s delectable favourite:


to make a blouse from these florals.  On the left some cotton/viscose? from Jane in a swap and the right is some poly chiffon.  I can immediately tell that the chiffon will be a success as it will be no iron!

A Cowl necked Renfrew  or two– made from some more expensive knits – a black wool blend jersey and a steely blue bamboo knit (they are not that exciting to photo, but appear later when I discuss dresses).  It’s not like me to buy classy fabric, but in this instance they were on sale & I couldn’t pass it by,.

I have already mentioned dreams of sewing my own cardigan.  I’ve three lengths of acrylic knitted fabric to experiment with – & they are all grey!   Andrea has recently made a Renfrew cardigan, so it possible!   & I have a few other ideas percolating away…

Next up, work skirts & trousers.  I have fabric & even a UFO!  Let’s start with the UFO –

using this 80s pattern (Vogue 2155, Calvin Klein) I made a start on this last spring.  Something about it wasn’t working for me so it has been draped in various places around my sewing room.  I think the waist is just a little too high & I overfitted it when I received Barbarella to an exaggerated over-fishtail skirt effect.  I shall revisit it.

And whilst we are looking at that pattern, I also like the trousers.  I’ve got that fabric awaiting decision.  The question is this 80s pattern (or a variant of) or run with the success of my latest pair (as yet unblogged) that I have managed to fit a bit better?  The fabric is super 130 & therefore I am under pressure to get them just so.  To be honest it fills me with more than a little fear to sew such special fabric…I am likely to “go muslin”.

 Casual skirts/ shorts:

I have some silk blend mini dogtooth check to make some Thurlow shorts (love the idea of wearing them with chunky woolly tights!)& I could be organised to join the Thurlow sewalong hosted by Lladybird.

I’ve also some baby cord in navy for the Vogue 1247 skirt with the awesome pockets.  And the fabric I swapped with Jane?  Possibly a Simplicity 1245.

What about dresses you might ask?  What I have learnt about dresses is that for them to get worn a lot it helps if they are non iron ;-), therefore a jersey dress could be useful as my Monday morning work dress.  I might have enough of this black polka dot, or else construct something with this frilly skirt & some contrast(showing the knits discussed earlier).  Possibly a Renfrew dress?

Or another version of the Simplicity 2580 cowl neck dress, but add long sleeves?  This must be top of my dress sewing list.  But I also fancy making a Darling Ranges dress & a ditsy needlecord Lisette shirt dress (the straight variety).

I also fancy making me some leggings, having a couple of patterns including the Papercut ooh la la leggings….

Can you believe this is my shortlist?

It appears that I have invested in some unusually more expensive fabric (for me).  It will be interesting to see how my sewing behaviour is affected by this!

How are your plans progressing?

29 thoughts on “Sewing plans for winter/ autumn

  1. Susan

    Great list – looking forward to seeing the progress. We’re coming into Summer here in Sydney and I’ve almost finished sewing a fleece hoodie (timing is a bit silly) and I found a beautiful piece of navy wool vyella in an op shop that was woven in Scotland – I was so excited when I found the little sticker.
    Love your idea of a seasonal sewing plan.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      So your summer sewing in theory should be starting…but you sound like you practise my kind of seasonal sewing….I dont tend to get prepared as the weather changes & also find myself “completing” my plan for the season just ending….Nice find- viyella in a thrift shop!

  2. Joanne

    Great list but OMG you’re going to end up recreating my blouse before I’ve even started on it (woe is me and my procrastination!). Heheh – good luck with it :) I think it’s a super blouse to try and recreate and the neckline would be uber flattering on you.

  3. LinB

    Black, grey, navy, purple and lime green sounds like a perfectly reasonable color palette to me! Go thou forth and sew up thy winter wardrobe, woman. I’m just finishing an unstructured blazer from some large samples of printed jacquard upholstery cotton — a plaid in olive, burgundy, lavender, black and old gold on a white ground; stripes in burgundy, old gold, black and hunter green; stripes in pale coral, olive green, and old gold. Sounds hideous, looks okay. (Also, it allowed me to muslin the pattern without spending more money for fabric, thank the good Lord.) “Exercise more restraint” is to be my New Year’s resolution for 2013.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Wowee, your jackets sounds like Joseph’s? I feel you have the personality to take on such colour & life & I imagine it would go with quite a few other things in your wardrobe with all those colours to tone with ;-)

  4. Sam

    I do like the sound of your colour palette – grey, purple and green will be fabulous, and it sounds like you’re like me in that you can’t escape black for winter.

    Love the idea of the Thurlow shorts. I’ll be interested to see how they turn out, as I quite fancy a pair of winter shorts myself.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes, winter shorts shall be a new one for me – I feel they could have a bit of leeway in the length so I dont feel too indecent & trying to be young & trendy …& then they can become cuffs if I can handle it!!

  5. Shari

    How ambitious you are and full of great ideas! Your plans sound lovely and I agree with your idea of the no iron factor. I made several things over the summer that all require serious ironing and I’m ready for a bit less :) I have some sweater knits ready for cardis that I’m anxious to get to even though I haven’t worked with sweater knits yet. I love your happy needlecord for the Lisette dress. A great marriage of fabric and pattern!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Shari…it is ambitious I suppose, isn’t it? There I was feeling pleased to have rationalised my uber long list, hey ho! As I said, it’s a guide not a plan! And no iron I think needs to feature strongly the more I think about it!!

  6. Jamie

    I have a mental list as well, but lately I’ve been disrupting it by signing up for sew-alongs – including Lladybird’s Thurlow sew-along, which is oddly terrifying because I’ve never sewn a pair of pants. I keep telling myself they’re just really long shorts but that doesn’t seem to be helping. :)

    If it makes you feel better, your blog has distracted and influenced me! I am super excited about New Look 6000, which I had completely missed until I saw what you’d done with it. It’s taking all my willpower to make myself finish at least some of my other projects before I start on that one!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      OOh, I’m excited for you Jamie. New Look 6000 is still a draw to me as I havent made the pleated middle version (yet). It’s not on my list, but maybe it should be …..;-)
      Yes there is also a Cal Patch draftalong organised by Sew Country Chick that I am tempted by …as Ive had that book for ages …

  7. Marie

    This is a long ‘short-list’, but what’s an enthusiastic sewer to do? I’m in the same position as there’s just so much I want to make and not enough time darn it! Anyway, your plans sound brilliant and I know their execution will be spot on…can’t wait to see it all!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yep, it is a long shortlist isn’t it? Perhaps still in the realms of “wish list”! then!! But it’s quite wonderful to tether those fabulous sewing ideas that are floating around all the time & put them in one place, isn’t it. That’s the satisfaction in going through this exercise every now & then!!

  8. Roobeedoo

    Oh my goodness – where to begin to comment?! So many plans! Maybe I can test my memory and not scroll up to check what I just saw (cuddly toy, toaster…!) I really like your Traveller dress plan – very cute! And the 1980′s trousers could be good, though the front creases might be dangerously dated. Renfrews? Of course! Darling Ranges? Good luck! And Thurlow shorts? Woo hoo! :D

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Great memory Roo, you have won …….a chance to win the star prize of ….a speed boat!!! Good point about front trouser creases (which clearly need regular ironing & *that* won’t happen! I shall be channeling your styling of winter shorts you know as I make the Thurlows – if I could manage to bring of that level of sophistication/ fun I shall be happy :-)

  9. Liz

    What an organised plan! I have a plan in my head and I have put some in writing, not sure how I will go at sticking with it though, there are some pretty boring basics in my plan that are hard to get motivated to sew!! I just want lots of pretty dresses, but in reality I won’t wear them all the time. We are going into summer so I think shorts/capris are more of a realistic option. I look forward to seeing how you go.

  10. Alessa

    Heh. Sounds like a plan! I like the idea of a contrast-and-frilly Renfrew dress, and Thurlow shorts with chunky tights sounds great! I’m trying not to plan too much (and maybe finish some things in the coming three weeks) as we’re planning to move into a bigger flat. In (hopefully) three weeks. Except we don’t have a flat yet, and haven’t packed. And bf is on holiday for another week.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I think you’re very wise not making too much of a sewing plan alessa!!! You’ve enough on your plate and will have other things to organise! Good luck with the flat hunting :-)

  11. sophie o.

    that looks like a great plan! and I love that you have even more ideas waiting to be unveiled, it’s better to have too many isn’t it? May I ask where you bought your expensive knits? I’m very interested in upgrading my knits a little..

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Sophie! I’m afraid my “expensive knits” came from a local shop that was selling them at discount because it was moving! I am not aware that they even have a website …& have moved too far for me to visit now. But I’d think a good place for more expensive knits will tend to be a real fabric store.

  12. missjoiedevivre

    My favourite up there is that unfinished ’80s skirt, but I’m a sucker for high-waisted skirts. I’m looking forward to seeing your floral blouses too! Good luck with this plan, looking forward to seeing the outcomes!


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