Kwik Sew 3659: it’s a knit with polka dots and lace

Yes I made me another knit dress.  And yes, it’s polka dotted.  And yes, it’s super comfy to wear!  And it really took hardly any time to make.  Bingo!  Many criteria fulfilled there then!  I had been thinking I’d make another cowl neck dress like this one, but with long sleeves for the autumn/ winter.  I could have drafted sleeves to fit this same pattern, but I discovered this Kwik Sew pattern (ordered & speedily dispatched by SewBox)  and was intrigued.  Not only was there a cowl neck dolman sleeved dress, but also a different variety with a cute tie neck (if I’m honest, this was a case where the drawing drew me in with some stripes & tie neck love!).

Click on image to source (SewDirect)

Now I’d had some black polka dot knit fabric in my stash for ages & by cutting this dress with a back seam I was able to eek out enough of the fabric to construct the plain neck version.  Not being sure how this dress would fit, I was satisfied that this would be a toile/ muslin, but hopefully of the wearable kind.

(Sorry, a crazed morning shot – I am clearly trying to look alert, even if I don’t feel it….& look who’s about to come to say hello)

Speedy sewing-R-us.  This involved a centre back seam, a single manoevre from shoulder to arm seams & completing sleeve-side seams in a oner as well.  Super quick sewing- I make that five individual seams (on my overlocker), but if you cut the back properly with enough fabric then that is just four.  I used a strip of self fabric to finish the neck seam- that made 6.  All that was left were the hems.  I did try this on as I sewed it, which clearly slowed proceedings down slightly, but not overly & all in a good cause.

The sleeve of dolman

All the while I was sewing though, I was wondering about the neck & what detail I could use.  I did not have any suitable contrast fabric to make the tie neck.  I certainly did not have enough of the polka dot to make the cowl neck.  You know me, I can do simple, but not without some pretty detail.

I tried a few options on Barbarella.  First of all a lace collar.

Then some gorgeous lace, gifted to me from the generous Debbie at Minnado’s House.  Using this lace I could also add some cuffs (which also helped to lengthen the sleeves since my gorilla arms were not covered sufficiently & I was in danger of cold wrists or pretending that this is another “bracelet” lengthed sleeved garment)

When I compared the two similar looks, it was clear that using the gifted pretty lace really was a means to making this dress pretty special.  It was a deal.

I attached the lace by machine & carefully hand sewed the lace together at its joins throughout its depth as if it was a continuous piece of lace with no joining seam.

The last thing I did was to hem using my twin needle.  There was quite a lot of extra length in this dress for me, which I need to remember for next time.

Ha ha ha- had to show this one because it looks like I’ve given birth to a cat!

So, let me tell you there will be a next time – that cowl is haunting me, & I so need to make a tie neck jersey top in stripes with a red tie….like desperately…

While I was at it, I made a quick petticoat to stop that invariable cling that would happen when wearing tights.  I had some stretch lining, or that’s what I bought it as.  It reminded me of electricity-laden nylon of the 70s.  And so I perpetuated that by making it even more trashy by using bile coloured lace.

The true hideousness of that lace is not shown to its full – think of dull pea green, like cooked mushy marrowfat peas & you are close.  The slip works a treat though!

Has anyone else made this pattern before?  Have you enjoyed using it?  What’s the cowl like?!?  Shall I make the top in black/white stripes with a red tie neck?  🙂

32 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3659: it’s a knit with polka dots and lace

  1. Marie

    Oh Winnie, this is lovely! The lace detail is so charming…love it!!! Please make a stripy one with red tie collar, it will suit you soooo much!

  2. Jane

    Ooh very nice and it looks super comfy too, always a bonus! Funnily enough, I’ve just made a knit fabric, long sleeved dress and have been contemplating adding a lace collar! I made mine using a normal pattern and it wasn’t an easy ride, which is why I MUST speed off and buy that Kwik Sew pattern NOW! Especially as it has such a lovely neck tie…. x

  3. Kira Withers-Jones

    I love polka dots and I think this dress looks FAB! I wouldn’t have thought of adding the lace detail but I think it finishes it off beautifully. I can’t wait to finally move house and be able to get making myself clothes again.

  4. Sam

    This is lovely! Knit dresses are the best, and this sounds like it was one of the quickest ever to make. I love the addition of the lace at the neck and cuffs.

  5. Lauren

    I love the lace detail! It really pulls the whole thing together & makes it super special 🙂 Also, I just got a hard kick in the butt to figure out what I can do with the two lace collars I flea’d recently… so thank you!

    Also, many congratulations on the birth of your cat-child 🙂 hahha

  6. LinB

    I’ve not made this dress, but I do love me some Kwik-Sew. Another strategy for averting static cling: One presumes the garment is clinging to your hose, and/or your lower limbs. Rub some hand lotion over your legs. It works like a charm, and saves those of us who suffer from Hot Flashes of Doom from having to wear another insulating layer.

  7. MariaDenmark

    You look fabulous! I love knit dresses, too. I would never have thought about adding the lace – but it makes all the difference! That’s blog reading to you – I have a to-sew list that is just growing every time I open the reader…

  8. Roobeedoo

    What?! You made that dress out of that pattern? I would never have known! Immensely cute and wearable and who would have thought that a leopard belt would work with polkadots? You are an inspiration! 😀

  9. Johanna

    Wow! That dress turned out so cute! What’s not to love about polka dots and lace…?! It’s interesting to see the dress for real too, since I was eyeing that same pattern myself earlier this week and, like you, I have a strong inner urge to make the striped version with contrasting collar. Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  10. Lizzy

    So cute! I agree with all of the above, the lace collar is outstanding.
    And I’d love to make that cowl neck dress but I have an apron to finish.
    And on the subject of wearing knits….. *whisper* I love it – I almost forget I’m wearing clothes!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Jamie and everyone for your lovely comments about lace, polka dots and leopard print! I’m afraid it was all spontaneous decision making, chance and fate that threw them all in together. But it’s nice that they work together and that the patterns turned out so well. Wait and see the next version….coming soon!!

  11. missjoiedevivre

    This dress is fantastic, I love the lace trim. I love the lace trim on the slip too. I was given a huge pile of lace trim ranging from pretty to “my eyes, my eyes” and I now know what to do with it.


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