Day-glo Raglan Sleeved running top

Built By Wendy Sew U Home Stretch comes through yet again!  I am getting addicted to sewing knits (in fact this afternoon I will start something else! ) But I have something just a little bit different to show you…not as grotesque as the previous post’s content, but arguably pretty gruesome in terms of garishness (is that a word?) , but I shall argue that “that is the point”.  The brighter the better.  That’s got you wondering, hasn’t it?  Except the title’s a bit of a giveaway.  Yes this is about sewing a running top.  I think out of all the sewing books with patterns I’ve got Sew U Home Stretch has to be my most used and is my go-to for sewing with knit fabric.  The patterns are brilliant, the instructions for altering the basics to create new styles so far have been fool proof for me, & the “raglan sleeved top” was no exception.  I took the baseball top design & added cuffs (pattern supplied for the hooded jacket) to lengthen the sleeves.  I like my running tops roomy, so made a medium, which was not too big as it turned out.

I also needed a pocket for my iPod & headphone clip to attach to, so made a heart.  (This amused me, placing it sort of over my heart which could potentially be pounding a bit harder as I wear this top for real!!). See the neon ribbon?  Thanks Roo!  I used wonder tape to place the hem for stitching with my double needle – it was great, like double sided tape that I guess disintegrates when washed.   I tried to make thumb holes in the cuffs, but the holes are a tad too small.  I think next time I’ll make it bigger again, longer sleeves and larger thumb holes.

It’s made from wicking fabric that really does appear to glow in the dark – I used this “flash” photo below to demonstrate what a car’s headlights would throw up if they came across me, (apart from my startled face & an utterance of “you’re too close!”) it also shows the contrast raglan sleeve better.

It’s not great fabric for unpicking mistakes, particularly a heart shaped pocket sewn on with small stitches to get a more accurate sewing line.  I’d placed the pocket originally too high so after unpicking it & resiting it, there are traces of the original seamline with the odd pucker.  Oh well.  I find that it is really hard to find suppliers of special technical sports fabric suitable for running – if anyone has any links to share I’d be so grateful, as I can see a few more of these tops being useful :-)

I got this fabric from, and there is this supplier as well in the UK, Tissu Fabrics.  I’d be willing to shop internationally if anyone can provide some leads….big thanks in advance, this is a genuine plea…

So, how does it work as a running top?  How does it perform?

A bit of a warm up first

Gentle trot (there was a rugby match going on, did I feel self conscious?  I was trying to get closer to the far hedge, but my photographer wanted to get it over with!)

Inhibitions relaxing!

Who’d care about what I was getting up to?  Stuff the rugby!!

I wore it out for a long run this morning & it was fine.   Still needed to wear gloves though, but that’s a problem I have – hence wanting thumb holes!

Now onto another overlocker-love-in!!!

By the way, fancy some pretties?  Get an early glimpse of my aprons in Karen’s Apron-along as I share the ric rac love, inspiration  & an insight into how I use ric rac at my guest post on Did You Make That.  Thanks Karen for having me:-)

Happy Sunday everyone :-)

45 thoughts on “Day-glo Raglan Sleeved running top

  1. Amanda

    This is fantastic! I love that you’re making your own athletic wear- that is so cool! This looks great and pocket is a fab feature. I think I need to get this Sew U Stretch book- it seems lots of people are making rad stuff at the mo.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you! I don’t think I’ll be making too much running gear….its not quite so exciting as day wear!! But sew u home stretch is my bible, had it as long as my overlocker, a couple of years now I think…

  2. Noelle

    Very, very cool!!!! I love the little pocket!
    I totally understand about the thumb holes. When I was a teenager, I made thumb holes in all my long-sleeved tees. It’s just so comfy!
    And may I say that your legs are fantastic!

  3. Didyoumakethat

    That is soooooo brilliant! I love the heart pocket – running gear with personality rather than corporate logos. Superb! I really like the raglan sleeves too. I know you’re really busy, Winnie, but when/if you’re in the mood to take commissions do let me know. I’d love to be a customer!

  4. Trisha

    Yay! So great to see more people sewing with knits. I’m in love with them too. This is a great running top–the neon fabric was a great find.

    And great photos, as usual! Your posts always make me smile. :)

  5. Roobeedoo

    Hooray for neon ribbon! Super girlification of such a sporting garment!
    Could you use a metre of hi-viz yellow cotton sweatshirt fabric? It is so bright it hurts my eyes and I know I will never use it.
    Your photos are priceless. I would have liked to have seen the photographer’s face as you got sillier and sillier! :D

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      The photographer was the director! Honest!! ” do a cartwheel” he said….”cartwheel? Not done one of those since school!!”

      I’m tempted by the offer of sweatshirt in neon Roo, it could be a good cover up when it gets chilly. I shall email you….lovely offer thank you :-)

  6. rebecca

    I know international may not be your first choice, but Rose City Textiles specializes in sportswear fabrics, so I thought I would share the link.

    I am inspired by the VARIETY of things that you sew! Thank you for sharing it all.

  7. missjoiedevivre

    Fantastic top, I love that is is practical yet sweet, and who’d have thought that neon and hearts and bows would work so well together. As always, fantastic pics, and check out those pins! If I was an athlete I’d hope to wear gear this great. Of course, as my only form of exercise is dancing, I could argue that I do make own athletic wear, in the form of giant petticoats and full skirted dresses!

  8. Sarah Dale

    Winnie, try

    I have used Point North once previously and they were very helpful, sending samples, discussing what I needed for my small order (I patched my brothers day glo yellow waterproof bike jacket after he damaged it ) and everything came with literature on how to use (seam sealant tape).

    Hope they have something you like!


  9. Debbie

    What a great top – so bright and fun. I like the practical aspect too that it will show you up in car headlights. A great idea as we head into early evening gloom. Big yay for Home Stretch – such a fab book. x

  10. Melizza

    Your top is awesome! So cheerful and practical. Cars will see you for sure when you’re running.

    My running gear is very colorful and I love it! Wearing colorful running clothes definitely makes me feel more energetic…that is…when I run. It’s been a while :)

  11. LinB

    Wow. You are limber! And now for something completely different: Have you ever tried braiding rick-rack? Divide a package of rick-rack into three equal lengths, fasten them together at one end, and braid them. Fasten them together at other end. Result? An amazing tubular object that makes a good necklace. You can make them up in many colors, cheaply, to match all sorts of outfits.

  12. MariaDenmark

    Oh, I should make one like that. It’s already getting too dark to run on my narrow country roads in the afternoon (I know how difficult it is to see a runner before you are too close!). I am going to have a look at that fabric!

  13. Shelly

    You certainly will be seen wearing this running top. I love that you are making your own. Shame about the thumb hole though. I had no idea you could buy this fabric, I thought it was only for manufacturers. Great job!

  14. Karen

    Winnie, I am SOOO glad to see you wear a light colored & light-reflecting top. I get quite angry w/ runners & cyclists who seem to think we can see them even if it’s pre-dawn or dusk. I’ve seen people in dark clothes running in the street & riding bikes WITH NO LIGHTS around my neighborhood. What upsets me most is that these guys are the dummies, but if you were in a car & you hit them–you’d be the one with the crime on your record + the awful thought of what you’d done for the rest of your life. Take some responsibility, people!

    It looks great; you look great. Go!

  15. kbenco

    It is terrific looking running gear. You would have seen Melissa’s sources at Fehr trade?, She makes some excellent gear and is in the UK.
    I use material from Stretchtex, an Australian manufacturer. You have to email them an order, then they ask for cc payment. It might be too hard from the UK, although they have been very good selling retail amounts to me.
    Their wicking poly is very good, although the dark colours are a bear to sew for some reason – skipped stitches. The titanium fabric is pretty good for running tights, and I have bought some of the newer fabrics to try over this summer.
    I like nylon backed merino running tights for winter, but I have only seen this in New Zealand and Australia and never on line, so that isn’t very helpful, sorry!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Now you are a sports sewing inspiration too, kbenco. Thank you for leaving me those links to follow up. Yes I’ve been an avid follower of Melissa’s makes too, and appreciate the oz link, all worth looking into !!

  16. Jessica

    Oh Winnie, you always make me laugh when I read your posts! The “inhibitions relaxing” photos set me over this morning, what a great way to start my Sunday. We should all have relaxed inhibitions when it comes to bloggy photography!


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