Boxers, shorts, trunks, whatever!

Before I launch into sew-news, I know there’s lots of you who like a chance to air your views, especially when it comes to sewing & what joy sewing brings to you – well there is the most interesting blog post over at Miss P’s which I urge you to visit & leave your views there- she is collecting evidence / amunition/ interest if you like in how well a programme about sewing might be received, what level of demand there is out there.  What kind of sewing related TV programme would draw you away from your Bernina?  Go on, take a look ..join in the debate.

Now onto sewnews.  Despite the standard being set by Tanit-Isis & Caton Designs for crazy awesome super hero frocks, I’m afraid I couldn’t even get close to such fantasy sewing.  Remember I spirited this away with me after a rummage in Abakhan in Manchester recently.

Well there was no chance in its transformation into any kind of girly wonderness.  Not with a mere metre of (what now appears to be) water resistant trunks material ….

By the way, you might think there’s a theme going on here, but truly I am not a superman fan despite my recent poor attempts at impersonation.  😉

It was destined to be made into boxers for a lucky man in my life.  The lucky man in line was my youngest, around his birthday a few weeks ago.  I scrabbled around madly to make him something to supplement his other pressies the night before. Boxers I thought.  Having made a fair few pairs now from my pattern (Simplicity 9958) I knew it was a realistic evening’s sewing .  I placed the patterns carefully to maximise the superheroes appearing in a good place, on the front, leaving the boring bit of the fabric for the back.

No one is interested in the patterns that are happening on the bum afterall (even if low slung jeans-wearing is in operation, which thankfully no longer happens to this 20 year old- maturity does kick in, honest!).  It was only whilst sewing them up that I thought “ere!  This fabric’s not very supple.”  A seam or two later I thought a bit more, “Ere, it might be a bit robust for undergarments!”.  And then it hit me.  I’d only gone & made boxers out of swimming short fabric.  It’s got a kind of water repellency about it.  Not stretchy as in budgie smuggler fabric but you can probably visualise that semi stiff fabric that gets made into board shorts.  So, boxers they are not.  These are “swimming shorts” now.  I didn’t bother to un baste the fly opening (gosh, that would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?)  especially as they do not have the “fishing net”/ teabag pants inside, but does that matter?

I knew there was no point in asking him to model them, so I had to do it myself….

Now on the subject of male undergarment sewing/ budgie smugglers,  I came across this Jalie pattern

Click image for source at Pattern Review

It’s out of stock through UK stockist, Habithat, but you can buy it through PatternReview (with a whopping $megabucks international postage) where it comes highly recommended, but seriously I am not going to pay that much, it’s ridiculous.  I saw it first on a Jalie iPhone app (what a great way to peruse sewing patterns!)  Now if you were paying attention you’ll have seen it also contains a thong pattern (blushes & hides face behind hands) but there are some nice stretchy “trunk-pants” & even briefs if that’s what he so desires  (but please I urge you to discourage the thong….)  Has anyone made these up ever?  Worth a go? I bet it would be a good way to use up scraps of jazzy knits.  I seem to remember Zoe making her own pattern for “Dude undies” & I want to make some now….

PS I totally love the Jalie modelling with cool kids taking on the adults 🙂

20 thoughts on “Boxers, shorts, trunks, whatever!

  1. Portia

    He he, the kids definately look cooler than the adult!! Thanks for the mention too Winnie! Hopefully we’ll get loads of feedback so we can sock it to those TV peops and they won’t be able to say no!!

  2. punkmik

    Love these so much! and thanks for the link to the super hero dresses. I had seen cation´s but not the other. 😛
    I may have to steal this idea for xmas presents! hahaha!

    And those kids are such pros already!

  3. isabel

    I downloaded a free pattern for mens undies from a guy named Joost, and i think the site was sartoriality (or sartorial something or other) . Can’t find it the moment because my daughter and i are swopping rooms – enough said! They came out really nicely and are obviously comfy because i often see Mickey Mouse elastic poking out the top of my son’s jeans!! They are the stretchy trunk type similar to the Jalie pattern

      1. Ginger

        It’s, and the pattern looks really nice! I’ve been meaning to make it for a while, but I guess I’m a selfish stitcher! 😉

  4. colleen

    Those are so adorable! And thanks for reminding me that shorts used to also be called trunks! (Or, is that just swimsuits?) Anyway, I haven’t heard that term in so long!

  5. Tanit-Isis

    Lovely! Tyo is fond of board shorts for swimming, I’m sure these would get her stamp of approval. And thanks for the mention! 😉

    Joost (on Burdastyle and elsewhere) made up a free boxer-briefs pattern:
    I was going to try and make it up for my man, but he’s currently enamoured of some very high-tech fabrics for his undies that I just can’t match.

    You can also order Jalie patterns straight from Jalie, although I don’t know if the shipping is any better.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      That’s you SO much for this, another commenter also endorsed this pattern so I think I shall check it out!
      I certainly won’t be making anything out of high tech fabrics though….I’m hoping it’ll be a good use of scraps, maybe another use of tshirts perhaps….

  6. Roobeedoo

    I am squeamish about sewing male undies. I think I have to draw a line somewhere or I will end up knitting my husband’s socks…eh, what?… Oh yeah, I DO knit my husband’s socks! But no, not pants. I just can’t. I mean, what all do you have to measure…?! Eergh!

      1. LinB

        You should have seen the looks on the male dancers in the college costume shop, when we told them we were going to measure their rise!

  7. tamsin

    The Infamous Crocheter says that the netting/teabag inserts are v important, otherwise the “goods” may make an unwanted appearance down a leg! Obviously depends on length of the shorts….

  8. Judy

    I bought the Jalie pattern. It did cost mega bucks to get to new Zealand but with a husband and three sons who like the trunk style, and that style costing so much to buy, I figured it was a worthwhile investment since it starts at a child size two and goes up to the largest mens’ size) As it happens I have only made them for my youngest who was 2 1/2 and about to start potty training. He has the tiniest bum in the world so I had to reduce the size two by scanning a tracing (minus seam allowances) into the computer and reducing it to 75 or 80% of it’s original size and printing it out. Added back seam allowances and made him about 8 or 10 pairs. They were incredibly quick and easy (fit wasn’t critical) and two years later he is still wearing them. Husband and older brothers are still waiting for theirs….

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I like your jalie boxer trunk story! I think I could be persuaded…there’s something I like about the idea of making men’s jersey boxers, as I love sewing knits so much…it must surely be quicker/ easier?!?


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