My frilly knickers

How could I have forgotten to show off my pride & joys? I wrote about the workshop, but not what I took away!

Well just for your amusement, here are my boudoir frillies, as Jane described them.

I wanted to model them for you in a socially acceptable way.

Thanks Gary for the magic


Also wanted to share the loot from our fabric & pattern swapping. I feel so lucky to have come away with these wonderful patterns.

And this fabric.

Jane & I seemed to be on the same swap wavelength this time – you will recognise the grey floral pique, & the gorgeous grey floral light weight fabric was also brought by Jane. Tamsin kindly swapped the lawn. A vintage buckle and cute needle case also found their way home with me….I felt totally spoilt.
O! Time for some planning & making!!!


35 thoughts on “My frilly knickers

  1. Marie

    Superman has nothing on you Winnie, nothing!!! I love all the goodies you came away with too…gorgeous! I think I may have to plan my autumn/winter sewing around stash-busting as I have far too much stuff and it’s suffocating me at the moment!

  2. Liz

    I love the model shot – you really do put a smile on my face! You have some lovely scores from the swap, I look forward to seeing what you make.

  3. LinB

    With all the lingerie postings in Blogland lately, we ought to start a subgenre, and call it something like Knickers and Knockers. Just a thought.

  4. debbie

    Great photo…you made me laugh in the middle of a bleurgh day! Thank you. I am sorry I couldn’t come to the workshop, really need to get out soon. πŸ™‚ xx

  5. MrsC

    Made me chuckle, Superwoman! What a wonderful day. And gorgeous knicks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that black and white rose fabric, too – I have a length of a similar one in latte-no wait, I have a cut and unsewn UFO…

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  7. missjoiedevivre

    I’ve been following your blog for a very long time now, but haven’t ever been a commenter. But I recently decided to start poking my nose in now and then, and this certainly got my attention! I love your willingness to play for us, your costumed posts are some of my favourites (hehe, I still chuckle over your bewigged 60’s air stewardess) and this is no exception – undies are great, Superman photo is fantastic, and you are amazing!


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