It still fits!

Thank you everyone for your comments to the last post, I am back now, but it was so wonderful to see the comments coming in via mobile thingy while I was away.  SO made me smile you lovely people – thank you:-)

So, I need a bit more time to gather some words around the trews I’ve just made & photographed.  Until then, don’t say I don’t spoil you whilst showing myself up more than usual.  Just for you, I found something that is 20 years old.  And is it a good sign that I can still fit into it?

I’ve kept it for the fabric, & ha ha there is obviously lots of it!

Yes, one of the reasons I’ve been so busy is that my youngest was 20 years old this week.

No….I certainly did not hold onto it “just in case”.  Stop your silly thoughts.  And yes, I made this, I wore this, I filled this dress.  I remember I wore it to a wedding too.  Enjoy!  I shall be back real soon with a few new makes that I will wear further than my back garden :-)


10 thoughts on “It still fits!

  1. Shari

    How cool is it that you can commemorate you child’s 20 years by trying that dress on. What a special item to save (and be able to find!) Time flies, doesn’t it? (My youngest just turned 18.)

  2. MrsC

    Ah, the “What were we thinking” early 90′s. I remember those dresses well. Nice fabric though, you could make a queen size duvet and matching curtains maybe? LOL!!!!

  3. LinB

    Well, I like it! The colors and floral print are very “you.” Although I find it difficult to believe you are old enough to have birthed a 20-year-old … you must have been 12 when you started having children. It looks from your photo that you’ll be able to get a knee-length skirt and a matching blouse out of your dress, at the very least. Bonus: buttons and buttonholes already accomplished.


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