It really is F.O: My 1940s Minnado dress

It’s true!  Remember this sack like garment I posted about, er-hum, 7 weeks ago…

Yes, at a guess there was approximately 7 inches too much around my waist, with rather a lot of room for my less ample boobage.  Since fooling you all in those pics by the canny use of a belt, this dress nearly completed, from my 1940s dress pattern, has been in residence on Barbarella

Always looking at me.

Until ….last week.  How much did I want to wear it ?  Lots!!!  And do you know, it took far less time than I had thought.  It has a pieced waistband, a gored skirt & a side opening that was intended to be press-studded up.  My task was to take it apart at the waistband, reconfigure the bodice side seams to fit, get the waistband the right size then merely adjust the skirt top to accommodate & assemble.  Oh yes, and insert an invisible side zipper.  You know, just like that.

Do you agree with me that there are times when it’s just not appropriate or fitting for multiple takes to get that perfect face …I’d worn this out on its debut to the Knicker Blogger Glory meet up, was delayed in town afterwards to “keep Gary company for a couple of beers” after the lovely ladies had gone & was consequently pooped.  The dress was a hair’s breadth from being chucked in the wash.  Photos needed to be taken.  “I don’t care, just take it” might have been issued from my lips just as the shutter went down.

But it is an overriding success.  It fits.  It has a waist.  It’s super comfy & the best?  It’s survived the wash without needing ironing!  I am wearing it to work tomorrow …woo hoo!  New frock.  Thank you Debbie once again for sending me this fabric, I LOVE it. :-)

36 thoughts on “It really is F.O: My 1940s Minnado dress

  1. Sigrid

    For some reason I would usually rather start from scratch than fix something especially if there is a zipper involved, so I have deep admiration for your persistence. And it looks perfect now in both fit and style.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Exactly my way of approaching alterations Sigrid! That’s why it’s been lingering so long- the whole idea of taking out the seams, the zip, in fact I dreaded it as I just “don’t do” alterations! I am always in awe of others who are persistent in their fitting of a garment as that’s not usually my way – I kind of go for the first attempt & cross my fingers it fits! When it doesn’t I get super depressed or else spin into denial!

  2. Jane

    Perfect! And even better in real life! Damn it, my master plan of hoping you’d kindly donate it to one of your curvier friends has failed miserably! x

  3. amy

    Brilliant pooped facial expressions and lovely dress, I like the wash and go side of it too! I bought this fabric last week in Walthamstow and am not sure what to do with it, but it suits the vintage pattern perfectly, especially love the red ricrac!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Rick rack always rocks, doesn’t it Karen! Thanks, & the bookcases (only Ikea) I notice after the event really need a good clear out …I think they’ve had the same things in them too long …

  4. missjoiedevivre

    This is absolutely gorgeous and looks lovely on you! I particularly like the flash of red inside the flutter sleeves in your last shot. I hope you stand this way while waiting for the bus, browsing the library, going to the supermarket so that others get the same treat! :)


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