A jacket for my technological lifestyle

I feel almost embarrassed to state that I’m a noobie iPad owner, something that I feel so lucky about yet slightly ashamed as it was such an expensive treat….but I kind of saved up for it & am truly enjoying it even more than I thought I would.  Anyway, I am an apologist about it & the less said about my guilt the better, however, I wanted to share a brill tutorial to make a cover/ jacket for it.  Not  a sleeping bag to keep it safe & warm, but a robust flappy reading folder, a jacket, an IPad cover to protect it from bumps and what’s more, it’s been designed to prop up your iPad for when you’re watching a sewing or knitting tutorial on You Tube, following a recipe, reading a blog, watching a programme or whatever else use a tilted screen could have for you (you tell me?!)

In full tilt

I followed this tutorial by Chica and Jo which required some hardboard & wide elastic plus fabric, of course.  I had a revelation when I remembered that I had some Snoopy fabric in my stash ….

It was a piece printed with pages to be made into a soft book showing the dude himself doing his grand tour of Europe.  The printed “pages” were almost the right size for the iPad template, but I admit I spent ages trying to cut the fabric to design which picture appeared where.  And I still got it wrong!   I had no idea Italy & a Harley would turn out to be on the front!

The design is clever: you create the elasticated cornered area for your iPad to sit, then the tutorial takes you through the process of creating the bagged fabric that is stiffened & segmented by appropriate sized pieces of hard board (jeez this stuff is a pain to cut with a Stanley knife, I tell you!).

Once you have your fabric bag, you pop in each piece, in order, sewing them into place as you go so that you end up with a “jointed” & very firm robust case.  It also has an elastic to hold it all closed when your iPad is not being used.

Ipad cover back

You may have noticed that I scooped some awesome rainbow elastic for mine.  Unfortunately despite thinking & rethinking, I attached it the wrong way up (yes, my elastic has a right & a wrong side)  grr.  I only discovered this after sewing the 5 boards & their 4 separating seams in place having not truly worked out the mechanics of the case until that point.

Twisted it to enjoy Rainbow Bright

I was not going to undo all that because my boards were also quite a tight fit & I didn’t fancy drawing them back out of the fabric.  Therefore the elastic is either upside down, or I twist it to get max rainbow benefit, or I use this hairband I bought 🙂

Give it a go, this is a really good tutorial, & now I have something (apart from its original box) to use, I can get on with some other sewing.  And what may that be you ask?  Well, nagging at the back of my mind is the 40s Minnado dress I need to alter (it could be very useful for Autumn methinks) plus I am in the final throes of trying another trouser pattern, & trying to get a good fit.  That is where I am off to now …..hope you are all enjoying your Sundays 🙂  what are you sewing this weekend?

20 thoughts on “A jacket for my technological lifestyle

  1. agirlinwinter

    Love that case. It’s really useful that you can fold it over and use it as a stand too. Snoopy is awesome, full stop. I have a first gen iPad, I was very lucky because Mr GiW bought me one as a present. I’ve used it (and loved using it) everyday since I got it. However, the Apple case is looking quite shabby now, so I might have a go at one of these myself…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi GiW, just think of it as a way to bring your crafting and creativity to what can be quite a processy plastic part of living….well, that’s what I thought anyway! Chance to bring a bit of individuality to something so manufactured….and was overjoyed that snoopy could take the starring role too…..sounds like you deserve a cute girly version for yours 🙂

  2. Alibobs

    Oooh, this is great!
    My dad upgraded so his old one was going spare, so I generously offered to look after it! I have made a regular padded case, but was wondering how to make it stand up and this is perfect! I’ll have to see if there are any old ringbinders being thrown out at work…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      It’s definitely a great tutorial alibobs, and I would have used ring binders which would have made it even more economic…but didn’t have any going spare at home. Hope yours gives you joy too!!

      1. MrsC

        Aha, I snaffed off with dozens of ringbinders when they were being thrown out and before I cut loose from corporate life – they’re in a box out the back of the shop waiting to become iPad, Kindle covers and the bottoms of bags. One of the benefits of the digital age – less paper stored so more folders being liberated!! 🙂

  3. Clare S

    This is awesome! I love how the Snoopy fabric is a perfect fit AND it’s so practical that it’s also a stand. Plus, who doesn’t love rainbow elastic?

  4. Roxy

    This is adorable! Another project to add to my list. I am also an iPad apologist but I now don’t quite know how I would live without it. So good for blogging, tutorial watching and general research. I don’t have a computer at home so I guess it’s ok. Enjoy your new toy!

  5. MariaDenmark

    Brilliant! The print is so much fun!
    We have an Ipad (first version that husband got at some job thing) – and all I ever use it for is reading e-books that has colour illustrations (like knitting books:-) and therefore doesn’t really work with my sony ebook reader and for listening to the radio.
    I use my phone for checking mail on the go (and the assortment of apps), and otherwise my tiny computer for everything else… So I’m curious. Do I need to use it more?
    I’ve not been sewing anything this week-end – have been terribly hungover. But today I hope to work on my plaid autumn skirt and another t-shirt

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh MariaDenmark – sorry to hear about your hangover (hope it was fun getting it 😉 ) I use mine loads for all sorts of things ….as well as mail & browsing also for streaming films & TV series while I’m sewing, & it’s so much lighter, quicker & portable unlike my aging laptop. I’ve got into apps so try things out …
      The Kindle app works well for cookery books – I only have one (cookery book) , but it’s great – no pages keep weighted down, colour pictures….just have to avoid the spills!

  6. Lynne

    This is great, not only because it looks fab, but it is also practical!! I made a similar cover for my Kindle, and it’s very useful. And I LOVE the Snoopy fabric! 🙂

  7. Sølvi

    Ooo! This is so cute! That fabric must have been made for this, it seems.:-) I like my iPad alot as well, especially when I´ve been having some trouble with my neck, bevause then I can check out what´s going on without sitting by the computer. Only problem I have with the iPad, is that it´s more difficult to comment on bloggger blogs with it than from a computer. All the verification madness can drive me crazy at times;-). But other than that- I love it!

    Must check out that tutorial, looks perfect!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Solvi
      I know what you mean about the commenting on Blogger ….it flips out sometimes too doesn’t it? I had the same problem when I had an iPhone – suddenly caps lock comes on & it thinks you want to do something random. It can be frustrating cant it! But a lovely way to view blogs (I have discovered Flipboard for that!)

  8. Roobeedoo

    You spoil yourself, you really do! 😀
    My daughter is getting one of those gadgets from her new school (yes really!) so maybe I should make her a snazzy case for it – I think it might have to be bats and skulls rather than Snoopy AND rainbows though!

  9. Sew Little Time

    Great case! I need a new case for my Kindle (altho I am planning an ipad – or possibly cheaper non-Apple branded alternative soon) so I am definitely going to look at this one! Love the rainbow elastic!

  10. Christine

    That is very cool. Just last night we were all debating the relative merits or demerits of iPads (we don’t have one), and also noting that a few years ago we would have all been talking about “eye pads” instead…. So if we ever acquire one (iPad that is), this idea could come in handy!

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