Top of SB’s summer pops

Ok so today was the day when I packed my summer clothes away for the winter.  Bye bye pretties, I shall miss you & all that you signify.

I’m thinking about my plans for autumn sewing but before I spell out my intentions for sewing during the forthcoming months, I wanted to do a quick review of my most successful makes this summer because I thought it might help me work out what I should make for the coming season. So what do I mean by successful?  My criteria are centred around usage and frequency of wear.  And looking at this there seem to see a few themes that crop up! So, here’s my very own handmade summer hit parade:

At 8 : Dotty cambie (sewaholic) dress…the a line version (blogged here). Why? It’s such a great look for work, comfy, smart but altogether scruffy badger. I don’t mind ironing it as there is not gallons of skirt, I’d say it gets worn at least once a fortnight.

At no. 7: Built By Wendy Breton shirt.….(blogged here) it’s so comfy! I’ve worn it most after work in slob mode with shorts, or with trousers. Even though its neck is wide and gives me the flash dance look, it’s been the perfect comfy weight top for the mild but not that warm evenings we’ve had in August & also in September.

Number 6: Chilli red ginger skirt ….(blogged here) it’s just easy to wear for work, smart casual. Nice colour, coordinates with so much. Downside? Being linen it creases and can look a bit scruffy, but gets pulled on once a week I’d say.

Coming in at number 5: Teal simplicity 2451 skirt…..(blogged here) it too is a great weight work skirt. It has lots of coordinating tops and is just so easy to throw on and feel less dressy, like you need to in the summer I think. I think this one gets worn weekly too.

And at number 4, Maria Denmark kimono sleeve tee (also worn in photo above, blogged here)…..über versatile this top, despite and because of its plainness it is versatile to wear at work, at home with so many different things. A winner as it is always in the wash, a sign that it’s needed!

Third on the hit parade is this dress, a cowl necked polka dot jersey, simplicity 2580(blogged here)  is a great work dress for a Monday. You know, eyes struggling to keep open, not always as prepared as you should be after the weekend? This dress survives no ironing and is comfy and smart for a day in the office. I am thinking that I need an equivalent with long sleeves in the winter….hmmm

Near but not quite at the top at number 2 is Simplicity 2154 polka dot chiffon blouse…(blogged here).  It is fair to say that I am in love with this top. Not only do I adore its style, its polka dots, its turquoise-matchee red appeal, but get this….it does not need ironing! And it dries overnight on the airer. It is also a mega success because it too gets worn in work or out of work, and is one of those items that you organise a white wash around just to get it clean again!

 Top of the summer me made pops then, it has to be my red cigarette pants (blogged here).

I think without fail they are my clothing of choice at the weekend for at least one day ….I’ll try to give my other me mades a chance for wear, but I could actually wear these every weekend, all weekend. Their stretch content makes them comfy, their bright red makes me feel energised and happy. The cut is perfect and whilst the fit isn’t, it’s good enough. Hurrah ! I clearly need to capitalise on their success and make another pair….I do have some black fabric with some stretch…..

So what are my themes:

  • Colour – red white & turquoise- great mix & match capabilities but with enough verve & energy that they all make me feel good
  • Polka dots – & not just any polka dots, pretty polka dotted fabrics
  • Some great solid colours in skirts/ trousers also clearly needed to compliment the pretty patterns
  • No ironing is a strong factor
  • And last but not least, comfort …I must be aging for this to be important, but let’s just say this is not the first time the “c” word appears on this blog as a plus point!

Do you have things that you have made that you reach for? What’s your criteria for a successful make? Do you let that inform your sewing plans? Do let me know?!  I am now going to digest this learning & hope that my sewing this season could be as successful.

25 thoughts on “Top of SB’s summer pops

  1. Jane

    I’ve got very similar criteria to you Winnie: colour (red featuring strongly!), polka dots, block colours. I put the boys clothes away today during the non stop rain but didn’t quite have the energy to do mine too. I’ll be keeping this post in mind when I do though! x

  2. Melizza

    Wow, Winnie. You really made an amazing summer wardrobe. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. Ok. Maybe I can. I love your cigarette pants and polka dot top. Oh, but the Cambie is so darling. I was right. I can’t choose.

    1. Melizza

      Forgot to mention. I think a successful make for me is something that looks just as pretty in the inside as it does on the outside. Still working on the inside bit!

  3. Sam

    What a fab summer wardrobe you have there! It’s a sad day that it has to get packed away for winter. I’m about to do the same for my summer clothes, and I’ve realised I have hardly any winter clothes, so I’ll be looking to create a winter wardrobe that works as well as your summer one has (hopefully!)

  4. didyoumakethat

    I’m always interested to read which makes worked as weekly outfits and which languished in the wardrobe. It’s always so difficult to tell at the time of making, isn’t it? You make such beautiful things!

  5. MadeByMeg

    Great looks, all of them! What a great way to figure out your next sewing projects by looking at what you already love to wear. Good luck in the cold months–in California I wear mostly the same thing year ’round.

  6. Sigrid

    I love these posts, because it really is good to see what is the most wearable, versus the most exciting make. There does seem to be a theme: red, white, blue, polka dots and stripes. What will winter bring?

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Aha! Great use if the word exciting! I think there is some emotion, excitement, of some sort in wearing my top two:-)
      Winter has a lot to live up to….really don’t think it will be as coherent!!

  7. Kira Withers-Jones

    I must be one of the only people who doesn’t put their summer clothes away! I think I just put on more cardigans and jumpers over the top of the vest tops and tunics. I’m not sure what that means for me.

    It is a good way to review what’s worked over the summer, though, and I love that you had so many self-made clothes that you wore regularly. That’s one of my aims for the next year – to have self-made clothes in regular use in my wardrobe.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Kira! Well, I too cling on to a few things that I can’t bear to be put away for the winter in the hope that they can be layered under cardigans, & it is tempting to keep it all out. But I do get cold and but with quite a few summery dresses, I think I get the other kind of pleasure when they are brought back out again in the spring – makes me happy both bringing out pretty dresses again & knowing that it means the weather should be getting warmer, lighter evenings etc.

  8. MariaDenmark

    Oh what a great idea to make that list – it’ll be great when you decide what to sew next year!
    I should start keeping track of what I wear (lots of jeans and tees, I’m afraid..) and then incorporate that into my planning instead of just going with what I’d like to wear…
    I am going to copy that idea real soon!

  9. Roobeedoo

    You mean it’s time? But I’m still waiting for summer!
    Yes, I suppose it has to be done, but I have to admit to being scared there will be very little left if I pack away my summer tops – eek!
    A very interesting post. And I was really surprised that a chiffon polka dot pussy bow top was so near to being number one! It sounds so unlikely! And yet it is the essential spark isn’t it? The bit of fun that makes everything feel better on a bad day. SO important!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      You got it in one Roo, it’s the sparkle factor, but not too ott that it languishes for a special occasion. Yes, I face my depleted winter wardrobe and somehow it doesn’t fill me with joy….will have to remedy that!

  10. Susan

    For some reason I have a habit of buying pretty fabric, sewing it up then realising it’s not something that I would ever wear ? Latest is a floral fabric with lilacs all over it. I loved the fabric but now the top is sewn it’s scaring me. How to choose the right fabric ? Hopefully I’ll learn eventually.


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