Handmade holiday!

Hellooo ! I’m on a break and for an element of me made madness decided to challenge myself by putting together a totally me made holiday wardrobe. Now you know that I wear mostly me mades anyway. I just thought it would be a fun test and I can post pics in cornish locations.

Hope you can forgive less polished posting…using mobile devices and have had to update links later.
Ok, this challenges me in several departments:

* planning ahead for the vagaries of our particularly weird summer,
* limiting my clothing options and therefore having to think about mixers and matching, really not wanting to over pack and arrive with mountains of luggage,
* a holiday that is practical and therefore requires more separates than pretty dresses,
* lack of sweaters and cardigans that fall in the me made/ refashioned pile.

So I’ve added a few practical makes to my options sewn at the beginning of the week which will feature in a stripey nautical vein. I also sewed some of sozo’s strappy vests ( due to a full social schedule I ended up cutting out in a spare 10 minutes the evening before, and by chance was awake at 5.30- that’s a.m.- allowing me to zip upstairs and quietly construct three of them in two hours, the morning of my departure. Something worth getting up for!)

Here is my limited packing for 6 days ….I’m sure it could be pared down, but I have the tendency to get wet, get cold, want to embrace sunshine when it’s there….I need to be prepared for all eventualities.


Three sozo strappy vests (to be blogged)
Two kimono sleev  tshirts (Birdie & lace jersey)
New striped cap sleeve tshirt (to be blogged)
New Breton shirt (to be blogged)
Seersucker sorbetto


Trousers etc:
Red cigarette pants
Chambray portfolio (“miss Ellie “) trousers
Denim 50 s high waisted shorts
Nearly finished maxi skirt ( what better way to road test than on a British summer holiday?!)


Dresses and blouses:
Swimmers shirt dress
50s rockahula Vegas blouse
Violet Swiss dot blouse


Two sets of handmade summer pyjamas (link to florals here)


Refashioned red thrifted
Sailor jackety thing which really doesn’t get worn much outside of me made challenges!


Vintage vogue jacket ( will Cornwall forgive such brashness?)

There you have it. Undies and sportswear decidedly not me made, plus I’ve a packamac in case of wet weather….

Day one: travel


On arrival the sun was blazing and the sea beckoned…..


Happy sunshine everyone!!

26 thoughts on “Handmade holiday!

  1. Phil

    I really liked this post, I think because I have just had some packing dilemmas – or maybe I’m just nosey! Looking forward to seeing how you get on in those me-mades. Have a lovely time!

  2. Zoe

    Ahh Winnie, look at all your fabulous handmade clothes!!!!!! I’m SO impressed by how mix-and-matchable they all are. The photos of your holiday are ace, looks like you had a really fabulous break xxx


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