Handmade Holiday: in conclusion

Thank you everyone for your kind comments encouraging my me made holiday posts. I wasn’t able to reply so readily due to being offline & outside a lot, but thank you, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read & if you comment too, it really brightens my day, that bit of contact with you :-)

I’m back now & need to get back into the swing of 9to5 on Monday so this shall be a weekend of organisation …and exciting because it will include planning what to sew over the next few months …I love planning sewing (& then veering away from it with spontaneous makes! ;-)  )

But before then, what are thoughts, learnings of my handmade holiday?  Some pics first of all.

Not enough of this!  But it was gorgeous whilst it lasted …

Day 6:

My high waisted 50s shorts with a sozo camisole (yet to be blogged).  This is taken after an amazing immersion in the surf, much bobbing through the tall waves as well as the occasional “washing machine” spin when caught unawares.  The swimmer’s tell-tale wet circles across my boobage haven’t appeared yet…but were there for the walk home….not a great look!

Day 7:

Traveled home & aww, someone missed me :-)

I’m wearing my new breton top (yet to be blogged), kimono t-shirt and red cigarette trousers.  I actually lived in this many evenings …it was the perfect lounging wear for cooler temperatures & was so comfortable.

So, thoughts on my holiday packing.

  • I took too much!  I packed too many tops, I didn’t need to wear my swimmers shirt dress, my vintage vogue jacket, my red cardigan, my Violet blouse …but the thing is, weather can be so crappy down in Cornwall that I might have needed them had it not been so warm.
  • Bringing things that mixed & matched worked well – eg nearly every top could be worn with both pairs of trousers & the shorts.  This was helped by having a theme of red white & blue with a dash of the nautical!
  • The new makes (yet to be blogged) of stripey t-shirt, Breton shirt & strappy vests a la SoZo were really useful & perfect for a casual outdoor based holiday- being all jerseys they packed well, didn’t need ironing & were ideally comfortable
  • Had it been scorchio, the kimono t shirts would have been good cover ups for burnt shoulders (but it wasn’t!)
  • Packing one sundress was good – it would have been OK for any slightly smarter events but equally great for sight seeing (or art exhibition stewarding ;-) )
  • I adore wearing shorts & would have preferred another pair to mix it up a bit, a better fitting pair perhaps.
  • I wish I’d got around to making my own swimsuit in time.
  • Maxi skirts are not for me….even though I enjoyed wearing it in the sea, it covered up my leggies when actually I wanted to get them out in the warmish weather!  It will be made into a sundress for next summer.  I have decided.  Thank you for all your input on that decision…it really helped.
  • So for this kind of uber casual outdoor holiday I would pack next time:
    • 3 strappy vests
    • 2 kimono tshirts
    • a sundress
    • 2 pairs of trousers
    • 2 pairs of shorts
    • swimsuit
    • longer sleeve jersey top (like my breton shirt)
    • a warmer jacket/ cardigan thing with longer sleeves that matches both pairs of trousers & shorts
    • a short-sleeved blouse that could double up as a cover-up for the sundress
    • PJs of course
    • waterproof jacket

MUST remember this next summer!!

But to carry on the handmade holiday theme, the next day Gary & I were tourists visiting Wells, a beautiful Somerset town, focused around its amazing medieval cathedral & cute ambling streets.  We aimed for an afternoon in the Bishop’s Palace & wanted to share just a couple of pics with you as I think you’ll like them. We were recommended visiting the gardens which we did & loved.  Tell you what, all this rain has generated the most lush intense natural greens…can’t be all bad! I took loads of pictures, but here’s just two to give you a flavour … one showing its amazing medieval masonry against its moat inhabited by bell ringing swans (apparently they pull a bell ring when they want feeding, no kidding….you’ll have to take my word for it as they are decidedly absent from this photo!)

The Palace has ramparts which you can walk along with views out to Glastonbury Tor as well as wonderful gardens to wander around, some under the shadow of the Cathedral.   It is also the location of the wells that give rise to the name of the town.

But what I think you’ll like is evidence of the match made in heaven that is my red trousers (mentioned above) paired with my Simplicity 2154 spotty chiffon bow blouse:

I love wearing this together- casual, bright, comfy & cute.  See those shoes?  They may look innocent to the uninitiated but believe me they are cruel & evil heel rippers- I could not wear shoes with backs for a month after being savaged by these when new.  I felt 14 years old again, but not in a good way.

Anyway, here are the final two pics for your delectation….tenuous link to sewing & cloth?  Does dressing up count & the fact that these would have been handmade by someone for silly folk like us to mess around in?

Nice hat!

Aww, the king of my heart!

How I wish I could be on holiday forever!  There I was thinking I’d have all this time to sew & I’ve done hardly any!  Oh well, seems as if sewing is actually part of my everyday life, so that must be a good thing!  Back to normal & sewing ahoy!!

23 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday: in conclusion

  1. Kerry

    I really love your handmade wardrobe Winnie, you make great choices about pretty, useful pieces to sew that you know will get worn. It’s very inspiring. Bravo!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Kerry, that’s kind. I have to say that I’ve taken a long time getting to sewing such useful basics that mix up with other things so well! I’m so usually drawn to pretty and impractical ….ahh, there’s that cake and icing debate!

  2. MrsC

    Wells!!! I loved it! I bought the knitted royal wedding book in the cathedral shop there. It’s the kind of place makes me want to move to the UK and live there. :)
    Yay I am so thrilled you had an awesome time on holiday and are feeling vevved and refreshed for the next stage!

  3. Kbenco

    I love reading about travel wardrobes, it is so difficult to pack lightly and still have all the clothes you need for different activities. Your holiday clothes look terrific and it is nice to hear how they worked. Your holiday sounds lovely, and your pictures are great.

  4. Katy

    I love your Sozo and stripy t-shirt. I’ve had 2 visits to the beach since last Thursday in this amazing weather. I need to make some casual clothes like this!

  5. Anne

    Lovely pics! Can’t believe it was Cornwall – having just returned today from five days in Looe, having worn nothing but jeans jumpers, raincoats and woolly socks – love your red cigarette pants though!

  6. Roobeedoo

    Ah you never fail to make me smile! Great pictures and such an interesting analysis of your holiday wardrobe :)
    I look forward to reading about your sewing plans!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Roo, I’m not quite there yet with my plans…..too much temptation in the blog world! And sunny weather makes me less inclined to sew warmer clothes even if they are for autumn not winter!

  7. Phil

    I take as much on holiday for a weekend as you do for a week (admittedly I bring most of it back unworn!), that’s one of the reasons I found this post so interesting – I really do need help! We usually holiday in Norfolk where it is quite common to experience all weather types in one day. This doesn’t make packing any easier! I am exploring the limited colours idea. And I never go without a raincoat!! Also, my favourite outfit of yours was the red trousers and dotty shirt, it’s a bit different and I love the pose!

  8. Phil

    My comment didn’t publish, might be my iPad . . . What I think I said was thank you very much as I have enjoyed these posts, I need some help with my packing as I take as much away for a weekend as you do for a week, and bring back quite a lot unworn. We holiday mostly in Norfolk where we sometimes get all types of weather in one day, this makes matters worse, but I do always take a raincoat! My favourite of your holiday outfits was the red trousers and dotty top. A bit different. And I loved your pose!

  9. Helen Made

    I’ve loved seeing your holiday wardrobe pics! I’m planning on trying to pack a minimialist handmade wardrobe when I go away in September. Hopefully it’ll be as successful as yours! :-D

    Love the outfit you wore to wells to – a total match made in heaven!


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