Handmade holiday days 2-5

All is most definitely chilled in Cornwall….except the breeze….how wonderful to be somewhere where there’s been a strong breeze that’s gorgeously warm! Not quite so good for running against mind you, and I’ve surpassed myself in the running vs lazy stakes managing to drag myself out for a run taking in the coast every day…overindulgence is a great motivator! But so is having somewhere breath-taking to run to.

Here are some holiday snaps showing how my handmade holiday wardrobe is faring….


Day 2:
My sundress was just the job as it was a belter of a day…..some of which spent stewarding the local artist’ society annual exhibition, in which my mum is exhibiting ….see the moon painting in the background?

Day 3:


Wearing my 50s high waisted shorts and my kimono tee shirt with birdies on it. Love the coastline and ran a small one along here taking in the views to Porth.

Day 4:


On my favourite Crantock beach to catch the day’s sunny morning, crazy horn pipe anyone? Just to prove that I wore my Japanese pattern jacket, new stripy tshirt and “miss Ellie” portfolio trousers ( not perfect fits btw, there is a 2″ wad taken out of the waist with a safety pin…..don’t tell anyone!)

Day 5:


Ha ha! I fulfilled my wish to wade in the surf in my long flowing maxi skirt, worn with a new sozo strappy vest. My thinking on the skirt? It’s practical, but as Allison said, a sundress would be a more scruffatastic make with such deserving fabric, so I have a feeling it is only temporarily in this form!

So just about to head out to run along some beaches whilst it’s low tide. Hope you’re all enjoying A great week too :-)

Now back on dry land & have added links to the posts for all these makes…way too longwinded on the move, sorry ;-)

11 thoughts on “Handmade holiday days 2-5

  1. Marie

    Wonderful Winnie, wonderful!!! I actually love your maxi skirt swishing in the ocean, but I’m sure it’ll look gorgeous as a dress too! I also feel I must apologise that you ended up with odd yardage for the lovely fabric, I feel my number skills really let you down in Birmingham!

  2. MariaDenmark

    What a great post!
    I loved seing all the pics and am feeling inspired…. Let’s see. What is next. What about a me-made Christmas Break? (tons of sweaters and woolen socks):-)

  3. LinB

    Very “Pirates of Penzance” in the beach shots, there. See how easy packing can be, when every piece can be worn with every other piece? I am making up a list of reversibles to sew for our big trip, come Christmastime, when we roll down the coast to Florida to visit my brother. I hope to put a week’s worth of wearing into one tiny suitcase, minus sweater and/or coat. (Yes, he has laundry facilities.) Tell yer Ma for me, “Lovely painting of the moon! Now I understand where your daughter gets her talent.”

  4. Elizabeth

    Any possibility of seeing Doc Martin? He is very popular in the US with the public TV crowd. I guess Cornwall is beautiful with him or without him. Thanks for the photos.

  5. Christine

    You look amazing in everything, and I do hope you’re having a fabbydoo time.

    Your mother’s painting is stunning! I see that creativity runs in the family.

  6. Rosy

    I hope you are enjoying all the good times, you seem very funny! My compliments to your mother for her painting and you for your creativity!

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