Simplicity 2154 in chiffon polka dots

OK, so you know I was parallel sewing two things at once: one that I had got to hand-sewing stage for garden sewing (the 1940s Minnado Dress) & the other, Simplicity 2154, for when I was able to hop on my machines.  Today is the day of the Simplicity 2154.

This is a reproduction 1960s pattern which has a blouse (sleeveless with bow) – to be looked at this post, as well as a pencil skirt, cardigan for knit fabric and a cute jacket also.

I would like to try the cardigan when I have some suitable fabric, but it was always the blouse that caught my eye.

When I went to Birmingham Rag Market last time I bought some poly chiffon with turquoise polka dots on it & in my mind I was going to experiment using different seams for this blouse on account of the chiffon.  In my serger book it had said that rolled hems can be used as seams for fine fabrics & I was thinking I could try that out.  Or French seams.  Unfortunately the way this is constructed does not allow for French seams & rolled hems would also be problematic.

Both back & front have central seams with deliberate breaks/ gaps in them.  The front has a “window” in the centre front seam to attach the bow.  The centre back has a top button closure.  Neither of these would work with the seam finishes I was contemplating.  I ended up using a normal open seam & serging it.  The fabric is transparent to a point & you can see the seams through from the front, but it’s not too bad.

So, what else about this pattern?  The fit is pretty perfect on me I think – shaping & dart placement did not need adjustment.  It has a side zip & I did my usual lapped zip.  Now I call it usual because it is the only kind of zip insertion that I knew how to do for years & years & years.  When I came to do a central zip I was nervous let me tell you!  This was how my Mum taught me, & I had no idea that it was a biggee for some people.  Now, there is something that I have been taught that I have not yet seen in a few of the online tutorials, so in a later post I am going to share “Lapped zips like-a my mamma used to make” .

What else do you want to know about the pattern?  The collar is easy to prepare & all the facings are self bias.  Interestingly in the instructions, it explicitly stated that you could serge or straight stitch the bias facings onto the edges.  If serged, it meant that you did not have to clip the curves.  Neat eh?  That’s what I did.

Now I suppose the biggest misunderstanding that I guess a lot of people will have with this pattern is that the bow is fixed … it is not a self-tie bow.  You stitch it on & it stays there like that.  I’ll have to see how it survives the wash, but being polyester based I think it will be OK.  One thing, it doesn’t seem to flop like the pattern illustration suggests it will.

This is officially a cute pattern.  I am looking forward to wearing this particular version with my red cigarette pants, my red linen Ginger skirt, my teal skirt, & so many other things.  In fact I have scheduled this post to publish whilst I am in Manchester for a sunny weekend & I will be wearing it – yay!  We are going to see Morrissey, my hero, in his home town (or city rather).  What an adventure 🙂  It’s our summer holiday 🙂

Will I make it to Abakhan?  Not sure……no, really, I am not sure!!

48 thoughts on “Simplicity 2154 in chiffon polka dots

  1. Roobeedoo

    Such cuteness!
    It is such a great fit and I would love to see it matched with the other clothes you mentioned. It is fun with the shorts but I could see that worn to a wedding and – ooh! – turquoise shoes! 😉

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Gasp! How could I forget the turquoise shoe reference?! I manage to get it in most of the time. I hadn’t thought “wedding” but you’re right, with the perfect bottom half it could work nicely at a do

  2. Paunnet

    It’s adorable, Winnie! This pattern has been in my sewing list for a long time and your version definitely motivates me to move it up. I only wish I had a fabric as cute as yours.

  3. Paunnet

    It’s adorable, Winnie! This pattern has been in my sewing list forever and your lovely version is a motivation to move it up! I only wish I had a fabric as cute as yours.

  4. debbie

    Soooooo cute! It looks like a great fit on you and the fabric is very pretty. I am sue it will look good with your other me mades too. Hope Morrissey is good. xx

  5. Jane

    Ooh I like it very much Winnie, especially the back collar detail with the little bottom, so cute. You’re right, it would go PERFECTLY with your red trousers or your red or teal skirts. A perfect summer make.
    Enjoy Morrissey, if you can get a look in amongst all those 45 to 50 year old adoring man fans of his! x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Quite right re Moz fans – there is definitely a distinctive Moz fan & culture for being a fan…sounds like you’ve experienced it yourself!!
      I do chuckle over that predictive texting – very funny!!

  6. Sam

    Oh, I love this! It looks perfect and it will be gorgeous with red trousers or skirt.

    Hope you have a great time seeing Morrisey!

  7. Tamsinwp

    Lovely! My first thought was that it will look great with your teal skirt. Looks like another versatile piece for your wardrobe. I have serious skirt envy for your teal skirt – I have the pattern and the fabric- there could be another copycat skirt in the not too distant future…

  8. Clare S

    Oh wow, I love this!!! The bow is perfect and the fabric is lovely. You’ve done a fab job – your seams look great through the fabric!

  9. Amanda

    So cute!! How odd though, that the bow wasn’t more floppy; I always think of chiffon as naturally floppy lol 🙂

    I’ve done a rolled edge using my serger on chiffon, for hems but not seams – I think your seams look very nice the way you approached it 🙂

    Also… very jealous of your date with Morrissey – I love him!!!! 😀

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Strangely enough the bow is interfaced (following pattern instructions). Not sure it needs it…..not sure
      And rolled edge hems – agree that would be lovely (In fact I am thinking the Truffle dress would be pretty with rolled hems as well as the Taffy Blouse’s sleeves….)

  10. Christine

    Adorable, cute, sophisticated, unusual… it looks like a lot of fun to wear, and looks great on you. Well done yet again. I hope you’ve had a fab weekend!

  11. Marie

    Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!!! I seriously need to move this pattern to the top of my stash! I’m really looking forward to your tutorial by the way, zips are not my forte ;o)

  12. Lauren

    I’ve seen garments from this pattern floating all over the web since it was first printed, but your top is the very first one that makes me want to go out RIGHT THIS SECOND and buy that pattern! Good job, Winnie! You know I can’t afford that right now!!!!

    Ha, joking – well, sort of. I do need to buy this pattern 🙂 lol.

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  14. Joy

    This is gorgeous! Great fabric for it and I especially like how the collar looks from the back, which is not something I’d noticed from the pattern envelope. I’m glad you’ve demonstrated this a separate piece, as I was really having trouble imagining how I’d make this a wearable (as opposed to costumey) pattern for myself, even though I like all the pieces. So we’ll see…

  15. Deb Koobakii

    I’ve just laid eyes on this perfect little spotty dotty number, so straight to the fabric shop t’was – no prizes for guessing what leapt out of the drawer and onto the cashier table – Simplicity 2154, now to decide what to use from the stash, thanks for showing us your beautiful blouse Scruffy Badger.

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