Another Kimono T shirt

Helloo there!

Progress on the 1940s “Minnado” dress is good, it is now in basket with just hand sewing to finish – you know, stitching facings, adding buttons & making the hem.  I tried it on & it seemed rather voluminous in the chest department, its bodice shaping coming from a gathered yoke & waist pleats.  This swilling around of fabric can be explained in part by a bit of weight loss that has affected my, ahem, assets (does that make them less valuable?! ;-)  ) but a hoik of the dress by its shoulders gave it some structure & resulted into purchase of some shoulder pads.

What is it about shoulder pads that bring on a cringe?  I can only blame the 80s ….. So here it is, ready for a sociable evening with my youngest, some handsewing in front of a zombie film perhaps?  (Even I enjoyed Juan of the Dead btw- check it out if you fancy something even more ridiculous than normal – strong stomach still required, but then I am a complete wimp & look away & block my ears even in wildlife programmes where it gets a bit grizzly)

With my son being home sewing has been on a back burner, but when he went out last night up I hopped & launched myself at my machines.  I’d already cut out the fabric for another Kristen Kimono t shirt (remember this is a free download available here at Maria Denmark‘s blog).

Guess where the fabric was from?

Yep, you got it, more of my Birmingham Rag Market loot.  I think Catherine & Marie could not resist it either…..

Look I’ve matched the stripes.  Not much else to say about it except that ladies, don’t use too hot an iron, otherwise the birdies get it.

See that gap on the black print near my finger?  Yikes!

All in all this took about 90 minutes to sew.  Just used my overlocker & twin needle for the hems. I’ve found that turning narrow hems on jersey/ stretch knits for sleeve hems like this or even hems on dresses is easier if you overlock the raw edge first.  This stabilises the edge making it easier to turn & also ensures that you get an even amount turned up.  Here’s a pic of an inside & outside of the sleeve hem when I was in the middle of doing this:

The lower seam shows the overlocked edge turned to the inside, nice & neat & not stretching in strange places.  The upper edge has pins swapped to the right side ready for some twin needle action.

I’m wearing it today & already had a compliment from a stranger – how kind!

Do you have an “instant” sewing fix that helps you regain balance in times of sewing drought?

37 thoughts on “Another Kimono T shirt

  1. Lizzy

    OMG I nearly bought the same print but in black on cream in a woven rayon today. Perhaps I will get it and make a Sorbetto!
    Please don’t tell me my fabric tourism trip next April in the UK will just turn up fabric I could buy at home LOL :-) ah it’s all stash enrichment!

  2. Andrea

    Oh my goodness this shirt is AWESOME! It’s simple, yet flattering and those little birdies are so cute and playful. Love it! As far as quick sewing fixes, mine remains the Sorbetto top.

  3. Debbie

    I love it – I am so wanting to get on a train and get some of that birdie fabric for myself! I have downloaded the kimonon tee pattern but not even got as far as printing it off yet. x

  4. Stef

    Love the bird print! Love love love! Must plan trip to Birmingham.
    I’m still a beginner, but whenever I feel my Mojo’s gone and I need a pick me up I make a pencil skirt.
    I love them and can’t find decent RTW ones because I go up two sizes between waist and hip. I traced my own block from instructions on the Marmalade Kiss blog and have out that I can start one after tea time and have it done by bedtime!

  5. Tiffany

    I love this top! Such a great basic silhouette, and so flattering! I’ve got to download a copy ASAP. Now, if only I had such a cute birdie knit to sew it up with!

  6. Roobeedoo

    Well you know how I feel about bird prints! Another fab make, Ms Badger!
    I suppose the nearest thing I have to a quick fix make is the Renfrew – I think that’s next for me… in a bird print! ;)

  7. Random reader

    I so love your kimono tops! You’ve inspired me to download the pattern….now I just need to find the perfect fabric :)

  8. colleen

    Man, I have got to make that shirt. I have some knits coming in the mail so will get to it. Everytime I see one on you, I just fall in love with it. This is so cute!

  9. Ginger

    So, so cute! I love this style, and the bird print is soooooooo cool! I’m completely squeamish, too, and close my eyes whenever things get too gory! :)

  10. Joy

    Oooh, I love that fabric. I have a weakness for those stylized birds. I downloaded that nice pattern a while ago, but apparently need to keep being reminded of it. (Or I somehow need to add more time to my day). Nice work on matching the stripes. It hardly looks like a seam is there.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Joy …yes if you have already downloaded it you clearly have an inclination to make it…I think the longest part is printing & taping it, but even then that is relatively quick as it is only a back & a front ….

  11. Rochelle New

    LOOOOOVE the fabric!!! Awesome job matching up the stripes, too! If that shirt mysteriously turns up missing… I didn’t do it. I did not send a shirt stealing gremlin to your house. …that’s just ridiculous.

  12. quietandsmall

    ooooh perfect line matching! i adore this version!! and someday soon, i’ll have to try out my twin needle. perhaps when i actually add the bottom band to my knit tees….

  13. kristenmakes

    LOVE it! That print is FAB! Thanks for linking the pattern – I guess I have to make it since we share a name! And don’t think of it as an ironed-off birdie… how about an invisible birdie?!

  14. Allison

    does it count as ‘seconding’ when there are twenty-odd people ahead of me? love the shirt, love the print. and I agree with Kristenmakes —its not ironed off, its a stealth bird! stealth bird OF DOOOM!!!! BUM BUM BUUUUUUM!

  15. scruffybadgertime Post author

    Thank you everyone for such kind comments – they’ve all raised a fab smile everytime I saw one pop in. I wasnt able to reply so well this week as it’s been rather a horrible one, but behind me now….better service to resume :-)


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