New Look 6000 strikes again

I just couldn’t help myself.  Last Sunday I had some cutting out time & following in the steps of my great aunts I had an occasion to sew for this weekend.  Yes, I am told by my Mum that she would see her aunts whipping up dresses during the week, laying out all the fabric on the living room floor & piecing everything together during the week for the dance on the Friday & this was also my sewing story this week.

I had a party to go to this weekend & despite numerous possibilities in my wardrobe fancied the thrill of making something specially.  Complete spontaneous sewing.  No plan.  Just pure energy.  I pulled out 1.5m of spotty something or another with an amazing hand – great drape & wonderful qualities (also viewed here in Karen’s Sorbetto including the actual roll that we both scavenged it from!!),

Image from Karen’s blog at Didyoumakethat

We both bought this when in Edinburgh at the Crafters’ Ceilidh.  However I only bought 1.5m, therefore limiting its application.  New Look 6000 sprung to mind

because I knew it worked OK on me before & I had already altered the pattern for what I suspect my form of narrow back.  If I could have I would have sewn the collared sleeveless version, as this would have been dress ambrosia, but alas, not enough fabric.

The fabric was so fine that I needed to underline it to make it more robust – wow – that took a good couple of hours just basting each piece together & securing the darts.

During its construction I still had extra adjustments to make for the darts & also at the shoulders, but all in all a quick-ish make slowed down by attention to detail.  Not only the underlining & invisible zip, but I also used fab orange bias binding instead of facings thanks to both Marie from a sewing odyssey & Catherine, the Makings of Urban Rustic at our latest swap in Birmingham.  I hand sewed the bias at neck, sleeve & hemlines & felt I was chaneling my great aunts.

I also drafted a collar & used some black poly cotton just for contrast.  It’s got a bit of a 60s vibe going on.

It’s been worn & there’s plenty of ease in it so it’s nice to wear out.

Sadly I have tweaked my back & didn’t feel up to the party (couldn’t expect myself to watch sedately from the sidelines boo hoo).  Never mind though, it’ll be worn to the substitute bash instead.  It’s perhaps one of those dresses that can also be dressed down with tights & flats & not feel like I’m going to a wedding ….

Have a good weekend everyone – I have now ordered the new Sewaholic Thurlow trouser pattern from MisforMake ….exciting!!

68 thoughts on “New Look 6000 strikes again

  1. Karen

    WOWEEEEE! Winnie, that is amazing. First, you did it so quickly & it looks marvelous. 2nd, I just love the dots, the shoes & the contrast collar. 3rd, the lining & the orange seam tape. Oh my gosh, it’s great. I’ll be your date at the dance!

  2. Alice

    Wow! You look fabulous in your dress, and I especially like it with the red belt. It looks great inside-out, too (but not when you’re wearing it!)

    Wait! I didn’t know about the new Sewaholic pattern. I can’t believe that got past me! Thanks for mentioning it, even though I’m skint (I’ll still buy it though). I made the Cambie Dress after seeing your versions.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Ooh, that’s lovely thing to say Alice, thank you 🙂
      It’s always great seeing versions of patterns made up by others to spark your own imagination …maybe you’ll suffer the same temptation with the Thurlow trousers too – I think they could be worn by other shapes ….we shall see!

  3. Alice

    Okay, I’ve just realised “curvy hips, fuller thighs and narrow waist” is only in my dreams. I will have to give that pattern a miss!

  4. Dibs

    beautiful dress scruffy. I love the contrasting belt. The sewaholic trouser is on my To Buy list now. I am so excited about that pattern.

  5. Cherrypix

    How sleek! I like all your creations but this dress takes the cake! The collar really “makes” it and the underlining and binding details are beautiful.

  6. Sewbusylizzy

    I adore that – and the fabric is gorgeous. I am packing light when I flight over to London for a holiday in April, all these pictures of fabric shopping make me green with envy!

  7. Ginger

    How cute! I LOVE this! I never would have guessed that this was made from NL6000– your mods make it so unique and awesome! Loooooooooove it!

  8. debbie

    Oooh Winnie, it is gorgeous. I think it will work dressed up or down. Love the black collar and orange bias binding. I hope your back is feeling better. I have a great image of your aunts and their weekly dressmaking! x

  9. Roobeedoo

    “pure energy”says it all! This is one of my favourite S’badger-makes EVER! It just kinda skims over your bod and goes in an out in a most flattering way – and those SHOES?! The collar? The binding? The hem? With the belt?
    It just sings out the joy of sewing – LOVE IT! 😀

  10. Marie

    You’re such a little minx Winnie! I love how you can just whip up a gorgeous dress like this in what seems like no time at all and the orange bias binding is a lovely touch!

  11. karine

    I was still thinking of your red trousers, and now, this dress ! This is too much for me. What’s going on ? Have you stopped running ? What do you have for breakfast ? This dress is just awesome.

  12. Erika

    You and that dress are fabulous! Thank you so much for this blog. Your energy and enthusiasm pops right out of my computer screen and transforms into creative flow :). Sending you some hugs from Sweden.

  13. Jane

    Sssoooo flattering Winnie. The inside is almost as perfect as the outside (I love that in a dress!). It’s so chic, but wearable, I bet you get lots of use out of it. Hope your back gets better soon, you poor thing, having to miss a party too. Your great aunts would have been proud of you though, whipping up a dress in a week. xxx

  14. Portia

    Winnie that is soooooo gorgeous. What a shame you didn’t get to flaunt your gorgeousness at the party after all that work! No matter, you can flaunt to us lot any day!

  15. kbenco

    The extra details on this dress are so inspiring – contrast bias binding, lovely curvy collar, beautifully finished insides – how annoying to be inflicted with party avoidance back tweaking when you have such a gorgeous new dress to wear.
    I hope you feel better soon and have an even better party lined up for dress display purposes.
    I love your spotty shoes.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Sigrid 🙂
      I think my aunties would love to know that their sewing fanaticism has been passed through the generations – I’d love to have seen what they made

  16. Ali

    This looks amazing on you! Such great fabric and fit. And I really loved your red trousers — oh! So pretty and useful.

  17. Helen Made

    GREAT dress! I loved your original version of this dress too but I really like this fabric. What a shame you didn’t get to wear it out in the end.

  18. Jacqueline

    Beautiful! You, and others, have inspired me to sew again. I have nearly finished a skirt, just the hem to do, but am scared to wear it in case the seams give way.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Jacqueline, how wonderful to hear that you’ve been inspired back to sewing….the online world is also a place of huge temptation to me! I see so many wonderful makes & then they bypass all of my well laid plans ….

  19. Amy

    Amazing! I think this is the best 6000 I’ve seen – the collar is a gorgeous detail. And it looks fabulous sleeveless, even if that is because of fabric restrictions!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Amy, I think this version of NL 6000 is basically a shift dress….& it’s the add ons that make it so special. I’d love to get enough fabric to make the gathered waist version too ….

  20. Rachel

    Your Aunts sound like my kind of ladies – lovers of sewing and partying! Your dress looks great and so much fun. I think it shows your personality off perfectly 🙂

  21. Thewallinna

    This dress is amazing! If I were your neighbor I would break into your house & steal it from you. The colar details is super clever 😉
    I love the black and white shoes too!!!

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