Me Made May 12, fourth and final

Thanks everyone for your kind reflections/ observations on my derriere in the last post.  It is great to have such a wealth of advice / experience & straight talking sense out there!

Onto the last installment & my reflections on Me Made May 12….

Day 23:

Location: Beaufort Place or something like that at the side of the Theatre Royal (not that you can see it in this pic!)  I’m wearing my Lisette Passport dress.  No need for cardigan – woo hoo!

Day 24:

Here I am in my “Too old for School” Vintage gingham dress.  I am standing on “Bog Island”, a local landmark, a stop for tour buses.  But why the name?  Well, in the days that I first came to Bath this used to be a night club, the Island Club, but before that?  Public toilets.  My memories of it as a nightclub?  Dark & hot where the condensation used to drip on you from the ceiling, particularly on the dance floor.  Nice.  I am so out of touch with Bath nightlife that for all I know it is back in use again.

Day 25:

Location – still strictly speaking outside – but kind of in the street where I live.  I’m wearing my Swimmers dress (pattern from a Sew Mag) and matching hairband.  What was nice about today (as well as seeing my boy for the first time in 5 months) was that someone came up to me in Sainsbury’s & asked me where I got my dress “Er, I made it myself”…after which we had the small conversation about it, sewing & classes.  Hopefully she will take it up herself 🙂

Day 26:

Location: the playing fields near my home.  I had been to the post office, but realised a photo opp presented itself off site.  I’m wearing my sundress, revised New Look 6586.

Day 27:

A day in the garden (note store bought  bikini traces, no other option (yet).  I’m wearing my Brighton Rocks dress made using a Built By Wendy shift dress from Sew U.

Day 28:

Location: Parade Gardens in the centre of Bath.  This is where I lunch when the sun shines.  It’s always  a mecca in the sunshine for everyone, & is filled with wonderful floral displays (see parks staff in background removing spent tulips).  It’s also beside the River and looks out onto the weir at Pulteney Bridge.  Interesting fact, the level of Parade Gardens is apparently the Roman (or is it medieval street level, let’s maybe say it’s the “old” street level).  If you look up above my right shoulder you can see current street level is much higher due to centuries of urbanisation …

I’m wearing Simplicity 2599 in vintage fabric & my purple linen Beignet which is looking quite used & scruffy these days….

Day 29:

Location: Bath Abbey at 8am.  You can see my walk to work footwear after shredding my poor feet the previous week before they had manned up to being sockless.

I’m wearing my first Simplicity 2599 (but I need to go back & edit the original post as the pics have dropped out) and my pin striped meringue skirt.

Day 30:

Location: Abbey Green today by a wonderful ancient tree that has a massive trunk….you’re just glimpsing a part of it.  Lots of flag action going on the pub behind.

I’m wearing my polka dot Sewaholic Cambie dress.  It was the first time I wore it to work, & boy was it perfect.  I think I need to make another ….

Day 31:

On the way to work I plonked on a bench at the side of the Abbey, forgetting that I’d already pictured by the Abbey just a few days before.  Oh well.   Hardly anyone about.

I’m wearing my Red hot chilli Ginger skirt and my cowl neck top (Butterick 4132 – it too has an old post with dropped out pictures so I won’t bother linking to it).  It’s great having a plain red skirt – I have other things I could wear with it (me mades) that have not even featured this month.  This top though could do with being a bit smaller, perhaps at the shoulders so that the under arm is smaller & the cowl drapes a little higher up!  Cardigan has me made elbow patches to cover the holes!

My musings:

I totally failed at joining in with the Flickr fun … technology thwarted me at the start & then I never gained enough momentum.  Boo hoo.  Sorry for missing you all this time…

How did taking pictures outside my home go?

Well I said I’d try to take at least 66% outside….by my reckoning it was …71% ….woo hoo!  However I learnt the following about myself & public picture taking:

    • If I am at home I am unlikely to make a special effort to go out even for a Me Made May photo opportunity
    • All my public photos were “en route” to where I usually go & I did not go out of my way for glorious backdrops, of which there are many in Bath …
    • I found using my mini gorilla tripod indispensable for curling my camera on railings & benches.  I did not take my full tripod out at all.
    • Benches were a safer option for me – more discreet & quick photos
    • I favoured quieter places and quieter times, even taking pics on the way to work before 8am
    • I am relieved not to have to take daily pictures in public anymore & my handbag will start to feel lighter again.
    • Conclusion: I still get self conscious & like photos on my own terms!
  • In terms of clothing:
    • Me made cardigans & warm wear are lacking, actually still non existent.
    • I wore something different each day with my new red Ginger scoring highest (3 wears), followed by Meringue skirt, floral Renfrew & even my Vintage Vogue jacket, but this was partly due to May spanning several seasons!
    • Red is the new black ….
    • I wore 12 dresses, 2 of them twice (Red ellies and Red polka dot cowl neck Simplicity 2580)
    • I tried on 2 skirts from last year & they are too big (the fit was always loose mind you & I am a combination of more fussy in fit & hurrah, slimmer)
    • I have not ironed all month with the very odd exception (should I be admitting to that?) I bet you don’t envy me my ironing pile now!
    • Generally I should concentrate on replacing things that are wearing out or are old now – perhaps attempting underwear again, leggings would be useful and also jackets/ cardigans.

How has everyone else enjoyed Me Made May?  Any insights?

25 thoughts on “Me Made May 12, fourth and final

  1. Joanne

    I always smile when I see your pics Winnie – you bring the summer in! Lovely selection of bright dresses there. I would like to have done more with my MMM pics on a daily basis – I’m considering the gorilla thingymajig too. Next time I will definitely introduce more of a challenge. Congrats on a sleeker self too!

  2. ooobop!

    What a lovely wardrobe you have and what a lovely walk to work. Cardi’s and jackets are seriously lacking in my wardrobe and I’ve come to realise that summer dresses would get a lot more outings if I had more of them. That Cambie is such a beautiful shape. I’d say another one is so totally in order! 🙂

  3. Marie

    Oh Winnie, you pulled out all the stops for this post! Such, pretty, pretty dresses, skirts and tops! I would swap wardrobes with you in a heartbeat! I’ve loved seeing all your fun photos and MMM’12 will always be special to me, as I got to meet you in ‘real life’ – yay!

  4. Debbie

    Ah never mind the dresses, I am overly excited cos I remember going to the Bog Island nightclub many years ago! Seriously though there are some fab dresses there, love the pavilions dress and swimmers especially. x

  5. Ginger

    Ooh! So nice to see your sunny day dresses! I love all of them! And congrats on receiving the highest compliment a sewist can wish for– “where did you get that dress?”!

  6. snippa

    Lovely outfits. I’ve resolved to wear more red as well as indigo (distinct from navy).
    Great outdoor pictures. I really must start using my camera self timer.
    MMM was fab. Next time I’m going to get to grips with flickr too.

  7. Ali

    I also utterly failed at the Flickr fun, but it’s been fun to stop by and see your progress. I’ve also been thinking about the gaps and replacing things I’ve loved. But I really wanted to say is I love your Passport dress! I have the pattern and love how easy it is, I just haven’t gotten around to making it in a fabric with the right print and drape — like yours, so pretty.

  8. Susan

    What would the world be coming to if total strangers couldn’t pass comments on your derriere via the internet?
    Anyway your outfits this week are all gorgeous. Don’t we all feel better when the sun comes out! After a couple of years taking photos of myself I don’t feel so selfconscious, but I’m only taking them at home. I still don’t like being photographed by others. Maybe I’ll graduate to taking them elsewhere next time. I need a gorilla pod though, they sound more versatile than our extendible tripod.

  9. Kerry

    Oooh, look at your lovely summery outfits! So cheerful. I’m really going to have to make my own gingham shirt dress, I LOVE yours so much.

    I’ve been rubbish with my MMM photos, I stopped the daily photos about half way through the month.

  10. SuzySewing

    What a fantastic MMM you had! I fell off the wagon documenting it, as I am very particular of photos and didn’t have time/ energy to made them work. I did wear me mades still so consider the challenge successful.

  11. Dibs

    Wow, I wish my handmade wardrobe was as professional looking as yours. Hopefully I have turned over a new leaf, and I think I am starting to make things that do not look homemade. I am in love with your cambie dresses by the way.

  12. Christine

    What a wonderful selection of photos – of you, and of Bath. It looks so much warmer there than it’s been in Aberdeen. Back to woolly sweaters here I’m afraid. Well done on all your beautiful clothes, and the outfits you combine them in!

  13. Roobeedoo

    Your dresses and fabric choices are so inspiring! I was so pleased to see Brighton Pavilions out and about, reminding me that my BP tunic probably fits me better this year and that I ought to be wearing it 😀
    And red of course. I may just have bought some red fabric to make a skirt! Now I wonder where I got that idea?

  14. ana5059

    You have fantastics pieces on your closet, you work hard with fantastic results. And always have a smile for us. Glad to meet you in this MMM12!

  15. Tamsin W-P

    What a great wardrobe you have – I am seriously envious! Particularly at how you have stuff that goes together. I am still at the stage where I make stuff cos I like it, not that it goes with anything else!

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