Kimono sleeve tee shirt

Oh you Quiet & Small Adventures, you are such a temptation.  When I saw your version of the Kirsten Kimono Tee at MariaDenmark, I knew it was just the job for filling a couple of hours – yes, you heard right, a couple of hours from cutting to wearing.  This was such a perfect deep breath of a make, a really satisfying inner peace restorer.  It was my first make after all my lovely visitors left me.

I’d been imagining the simplicity of a kimono sleeve tee shirt, having seen a few pop up in blogland.  I wore it, like this today working from home with the ubiquitous red cigarette pants ….

I made it out of some lacy jersey bought at Birmingham, more like net curtains than lace, but that’s as far as I am knocking it because this fabric is sublime.

It’s a wonderful fabric to wear & sew – drapes beautifully.   Tell you what, it was exceedingly good value too ….& the good news is that I’ve got loads left so am already thinking a longer sleeved, maybe button front top out of this.  (Yikes, button bands & jersey?  I don’t see much of this in blogland, is it tough?)


The top -  it is available as a free download which is a wonderfully big hearted thing to do.  Aren’t you clever drafters just so generous, it must take such a lot of effort to get everything together to do something like this.   A big thank you Maria Denmark & to everybody else who takes their time to offer us less talented people the fruits of your hard work.   I know I shall make more versions of this pattern, it really is a delight.  There are instructions to make it with FOE round the neck, or as I have, a self fabric strip much like the Renfrew.  I overlocked most of it, naturally!  Out came the twin needle for the hems & to stitch around the neckband securing the seam allowance.  I officially love my twin needle as a hem finisher for knits.  I am already on my second one having easily over-worn number 1.  To think I originally bought it for pintucking!  I’d recommend it for hemming knits – due to the triple thread action (2 on top, one in the shuttle) the top looks neat & as you’d expect – two rows of straight stitch, whilst underneath the bobbin thread runs like a kind of zig zag providing oodles of stretch, even enough for a neck opening.

By the way, do you like my necklace?

I made it ages ago using this book (my most favorite jewellery book ever) as inspiration.

French Inspired Jewellery by Kaari Meng.  If you like vintage jewellery this is THE book.  I’ve a thing for floral/ in-the-garden jewellery & this has so much inspiration – & many themes.  I don’t think I’ve made many, but I could sit & pore through it, earmarking future projects endlessly.   In fact I *should* try hard to make something new from it this summer.   I’ll keep you posted !

39 thoughts on “Kimono sleeve tee shirt

  1. debbie

    oooh, loving the tee shirt, thanks for the link I will try it out, with my purple jersey you sent. I almost tried a similar pattern on burdastyle but couldn’t make that download work! Gorgeous jewellery too. x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      S’funny you say that – I’d earmarked the Burdastyle one too ….& then along came this one. You will have a plenty of that purple – you’ll also be able to make something else!

  2. LinB

    Plackets and button bands are no more difficult in jersey than in wovens. Just be sure to stabilize — either with interfacing or hand-basting, or both — before you whack open a slot to stick your head through.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I used to make loads of jewellery as it was so small & easy to do in front of a film….& then I made time for sewing & don’t get the urge to do it much. But it is satisfying too, would love to see what you come up with :-)

  3. Helen Made

    What a great t-shirt, love the fabric! How come I never find pretty stuff like that when I go to the rag market? I’ve literally just downloaded this pattern as a result of your post! It’ll be a perfect addition to my wardrobe as i still don’t have a huge number of more casual me made tops.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I think you’ll be tempted to make loads once you make one – I am but am restraining myself with some gift sewing to finish …but maybe I’ll reward myself with another if I get it done early :-)

  4. Roobeedoo

    I think this is the kick up the derriere I required! Simple, lovely, wearable, instant gratification – exactly what the Sewing Doctor ordered! And WHY have I still done nothing about making my own jewellery? This is fab!
    Right – the dog can walk himself tonight, I am on a mission to SEW! ;)

  5. colleen

    I love this tee shirt. I’m so glad I visited today as the pattern looks perfect.

    I also have that book and, sadly, have never made anything from it. Even more sadly, I just gave a huge box of beads away to an 11-year old friend….

    Where did you get those beads? They remind me of a favorite pair of earrings I used to have. Lovely. I just love what you’re wearing today — from top to bottom, you look marvy!!!!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Youve got this book? How cool! I got these beads from a necklace that a friend from work gave me that was a bit weird – I salvaged these beads. I think I could quite easily rid myself of many of my beads …so little do I make these days
      Thanks for commenting Colleen :-)

  6. Marie

    Oooh Winnie, I love what you did with this gorgeous fabric! I’m now thinking mine needs to become a cool, summery top of some kind too! Sorry to totally imitate you, but it is the sincerest form of flattery at least ;o)

  7. Ginger

    Oh my gosh, I *love* this tee! In fact, I think I may be IN LOVE with it… or maybe I just put too much sugar in my coffee this morning…

    So, so cute! Love the lacy jersey! You’ve done it again, ma’am! Great job!

  8. quietandsmall

    muahahaha!! so glad i could tempt you back to your sewing machine! i absolutely LOVE your version of this tee, it’s stunning!! so fab for summer and perfect with the red trousers!

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