A deadline looms….

I’m feeling the pressure peeps, I have a list of gifts to make & I should be sewing like now.

But you know the expression “More haste, less speed”.  Well, I need to breathe deeply & thought a quick blog post the best way to do this.  So not much talking here, a few pics, & I will explain the barrage of unuttered  curses that went through my mind just now….& reveal this week’s most pressing sewing deadline.

Can I show you my scalloped blouseColette Violet?

Here is the Boden blouse that triggered the thought of a scalloped centre front (Oh Roo, you have such fantastic knowledge of what’s out there!)


So last time there was the potential disaster of da da da (cue dramatic music) yellow wax edges to the scallops.  the The good news?  I used tons of Vanish to work at the aforementioned yellow traces of dressmaker’s tracing paper before slamming it in the washing machine & it worked!  Yip yip ay yay!

Revealing the back first – I do so love the gathered yoke.  I wear it with a cotton camisole underneath but dear Barbarella is rather an exhibitionist it has to be said.  See that black top hanging on the radiator?   That’s another gift that I shall write about some time (as there were more discoveries with making this!) It’s another Vogue 1247  made with Rag Market viscose.

But onto the front view & the scallops…

See what I mean about the facings showing?  I really hadn’t thought that through.  Mrs C gives some advice on sheer fabrics, facings & seam allowances in the comments to this post here.  I shall revisit them when venturing into using some of the chiffon I have in my stash.

….So why does the idiom, “More haste, less speed” become relevant?  Well after thinking that I had ruined this blouse with yellow waxed tracing paper markings & managing to save it, I rushed to give this lil’ blouse an iron for the photo shoot & gah ….I hate even writing it so annoying is this….the iron was too hot & melted (yes melted) the left front collar.  It has a crispy holeyness about it.  I have never done that before.  It doesn’t show in the above picture, but believe me it is there ….& why?

Well., as I said at the start I am feeling the pressure.  I have only a couple of sewing hours this week to make up a gift for a special little girl & have made a good start …

However will I really manage to find the time?  Recently there has been a squeeze on sewing time due to lovely visitors (in the guise of my grown up boys).  Funnily enough whenever they stay not only do I feel the urge to cook more & clearly need to spend time with them, but their laptops completely screw up my internet access – hence less blogging & blog commenting becomes problematic.   And it also puts the dampeners a little on outfit pics, well those in which I make more of an effort, & believe me I have some planned….but as you know I prefer to have my privacy when letting loose the inner Badger ….

So writing this in some way has not helped my sewing stress.  Although I am now poised to sew, I have burnt my new blouse so badly that I will at some time have to replace the collar, & my much needed beauty sleep draws closer.  Just how much might I have sewn had I not written this?   Oh well,

“After all tomorrow is another day” to quote my heroine.

I think I just might call it a day & go to bed & read!

36 thoughts on “A deadline looms….

  1. Sarah

    Eeek! That sounds quite traumatic, bed is a good next step I think. About to do the same I think, after filling my brain with complicated computer science I need to rest and let it sink in.
    Bon chance with the continuation of your projects :)

  2. Ginger

    Gosh! You’ve got a lot going on! I hope you’re able to sew productively and without-issues-ly (?) in the small bits of time you have! That little pig tail is just so cute!

  3. Houseofpinheiro

    Oh Winnie, what a roller coaster .. take a deserve break and come back fresh another day.
    I love the scalping idea for a blouse… its very sweet

  4. kbenco

    Seeing as the nightmares happened whilst you were awake, you should sleep very well. How horrible to have such a nasty series of problems, but the blouse is adorable.
    The teaser tail shot is very cute.

  5. Vicki Kate

    Oh, that sucks about the collar! I can’t wait to see the tutu-toting pig! I hope you manage to fit everything in whilst enjoying your boys company!

  6. Roobeedoo

    Oh no! I am so sorry about your collar! I have only ever done that mid-way, not right at the end… and I threw out the offending Vilene to avoid it happening again! I am using woven iron-on interfacings now and (touch wood) haven’t had any melting moments recently.
    OMG… is that really a pig in a tutu?! (Snorts of laughter! :D)

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes! Pig in a tutu indeed!
      Roo, there is irony here – I actually cut woven interfacing for the collar, but it was a grey/blue colour & with sch fine fabric I decided to cut the fusible as it was less impact on the look of the collar (until the ironing that is!)

  7. Marie

    I’ve fallen hard Winnie – I adore your scalloped front blouse! What a delicate beauty, but I’m so sorry to hear about the burned collar. I can’t see it at all in the pictures, but I hope you find an easy solution soon. Also, I cannot wait to see your red clovers either. They will look very cool on you I predict!

    Hope you find more time for sewing, photographing and blogging soon!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Marie :-) I am happy with it tooapart from the obvious! But am thinking about a creative (less effort) solution …
      Imanaged some sewing last night & it really made me so happy ….I do miss it, & am always thinking up blogging ideas, but then putting them into practice doesn’t always come to pass …!

  8. LinB

    Whack the collar off, bind the neck edge, and mourn no more. There will be other collars on other blouses. I don’t find the facing offensive at all. Had you left it off, you’d have had to finish the edge somehow — and it might have shown through oddly. Glad that you are getting a good chunk of time with your boys!

  9. christine Burns

    Hi Scruffy Badger – I like your blog a lot and was much taken with the scallops on the violet because I had been in love with a certain blouse in Boden …. yes and had bought the Violet pattern because I felt that it could do it. I’ve just made one – the muslin. So when I saw your photo of the boden number I squeaked with excitement (how sad). Most sorry about the ironing incident.

  10. MrsC

    Oh dear, this is so close to home, I really feel for you! Agree, put it aside for now. Make gorgeous pigletty creature. Drink milkshakes, hug boys. All will be well. :)
    You know, when you wear this blouse, it will look lovely. Of course with you and a cami the facing won’t be so obvious as it is on Barbarella. (PS I can’t believe my spellcheck dictionary has Barbarella in it! I know this because I typed Barabarella twice and got the squiggle red line!)
    In my time I have put an iron through: The organza cummerbund waist band of a client’s skirt the day she needed it and with only scraps of fabric left; another client’s antique silk bridal veil; so many other less horrifically memorable things! In both cases all was well. A patch job and an understanding client in that order, helped :) Be your own understanding client, Winnie! xo

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh Mrs C, you put everything into perspective – it could have been worse – & I am glad that you seem to attract lovely clients! There’s something about deadlines here though, I must keep my wits about me otherwise piggy might end up going wrong too! Ha ha, Barbarella’s in your dictionary! Briliant!

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  12. Amy

    Awesome copy of the scalloped blouse! So cute. I may well be borrowing this idea… :)

    And i know what you mean about deadline pressure – sitting at the machine muttering ‘this is my hobby… This is supposed to be fun!’ Hope it chills out soon!

  13. Joy

    The blouse is really beautiful, scorched collar or not. Good for you for taking an inspiration and…making it! (I’m guilty of collecting photo inspiration, but they never leave the “someday” category…)


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