Vintage pattern sewing giveaway

Sorry for mumbling about this for so long…..finally I have taken a few pics & now my linking works I can launch this Giveawayheyhey!

I guess the reason I’m throwing it is because I wanted to just show a bit of appreciation for this wonderful online community I feel a part of.  You are all stars, so helpful, encouraging, supportive, funny – you name it, I  could go on with the descriptors, but you just want to know what’s up for grabs, don’t you? So if you are interested in the reason behind the giveaway, read on after ….


I’ve got two parcels, to offer different size options, so make sure you let me know which one you would like to be entered for.  This is open to anyone, I’ll post anywhere.  Please leave a comment by midnight 27th May GMT.

Package number one:

  • A beautiful brooch by Labybirdlikes on Etsy
  • An 8 gored skirt by Butterick, 50s size 30 waist, hip 39.  Now I think this is a great pattern if you have never sewn a vintage pattern.  It doesn’t have any printing on it (wot no printing?!) but you’ll get over that easily.  It’s a good confidence booster!  Plus who wouldn’t want to style it with a figure hugging sweater & neck scarf….
  • A cute selection of vintage buttons.

Package number 2:

  • A cute crocheted cherry brooch by Ladybirdlikes (actually I like & have test-driven it for you just to make sure it works – it does)
  • A 60s dress/ two piece dress pattern with that awesome roll collar, bust 38.  I adore this pattern, but would need to alter it & the likelihood of me doing that anytime soon is slimmer than something extremely skinny.   Please note that the yellow outfit has been drawn on by a previous owner to show a two piece version, but it is actually a one piece dress. (Shows how it could be made up though, you’d just have to figure out splitting the collar at the front rather than the back…)
  • A couple of gorgeous belt buckles ….in truth I bought these for myself, but thought they’d make up this parcel match more evenly to the first.

So if you are interested in winning either of the above please leave a comment before 27th May ends.  Now if you want to know more about the backstory ….

I’d been feeling all warm & fuzzy about being part of this wonderful community, when in my non-blogging world I came across this video, the Happy Secret to Better Work on TED by Shawn Achor.  You may/ may not agree with what he says but I like it.  So while this is primarily aimed at the business community, his presentation talks about positive psychology, the “happiness advantage” & how he thinks it is is possible to rewire ourselves to be more optimistic, happier, resilient & therefore more able to be successful (however we define success) & perform at our best…. By undertaking some simple practices for 21 days he thinks it is possible to retrain your brain so that it habituates the positive, retaining positive feelgood experiences, & it was the practices that to me struck many chords with blogging, in particular the online sewing community.  These are the practices:

  • 3 gratitudes (3 new things you are grateful for each day)
  • Journaling (writing about one great experience that happens to you over the 24 hours)
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

Now I am not saying this is true, am certainly not stirring up any science on psychology, but I just wanted to explain that it was this that provoked me to hold a giveaway.   I am a pretty positive person anyway, but  these practices seemed very applicable to sewing/blogging- for example,  journaling – don’t we do this quite a bit when we blog?  Meditation – well for me that comes to a certain degree with sewing, I become very much in the moment & certainly lose sense of space & time, forgetting to eat & drink (yes it’s true!!) I think that’s as close to meditation I’d ever get anyway!!.  It was the random acts of kindness though that had real meaning to me, & I see evidence of this across our sewing community.  The advice so freely given, the effort it takes for someone to look up an article on Threads to help with a certain fitting problem or technique, the kind supportive comments that people like you take the trouble to leave.  The pattern that appears through your letter box because someone has got a sense that you’d like it.  The fabric that someone spies & thinks of you when they buy it …..You people are awesome, and so here is my random act of kindness,  the first of many.  It’s funny that shortly after I saw this video Karen wrote a post that provoked many comments about the nature of the online sewing community & how it is a very positive online place with various opinions and experiences reflecting this.  Worth a peep if you want to dwell on this more.  So there you are.  Not a totally random giveaway, but the catalyst explained.

28 thoughts on “Vintage pattern sewing giveaway

  1. Carrie

    I love Package #2. It gives me the warm and fuzzies almost as much as your post about the friendliness of the online communities. I am a bit stranded (living in a foreign country without transportation or language ability-working on the language, though!), but the online community makes me feel like I am having tea with friends every day :)

  2. Dottie Doodle

    Thank you for your kindness! I would love love love to win package 2 and try out a vintage pattern for the first time. Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? It’s on a similar theme to the video, and something I return to when I’m feeling a bit bleugh!!

  3. Kat H

    What a lovely post! I’m going to go and listen to that TED talk now, your summary of it has really caught my eye. :-)

    Lovely giveaway too – I’d be keen to go in the draw for the first pack (with the skirt) please.

    (I now feel the need to go and do a random act of kindness somewhere….. Haha)

  4. Alessa

    Are you sure you want to give away those very pretty things? ;) I haven’t watched the video, but that does sound like a good way to a happy life. Finding things to be greatful for, finding and inner source of calm, giving back… Which reminds me that I need to get cracking on a thank-you post and a giveaway, too!
    I’d love to win package #1. The skirt would actually fit me with just a bit of altering, and I’m in love with the cuuute buttons and that brooch!

  5. MrsC

    Go you! What a lovely post, thank you! Now I am loving that little cherry brooch so I would love a chance to win package 2, and if I do I promise to pay the pattern forward, either by making it up from someone or gifting it on :)

  6. njeri

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    I would love the skirt pattern since it happens to be in my size and I am not much of a dress person.

  7. liza jane

    Why is the online sewing community such a great place? Because people who sew are awesome. Haha! I can’t totally figure it out, especially since the internet is a place of total lawlessness when it comes to manners most of the time. I love it. And I’d love tomake that eight gore skirt!

  8. Sew Little Time

    I love package number 2 with the gorgeous dress!

    I also really like TED talks – must watch that one when i get a chance.

    i think blogging is a lot about journaling and also about meditation in a way – thinking back on what you have done and reflecting on how best to blog about it!

  9. Megan

    That is one of my favorite TED talks :) I love it! Thanks so much for the giveaway, and I would love to be considered for #2 :) I love the other skirt, but alas my hips are too big.

  10. Kerry

    Count me in for #1 please ! I actually have that pattern from which the brooch image is taken. It’s actually also a Butterick pattern, from a similar era to the other pattern!

    Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  11. clare

    OOOOO I love package one.

    I also love the RAK and happiness ideals. I teach Religious moral philosophical edu in a high school and teach a unit of work to 12year olds on kindness, its benefits and how good it makes one feel.
    I also started blogging a ‘happiness a day’ at the beginning of this year – unfortunatley it has evolved into a rather sad blog, my beautiful father had a massive stroke 5 weeks ago and I have been blogging about his progress – some days I struggle to be positive or happy. I must add my sewing although rudimentary is keeping me sane.

    Thanks for your lovely cheery posts, they make me smile

  12. Hambone

    I am totally in love with the middle view of Package 2. And if I could get my curly hair that straight and flippy, then I’d really be in business!

  13. snippa

    Package 2 looks brilliant to me.
    Thanks for the chance to win and also the link.
    I recommend this short book – How to Change your Life in Seven Steps by John Bird (founder of Big Issue). It explores positive thinking in a readable, down to earth way.

  14. EJ

    Oh my, I love that skirt in package #1. Pick me pick me pick me!

    But either way, you know what? I’m a newish visitor to this blog (I first visited about two weeks ago) and I really love it. Thank you for being great, Scruffy!

  15. Helen

    I love package 1! That brooch is adorable. In fact, I just clicked on Ladybirdlikes Etsy shop and – wow there are so many pretty things! Now where’s my credit card gone…

  16. Dee

    Hmmm. If this shows up twice I apologize. The first time it didn’t seem to work.

    Oh, package 2 how I love you. If I had you I could not be blue.

  17. katharine

    I’d like to be entered for package 1 please. I’ve not yet sewn anything from a vintage pattern and reading sewing blogs has inspired me to have a go.


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