Star Wars Day: or guest Me Maders in Covent Garden

OK, so I have skipped a few Me Made Days, but promise a round up post very soon as I have succeeded so far in taking all my shots in public, I kid you not, well nearly.  (Apart from the 5th which being a lazy Saturday at the end of a very high energy week is considered a day off, as I doubt I will venture far enough.)

My May the Fourth was special in that I had a trip to ….. can you guess by the souvenir my lucky man is displaying? (My generosity knows no bounds – does this show you how much I appreciate him?)

You got it!  London town, specifically around the environs of here:


And after snapping a few photos, like this one

And this one of the most beautiful pub I think I’ve ever seen

Look who I bumped into!

 Yes, it is Handmade Jane & Karen of DidyouMakeThat.  And look, appropriate vintage sewing-machine-backdrop.  Past participants of Me Made Challenges, they had not officially signed up for Me Made May 2012, and little did they realise they too could feature, and now Jim has fixed it for them.  Jane is wearing her goy-jus Peony dress & Karen is sporting her Minoru over the top of, guess what, yep, one of her many Sorbettos.  And me?  I am wearing the red ellie dress with a coat you may see quite a lot if this weather resists improvement (definitely not me made, but some nice details …).  I promise a full reveal of the new frock in a few days.  It is rather a favorite! (Oh, I know, I’m such a tease!!)

Here is the polka dot Sorbetto & Jane’s beautiful Peony, er, and a couple of empty cocktail glasses.  It’s not every day that a few sewing bloggers get the chance to share obsessions you know!   What a lovely May 4th :-)

7 thoughts on “Star Wars Day: or guest Me Maders in Covent Garden

  1. Ginger

    Ooh! You lucky ducks, all hanging out together and being best friends and whatnot! Too fun! Also– I’ve been to that pub! Somehow in the three days I spent in London last summer, that was one of the places we stopped at. Funny!

  2. Jane

    Aw what fun we had! Lovely pic of us with the nice sewing machine background but oh dear, I look a bit worse for wear in that last pic! A bit like W. C. Fields….. LOVE Gary’s illuminated Big Ben by the way. X

  3. Marie

    All three of you look just lovely ladies!!! Seems like you had muchos fun indeed and I’m loving the me-made outfits…Winnie, please show us the dress soon! ;o)

  4. Bella

    Winnie, great photos; sounds like a fun day. And a glowy Tower of London–it must be love.

    I want to know where you got your shoes! COVET gardens, not Covent. ;-)


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