Me Made May 12, update #3, the Olympic issue

Hello one & all!  I am aware I have lots of catching up to do, both on this blog & visiting other people’s.  I am feeling overwhelmed with the need to “do” everything & yet nothing.  It’s weird, I had last week off on leave, & somehow had all these things to do.  Whilst I did do lots (as you may catch a mere hint of below), my extraordinarily long list has not even been dented & yet I still have the enthusiasm for everything on it, but sadly not the time now I am back at work.  What’s the secret?  Anyone? (I know – cut my hours or just do less !!)

As today was a little extraordinary, even for this ol’ Badger, I’ll keep it current & provide my third update on Me Made May 2012.  Later posts will elaborate on some of the makings & doings of last week.

So, part three of Me Made May 12, a month of below average temperatures.  The question is, will any summer clothes get worn this month?

May 15th

That my friends is a grimace.  I am wearing my vintage 50s pattern denim shorts because I knew that no one else will see me!  I planned to stay in all day.  I’ve never worn them in the winter before, with tights.  How on earth do these young things stay warm?  I have wool on my leggies & I was cold!!  I am also wearing my Sencha blouse.

Verdict?  Too short for someone my age …in public.  Too cold for these temperatures for this particular ice maiden even at home.

May 16th

There was sun today so my new Sewaholic Cambie dress came out.  Sadly the jacket is RTW, but the dress received plenty of compliments later at a social gathering.

You might think this strange – but we went back to Tyntesfield to look inside the house, after only visiting about 10 days ago.  It is stunning, a Victorian gothic revival built on the proceeds of guano no less.  The interior is as stunning as the exterior: arches, plasterwork, Arts & Crafts carved furniture, panelling, wallpaper….amazing.  Go if you are near. It’s National Trust near Bristol.

May 17th

Would you buy a sofa especially for the Jubilee?  It kind of matched my outfit.  We are in IKEA (“Never again” said Gary).  We seem to go every 5 years,  therefore we get lost & despite having a shopping list the visit always eats up more time than you ever conceive of to begin with.  I was shopping for sewing room kit (give me an “ooooooh”!)

To say that I felt dressed rather brightly & stood out from the crowd (much like this sofa) was an understatement.  I wore my new red Ginger skirt with my floral Renfrew plus the crowning glory, my vintage Vogue jacket.  I felt, like I usually do when sporting this jacket, like a Red Coat from Butlins.

May 18th

Note clothes line of nearly all Me Mades including the red gingham boxers …I am wearing my culottes with red polka dot frilly t-shirt & have brought out the Vintage Vogue jacket again.  I was at home making, therefore the photo is not at all exotic.

May 19th

Well what do you know?  More Me Maders, encountered in Birmingham.  These ladies have the most awesome Me Made Wardrobes, & as it is Me Made may are sporting lush examples in the photo above.  We had the most delightful day, written up perfectly by Marie from a Sewing Odyssey & Catherine from The Makings of an Urban Rustic.  Unfortunately Debbie from Minnado’s House had ailing children & we missed her, but still had ginormous fun & between us boosted Birmingham’s economy.  OK, I was the worst & most severely tempted, as Catherine said, it was like a shark’s feeding frenzy & I know that I was displaying characteristics of someone possessed by fabric addiction …By my early reckoning I might have bought a whole 22m of fabric plus 20m of blind cord.  The jury is still out on the final metreage since the fabric mountain has experienced seismic shifts whilst elements of it get pre-washed.  Man it was heavy.  And no it wasn’t all for selfish sewing.  I shall elaborate & expand in a later post.

I was wearing my cowl neck spotty dress & a me made slip.  Location: Cafe Soya in Birmingham

May 20th

A day meeting my friend’s dog & going for a wonderful country walk through fields of long grass & bluebell woods, yes dressed like this but with my trousers tucked into thick socks.  Although I lugged my camera amongst such glorious countryside I just didn’t quite find the time/ nerve to stop for a photo …

I wore: white long sleeved  Renfrew, my Vogue 1247 top, & my piped Built By Wendy trousers, of which you will hear more about in a later post as I ponder the application of this pattern to a different type of fabric & ask advice …!

May 21st

Back to work today.  Check out the location – that is Pulteney Bridge behind me, one of our famous landmarks.  I am wearing my pink elephant Violet blouse with my pinstriped Meringue.

May 22nd

Newsflash!  The Olympic torch comes to Bath, but what did Scruffy Badger wear?

Well, you’ll see I’m wearing my Red hot chilli Ginger (of which it is the lining that is visible from this angle not my pants)  & my lace yoked Sencha.

Behind me is the Empire Hotel, which now consists of a Garfunkels restaurant bar on the ground level (nice & airy space inside, with some outside sunny seating).  The floors above are retirement flats.  The hotel has had a colourful history & at one time was even used by the Ministry of Defence ….

Who else is desperately happy that we have some sunshine at last?  (Yes I exhibit characteristics of our national obsession too, have you only just noticed?)

23 thoughts on “Me Made May 12, update #3, the Olympic issue

  1. Melizza

    You look AMAZING in shorts!! But I’m with ya, how do ladies stay warm when wearing shorts in the winter? Tights only help so much!

    I am so pumped about going to see the torch when it comes by in our neighborhood. Seeing your photos got me all excited!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      There was much more of an atmosphere than I expected Melizza …SO many people!!
      And thanks for the shorts comment, I think if they were a smidge longer I’d be wearing them more comfortably :-)

  2. Catherine

    All of your outfits as gorgeous as ever and all of your photos full of fun as ever.
    I was in your home town today but managed to avoid any of the Olympic action completely…apparently they will be jogging past my house on Thursday and I will avoid then too.When I said that I should go to as many different locations as I can this week that are having this jog-past and then not bother to watch to see if I could set up some sort of personal record he said I was just being deliberately awkward!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I am stunned you manage to avoid it – it was everywhere …I can’t believe so many people actually made the effort – for me the route was right past my office window ….very easy to “go with it & enjoy”! But I like your psychology for deliberate avoidance – it’s quirky!!
      And thank you :-)

  3. Sigrid

    More fantastic outfits! I am feeling demoralized by the amazing wardrobes of others, but your’s is so bright I can’t feel green with envy for long. I especially like the Vogue top layered over the Renfrew.

  4. Ginger

    What a week! I know what you mean about ambitious to-do lists! There’s just never enough time for folks with as many fun projects cooking as us sewists! :D

    I’m intrigued by the idea of a castle built by guano magnates…

  5. debbie

    Great outfits Winnie. So much to like there. The cambi dress looks fabulous. i am wondering who would buy a special union jack sofa? The torch is near us next week and school have hyped up the kids, they get a day off for us to take them to see it. I am sad I missed saturday…will have to try again. x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      There Will be even more hyping on the actual torch day!! Everyone seems to go bonkers! Yes very sorry you couldn’t make it Debbie, hope your little ones are ok now. There Will be other times….x

  6. Jane

    At the risk of sounding like an ancient old crone, I too am desperately happy that the sun is out and the rain has stopped! Oooh, the excitement of the olympic torch, I LOVE the olympics, can’t wait for the goy-jus rowers to strut their stuff!
    Where was I? Ah yes, lovely clothes too Winnie, I love your Birmingham outfit, you look beautiful. x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Carry on Jane, I know exactly what you mean….speaking of torsos, there’s just been a sculpture unveiled in bath’s shopping street of the totally ripped torso of mark foster, the swimmer. Beautiful… that weird?!

  7. Marie

    Oh Winnie, so many pretty makes to choose from! I kept gasping out loud scrolling down this post as I discovered makes I hadn’t seen before (Vogue 1247 top, Built by Wendy Trousers, laced-yoked Sencha)…all so delightful! I love your fun photos too, your energy just pops out of them and makes me smile! Oh, and how amazing is your kitchen!?!

  8. Roobeedoo

    I definitely think you can work those shorts! I wear mine under a long wool coat – is that cheating?!
    As others have said – it’s all about the colours! Your wardrobe is so full of fun and colour. Purple tights – woo hoo!

  9. Alessa

    You have a pink kitchen?! *jealous* ;)
    Great outfits and backdrops, I love how you paired the flowery blouse with the pink flowers on day 20! And I really like the red polka-dot cowl neck dress, I hadn’t seen it before and it looks wonderful, just my kind of dress! :) Hope the good weather is holding!


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