Me Made May 12 round up #2

Onto update #2 for Me Made May 12, let’s get down to business.

On the 9th May

I ambled out to the wool shop & along the way stopped here, somewhere I knew it would a. be quiet (so I wouldn’t get caught posing in front of my self timer!) plus b. had lots of railings on which to curl my gorilla-pod-type tripod.  I do love these parts of Bath, really close to the renowned “Sally Lunn’s” olde tea shoppe, of Bath Bun fame in North Parade Passage.  I’m keeping one of the Bath lions company.  A year or so ago there were loads of these, sponsored, painted & decorated, standing proud in all sorts of strange places across the city centre.  They were auctioned for charity but a few remain.  Before that it was pigs.  I liked the pigs better & they were harking back to King Bladud & how he discovered the healing powers of the spring waters when his infested pigs were made well again (or something like that, don’t quote me)

So I’m wearing my New Look 6000 Pan Am Inspired dress – woo hoo!  With a brown satin (not me made) jacket as it is still chilly.  Underneath the purple coat & topped with my crochet hat.  Can I let you  into a secret?  This is the first time I’ve worn *the dress*, the original opportunity was cancelled & then, with its 3/4 sleeves with cuffs it’s not the kind of dress to hide beneath a cardigan.  No more though!  It is having its time with this weird weather!

May 10th

It was a working at home day today so I wore my white Renfrew underneath my cartoonesque Rooibos (with me made slip poking through.  Yes it does have yellow lace & it is turquoise).  Look through the window & you can see the glory of the patient pizza oven and the flourishing salad patch ….

May 11th

A hectic day ending at the hairdressers.  I always love having my hair done & getting to chat with my hairdresser.  He loves cutting my hair short & this style is a compromise.  He almost persuaded me to tong the long bit into curls, but I think I shuddered inside & said “what, you mean like an 80s kind of style?”  To which he agreed.  Luckily he had another client after me, so probably would have been too pressed for time (big PHEW!)  He took my pic by his luxurious decor- check out the wallpaper & the mirror (don’t ask me the name of the machine behind…)

I’m wearing my Hazel dress (Victory patterns)

May 12th

It was a red ellie day today.  The Lisette Traveler dress just blogged about.

Location is I am afraid very much in the garden, but I did manage to flourish it at Sainsburys (& felt bright & attention grabbing, not in a good way.  But then, not quite so attention grabbing as all the young ones with their extra short shorts & bare instant tan legs ….brrrr!)

May 13th

Did you catch the sun?  We had an afternoon BBQ, a bit of  a reunion.

I wore my vintage 50s Rockahula Vegas blouse with my New Look 6190 linen trousers.  I think I fixed that conundrum that is “how long” should a wide legged pair of trousers be.  Instant turn ups with the aid of safety pins, iron  & a deep enough hem.  Magic for flats, then reverse the process for heels ….

I’m in a carpark in Cheltenham (ha ha !  location, location, location!!)

May 14th

Oo la la…I’m on leave this week with plenty of creative tasks lined up.  That means I can flirt around with some frivolous accessories that would not necessarily be exposed to the gentle public.  Trying to keep to my goal of more public photos, I am strictly speaking off site ….. in the back lane!

New Look 6586 – a dress that predates my blogging & accidentally discovered on my “remake” pile.  I didn’t like the low ‘v’ neck on me & know now to go for curves (cos I’m curvy y’see).  Dressed up with the right accessories it’s much better.  Me made belt & the cardigan is my refashioned vintage one with lace …oh yes, the new petticoat makes itself known today as well.

17 thoughts on “Me Made May 12 round up #2

  1. Portia

    Aw your cat is toooooo cuddlesome! That white fluffy belly is just begging to be rubbed!
    I LOVE those linen trousers. Have yet to successfully attempt troosers. Scared, moi?
    Love how colourful your makes are and ADORE the new cut!

  2. Tanit-Isis

    Such wonderful pictures! My hometown had pigs for awhile, I quite enjoyed them. The idea of Bath full of piggies is quite amusing, I have to say. The lion looks pretty cool as well, though.

    Such a lot of beautiful dresses! Yay. 🙂

  3. LinB

    What is it about municipalities and those fiber-glass giant animals? In Lexington, NC, for years there were slews of pigs all decorated fancy-style, in honor of barbecued pork. We’ve seen cows in Wisconsin, and there are sometimes giant bears in New Bern, NC (after its Swiss namesake, I think.) Your ellies are a sensible alternative — in honor of what, though, I can’t think. Ivory? Excellent memory? Large-earred animals? Or, of course, Bath itself, with all the imagery of elephants washing and squirting water from their trunks?

  4. Ginger

    Well, aren’t you looking sassy, miss?! Love seeing your NL6000 and the Hazel dress, in particular! And your trouser length solution is genius!

  5. Debi

    I just love your MMM round-ups! Your new hairdo looks great and can I tell you again how much I love that victory dress??!!!

  6. Karen

    Winnie, what wonderful clothes you have…and a gorgeous kitty.

    I am hoping for status updates on the pizza oven; around here, getting the wood would be the problem.

    The Hazel dress is my favorite on this post. (if you care!) Lovely contrasting colors, very business-y looking, yet soft. And cute new hair.

  7. Roobeedoo

    DRESSES! I love your dress collection! How many have you made now? Cartoon Rooibos is especially cute – especially with those stylish boots! 😉 And you still have your New Look trousers. I have put mine in the charity shop bag because they keep falling down… but now I am having second thoughts!
    HAIRCUT! That is just too cute for scoot!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Well those New Look trousers I noticed at the end of the day need some serious seam repair! And they are too big. In the rear dept. All this trouser fitting has dispelled my previous ignorance, easy to spot the fitting flaws. Less easy to fix them!

  8. Rochelle New

    I needs me sum of them infested hog healin’ sprang wahters! …hahahah! You’re such a riot! I know I say that every time, but seriously. Hilarious. Oh, and of course I love all of your MMM creations! 🙂


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