McCalls 6569: Retro swimwear?

I know I said that my next post would be on my latest foray into trousers/ pants, but this weather has gone to my head.  I am thinking swimwear.  Currently in my pattern collection is this, an Ebay purchase last year:

And whilst it will provide some basics, I have always dreamed of having a retro frilly swimsuit/ bikini.  I know, there is something inordinately girlie about it, who know what size it will make my hips look, but I want the swimsuit I never had as a child.

Which is why I wanted to write this quick post & flash this pattern up to you & say:

I have it !!

It is in the new McCalls range, McCalls 6569.  I think there is something of the retro swimwear about it, especially when you look at some of the other pieces.  It also looks like this:

And this

And also this

As well as this

Now there is also a very practical cover up top, but I don’t go out that much in my bathing costume, truth be told!  More details at the website here if you are interested.

I am excited beyond words, & when I am soaking up the sun later today shall be imagining which first, the frilly one piece or the frilly bikini?  Polka dots definitely, but red or blue?  Tell you what, if I had internet access in the garden I’d get the supplies sorted.  Not sure when I’d get the sewing done though!

Does anyone else plan to make this?  I’d love to hear your thoughts if you are/ have made it!

[Oh dear ...yet another case of ideas with no this going to be another make that gets completed once the summer has finished?!?]

23 thoughts on “McCalls 6569: Retro swimwear?

  1. Debbie

    Love the Mccalls pattern – the ruching and frills would be great on you. I always loved those swimming costumes that had tiny white pleated skirts on them when I was a little girl. I am intrigued to know where you are going to get the fabric from. I am not going to sew the Mccalls but I have an Ottobre two piece pattern and I would love to have a go at making it. I have always held off as I am stumped about swimming costume fabric.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh, and yes, fabric is interesting- i need to check if 2 way or 4 way stretch required. Then cotton jersey or more of a shiny lycra?? Will obviously share experiences when I come to do it

  2. Sarah

    I LOVE the ruffled one piece and do have grand plans to make my own. I say blue polka dots for you – so fun! Go for it, Scruffy!

  3. Allison

    I also vote red! (or one of each? bikini and full? red and blue) If it works for you, I’d say just go with the bikini. Besides being adorable, they are easier to wear and fit.

  4. Sherry

    Gasp, those are gorgeous! I love the bikini, make that – no make both! I love the sound of red too.
    I had the blue drawstring one in 1983 ;) Actually it was teal like the first pic, and it had a halter neck tie. The tighter you tied the halter, the higher it drew up the legline – as you did, in the 80′s!

  5. Ginger

    AHHHHH FRILLY SWIMSUITS!! Love ‘em! These are cute as can be! Can’t wait to see yours! Gotta say, swimwear kinda scares me (stretchy, unpredictable fabric!), but if anybody can knock this outta the park, it’s you!

  6. Marie

    Winnie, what an inspired post…so apt for our current weather! I think with your gorgeous figure you will totally rock the frills! I’m loving the idea of polka dots, very retro indeed! I think you need to make the swimsuit AND bikini though ;o)

  7. Alessa

    I recently saw a Glee episode featuring bathing costumes (with skirts! in navy! and red-and-white striped bodice parts! and neckholders!) so I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the thought, too… I promised myself to make one, if I should happen to stumble over the appropriate fabric…

  8. LinB

    Oh, these suits are adorable! Make one of each. Yes, yellow polka dots. Yes, elephants. No, don’t make them of terry toweling, as my mother did when I was a tot. Toweling is great for drying off, as it holds so much water. Not so great for swimming, as it holds so much water.

  9. Joy

    The shirred/gathered/pleated bodice is unique and very nice. There’s definitely something appealing about putting some “retro” into swimwear.


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