May the first and some sneaky peeps

Hello peeps! How are you?  It’s the first of May today, & well, you know, the start of Me Made May 12.  I don’t intend daily posting but I had to laugh at today’s photo & thought it worth an immediate posting.  I just couldn’t wait  to share it with you.  Remember I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone & take at least 2/3 of my photos outside of my own 4 walls, yes in public.  Well, I had to make a visit at lunchtime …..I had a screw missing loose & while mine were being fixed I couldn’t resist playing around with the goods on offer….

They call them their “Where’s Wally/ Waldo” glasses!   Aren’t they just excellent!

Outfit details – you’ll notice a coat that is most definitely not made by me, but apart from that I have on Ultra Violet blouse and my What Ho Ginger !skirt (& yes, even a pair of hand made knicks, but don’t tell every one.)

And while I am creating some spoilers fancy a teaser of what I’m working on?

I’ve replaced the buttons on the cardigan with some vintage ones.  Unfortunately not quite enough so there are some deliberate “design differences”.  It’s an off white charity shop find with pretty scalloped neck.

And can I also share some newcomers to my vintage pattern family?  I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy viewing them too?

This is an Ebay special bargain.  The boat neck dress has a slightly gathered skirt, as opposed to the usual darts, as well as a scoop back.  SWOON.  But then with this jacket? My only doubt is that I need to wear shapes that emphasise my waist & am not sure whether this jacket lends itself to a bit of shaping.  What do you think?  If boxy jackets do nothing for my shape, would the curved front overcome this?

I have had my eye on this one for ages & finally resisted.  ALL that I love in a 60s blouse – back buttons, flounces, pussy bow collars, frilled cuffs, & what’s more, a free pinafore pattern should I wish to show off any number of these blouses with their match made in heaven (ie the “jumper”).  Lured by Miss Betty’s Attic to purchase this blouse, I also succumbed to this one.  It is a repro vintage pattern, BUT …..prepare for some gorgeousness….

Now if ever there was a dress fit for nautical-isation, this surely is it.   What else is there to say except I hope you love them as much as me.  🙂


28 thoughts on “May the first and some sneaky peeps

  1. Ginger

    Oh, you cheeky Badger you! Love the specs! 😉

    The patterns are great! I bet you could pull off the jacket– is it cut high enough in the front that your waist peeks out? Kinda looks like it in the drawing, but maybe not…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hmmm, thanks Ginger. Have had a few jacket thoughts & it would definitely have to be a candidate for a muslin methinks if only to determine its suitability on me

  2. Noelle

    Oooh, I love that jumper pattern!

    I got very confused the first time I saw a dress referred to as a ‘jumper’…over here in Oz, a jumper is what the Americans call a sweater!

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  4. Christine Laennec

    Ooh now I can’t wait to see what you make of those patterns. And – I do hope you ordered a pair of the Where’s Wally glasses?

    I’d forgotten about “jumpers” (American meaning) until reading your post. I remember loving my wool jumpers as a child and possibly even young adult. When did we all stop wearing jumpers, and would it be good to take it up again? Hmm!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Now if it is a jumper and is ‘wool’ my first thought is of a ‘sweater’, but is it? Maybe these days the place of the pinafore/ jumper is the tunic that gets worn with a long sleeve tshirt? Could be?!??

  5. Marie

    What a great start to MMM’12…I love the classes and your outfit is absolutely fab! Those new vintage patterns are delightful…please sew them all up very soon ;o)

  6. Wanett

    Oh! I love those patterns!! Especially the first one! What great finds. And you sneak peek is such a TEASE. That elephant print is so sweet and I love the scallops on the cardi.

    1. Lay

      There is a sizable bunch of baerdgs over the roadfrom my house. I’ve had an idea to try and put a night capable cctv camera in the trees above. Has anyone had any experience of doing this ?

  7. Michelle

    You need to make that last pattern in the lime green, and you NEED to pose EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Because it’s so very Scruffy Badger.

    Happy Me Made May!

  8. Roobeedoo

    Those glasses are SO YOU! 😉
    I spy red ellies on the horizon 🙂
    And I LOVE that dres pattern. Not sure about the jacket though…
    And if I have failed to tell you this – I loved your pjs for the party – my laptop could not cope with the cuteness and gave me capacity warnings every time I tried to comment 🙁

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Ha ha! The glasses are awesome, yes, & thankfully it is not time for me to be tempted, my current pair are mere youngsters in glasses life.
      And the red ellies are marching down the hill closer & closer…..

  9. MrsC

    That green dress and pose sent me straight to checking out the Sound of Music poster. Not the same but the picture is VERY reminiscent. Love it. AVOID boxy jacket, it will suck your energy and disappoint you. Under dress is gorgeous though. Don’t hide your glorious curves under such an unworthy bushel 🙂
    Oohooh, how about a jumper like the one Maria is wearing on the Sound of Music poster, to show off your jumper blouses? Tere, I knew there was a reason why she got into my head with her “I have confidence in me” stuff and swinging that guitar case around in a hazardous manner. 😉

  10. Meg

    Your pattern picks are fabulous! Love the Butterick reissue most of all 🙂 And I say yes, definitely get those glasses – they are too too fun!

  11. Alessa

    Lolz on the glasses. Lovely sneak peek, and those patterns look fab! I really like the Butterick re-issue and may have to keep an eye out for it!


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